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Truly Trendy and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

Truly Trendy and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

When saying “Thank you” to the women who’ve been by your side throughout the entire process of wedding planning – and often much, much more – how do you properly convey your appreciation? The best place to start is always with a handwritten and heartfelt note, bonus points if it’s on fabulous stationery. This shows your bridesmaids how truly grateful you are, not only for the shower they threw you, your bachelorette party, perhaps even an engagement party…oh and for bringing gifts to every event that they helped throw. On top of that their hair, makeup, dress, shoes, accessories and travel accommodations…your girls have definitely ponied up for you in more than just emotional support. But being there for your best friend on her big day is arguably priceless, so a sincere thank you note is extremely important. That being said, what girl doesn’t like to be a little bit spoiled? After months of being showered with love by your best friends, turn the tables and shower your ladies with love, attention, and some fabulous presents. We think forgoing the typical gift ideas is always fun, and while a beautiful monogrammed tote, makeup case, framed picture or piece of timeless jewelry is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit, there are so many new and unique options for the best bridesmaids gifts 2013 and 2014. Step outside of the box (just a tad) with sweet, customized and unique bridesmaids gifts to present to your girls.

Custom Inslee Portaits

Inslee is one of our favorite artists. A celebrity in the blogosphere, the immensely talented artist is famous for her custom portraits of fashionable women (and occasionally adorable pets). All done in watercolor, Inslee’s work is as beautiful as it is heartfelt. Surprise your ladies by commissioning portraits of them – just collect their favorite Facebook profile shots (hint, it’ll be the one they had up the longest), and contact Inslee with enough lead time before your wedding. Your bridesmaids will be blown away.

Plum Pretty Sugar Robes

Admittedly, gifting your bridesmaids with robes is nothing new. But Plum Pretty Sugar’s fabulous patterned robes are all the rage in the wedding world right now. Not only are the a practical gift, they’re high quality, soft and beautiful. They have the added bonus of creating perfect photo opportunities while you all get your hair and makeup done, but unlike “bridesmaids” tank tops or track suits, your girls will be able to wear these forever. You can coordinate the robes with your wedding colors, or surprise each girl with her favorite color. For a more budget-friendly option, check out a similar look in Silk and More’s Etsy Shop.

Pinch Provision Minimergency Bridesmaid Kits

Never heard of a Pinch Kit? Prepare to have your mind blown. These itty bitty, teeny tiny little pouches contain everything your girls could need on the day of the wedding – and then some. Each small pouch contains 21 essentials, from extra wedding bands to deodorant, that your bridesmaids might need the day of the wedding. And they’re cute (and useful) enough for them to keep in every bag, every day after your wedding. They fit into the tiniest of clutches and they have re-fills available online, and at $16, you can afford to add these on to your list of goodies you’re already gifting.


The mega popular beauty box subscription service is a perfect way to give your girls the warm fuzzies long after your wedding is over. Every month, when their new box of goodies arrived, they’ll be reminded of the most awesome bride ever.


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