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Victoria Beckham Wedding Tiara Up for Auction

Victoria Beckham Wedding Tiara Up for Auction

When you are looking for the perfect inspiration for your wedding attire and jewelry, movie stars and singers provide a variety of style options to act as a focal point. Victoria Beckham, who was a popular singer and has become a designer, has decided to auction off her famous wedding tiara.

The Tiara

Victoria Beckham’s wedding tiara was designed by Slim Barrett and made headline news when the singer married the former soccer star, David Beckham. The tiara is scheduled to be auctioned off at Bonhams on December 5th.

The wedding tiara is a lattice gold and diamond crown that was ideal for the theme that the singer and her husband chose for their 1999 wedding. The royal wedding theme was complete with a Vera Wang wedding gown and the throne-like seats that were placed for the new couple.

Expected Price Range

Although the tiara has an interesting history, it is the price that sets it apart from other pieces of jewelry. The tiara is expected to sell for 25,000 pounds, though the starting price is 18,000. Since it is made out of 18 karat gold and diamonds, the price range reflects the value of the crown as well as the beautiful artistry that created the lattice design.

The high expectations of the price range reflect the materials as well as the celebrity element. It is rare for Slim Barratt jewelry designs to come to auction, which is further increasing the expected cost of the tiara.

Picking Out Jewelry for a Wedding

Although Victoria Beckham’s tiara may not be the right wedding jewelry for your big day, it is important to pick out jewelry that reflects your personality, the theme of your wedding and your goals for the future.

The best wedding jewelry is a reflection of your self-image and personal style preferences. For Victoria Beckham, the royal theme of her wedding was reflected in the tiara, her dress and the beautiful decorations that were arranged for her wedding and reception. Even if you want a fairy-tale wedding, you may determine that the tiara she wore is too large for your personal style.

A tiara is an appropriate piece of jewelry for any wedding because it showcases your dreams for the future. A small tiara can be as powerful in making a statement about your beliefs and goals as the lattice tiara that Victoria Beckham wore.

If you feel that a tiara is not appropriate for your big day, then opting for a simple necklace and earrings may be appropriate. The jewelry that you pick should match your gown, your style preferences and the jewelry designs that you prefer. For example, a simple dress for a beach wedding may look best with a delicate chain and diamond studs rather than a large necklace.

When you are selecting jewelry for your big day, consider your goals and the dress that you have already selected. Jewelry is a statement of your interests and style. Follow the example of Victoria Beckham and make a statement that showcases your personal interests and goals. It will allow you to enjoy your jewelry and enhance your dress.


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