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Awesome, Unique Wedding Invitations for Various Personality Types

Awesome, Unique Wedding Invitations for Various Personality Types

I have received a slew of incredibly unique wedding invitations in the mail over the last few years. While we need to thank the artists at Etsy for this, partially, it’s great to see the bride stray from the mundane white “bridal book” wedding invitations of yesteryear.

The invitation is an important aspect of your wedding day. If people don’t know where to go and when to be there, you’re going to be walking down the aisle without an audience. The invitations set the tone for the theme, if you have one, and really bring out the creativity and personalities of the couple.

Check out these great ideas for varying personality types.

If you’re both music lovers: Check out the awesome Concert-poster-themed wedding invitation idea. The invitation folds up into an envelope that resembles a concert ticket. Groovy!

For photographers or art connoisseurs: This unique wedding invitation has all of the details printed on a piece of paper and attached to a roll of film. If you happen to be a photographer, you may just have 100+ empty film rolls lying around to turn this awesome idea into a reality. If not, you may be able to hit up a local photo processing store to save some for you!

Nerd-chic or avid gamers: This supercool wedding invitation sums up my childhood and I’m surprised (and slightly disappointed) that I’ve never received one of these in the mail!

If you’re both avid Socialites and/or Techies: This new-age idea incorporates the concept of infographics as your wedding invitations! A simple but tech-savvy idea for those that are in the know. This particular invitation is comedic: the bride is mostly getting married because of the diamond ring while the grooms reasoning is primarily to update his Facebook status (based on the pie charts on the left).

For the star crossed lovers: These invitations, printed with white ink on black paper are incredibly chic; lovely for a formal affair. The various astrological symbols indicate that the lovers were star-crossed. So poetic. (Not a bad theme for the outdoor, evening receptions!)

To appease the princess: Disney has instilled all perfect little girls with the idea of finding prince charming and living happily ever after. I, for one, have not outlived my princess fantasies yet and find these invitations enviable.


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