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Top 20 Questions About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Top 20 Questions About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

pear diamond questions

You asked and we answered! Here are the top 20 most common questions about pear shaped diamond engagement rings!

pear engagement ring questions

The pear diamond (a.k.a. teardrop diamond), is a stunningly unique, modified brilliant cut diamond that is shaped like a…you guessed it! A pear! 

Pear engagement rings are beautiful, elegant, feminine and emphatically special. 

Now, you might think this diamond shape is very modern, however, the pear shaped diamond has been around since the 1400s. Albeit, not the modified brilliant version that we know and love today.

Unlike other diamond shapes, pear diamonds have huge variations in cut, symmetry, shape and quality. Because of this, people naturally have many questions specific to pear diamonds. So, to help streamline your hunt for the perfect pear engagement ring, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about pear shaped diamond engagement rings. 

These are pear diamond engagement ring questions that you’ve likely wondered about and questions that you may not have even thought of yet… 

Top 20 Questions About Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Let this be the ultimate guide to choosing the right pear diamond engagement ring for you. 

pear shaped engagement ring guide

1. Are pear shaped diamonds more expensive?

A pear shaped diamond is a fancy shaped diamond, but “fancy” doesn’t mean “more expensive”! Pear diamonds are less expensive than round brilliant diamonds of the same carat weight and overall grade (cut, color and clarity).

Pear diamonds are considered the fourth most expensive diamond shape. Of course, this all depends on the specific pear shaped diamond at hand. It really comes down to the 4Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat weight – when comparing diamond shapes. 

Now, the reason some diamond shapes of the same quality are more expensive than others is mostly due to the amount of rough material lost during cutting. Round brilliant diamonds are the most expensive because they cause the most loss of rough material. The other factor is demand (yet it is a less significant factor). Round brilliant diamonds have the highest demand, so this is an additional reason why they are more expensive…

As pear shaped diamonds become more popular, which is what is surely happening, you can expect the price to increase over time.

2. Are pear shaped engagement rings popular?

Throughout history, pear diamond haven’t been among the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings. They have typically been used in drop earrings and necklaces. This is why they are so unique and you don’t see them often, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Round brilliant and princess cut diamonds are the most popular, respectively. However, it is clear that pear shaped diamonds are rising in popularity. Modern brides seem to be drawn to pear shaped diamonds for their uniqueness. Nowadays, women appreciate being original more than ever. Plus, pear diamonds are gorgeous and they have a soft, supple shape, which is perfect for an engagement ring.

What’s more, celebrities like Cardi B, Victoria Beckham, and Princess Charlene of Monaco, among many others, are in part to thank for this too. As we all know, celebrities set the tone for fashion.

3. Do pear diamonds sparkle?

Yes! Pear diamonds offer incredible sparkle as they are brilliant cut diamonds. The diamond with the most sparkle is the round brilliant diamond, followed by pear, oval and marquise diamonds, then heart and princess cut diamonds. These are all brilliant cut diamonds. The way the facets are cut is what makes certain shapes sparkle more than others.

For brilliant cut diamonds, here is the ranking of sparkle:

  1. Round Brilliant
  2. Pear, Oval, Marquise Diamonds
  3. Heart and Princess cut diamonds
  4. Cushion and Radiant cut diamonds

From there, you have step cut diamonds, which don’t offer nearly as much sparkle due to the way they are cut. They have a flat table facet on top, so they are more about displaying amazing clarity. Step cut diamonds include Emerald, Asscher and Baguette cut diamonds. 

pear engagement ring
Simon G 1.06ct 18k White Gold Pear Shape GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

4. What does a pear shaped engagement ring mean?

Pear engagement rings don’t necessarily have a “meaning”. However, they do have the shape of a tear, so people like to think of it as a “tear of joy”. Because of this, women who choose pear engagement rings are said to be traditionally romantic. Moreover, pear engagement rings are alluring to a certain type of woman. Most women who wear pear shaped diamond engagement rings are strong, confident individuals, as they are wearing a diamond ring that is unique and original. They go against the norm, they are mavericks, nonconformists, free spirits. 

5. How common, or better yet, how unique are pear engagement rings?

Around 4% of GIA certified diamonds available for sale across the world are pear shaped diamonds. Roughly, that’s 47,000 out of 1,170,000 diamonds on the market. So, this makes pear engagement rings quite unique. Have a look at most women’s engagement rings, and you will rarely see them with a pear engagement ring. If you appreciate being “different” than a pear engagement ring is perfect for you…

That said, expect to see more women wearing pear engagement rings, as they are becoming very popular. In fact, they are one of the hottest styles in the industry right now, but of course, they are still not nearly as popular as round brilliant diamonds. 

6. Do pear diamonds look bigger?

Due to the shape and cut, pear diamonds typically appear larger than round and square diamonds of the same carat weight. Pear diamonds have a shallower cut and a larger surface area, which gives it a bigger, elongated appearance. However, when it comes to the appearance of size, it really depends on how shallow the cut of the round brilliant diamond is and what width-to-length ratio the pear diamond is if you are comparing the two. So, when it comes to round brilliant diamonds, the best answer is “it depends”. However, when it comes to shapes like princess, radiant, Asscher and cushion cut diamonds, pear diamonds look bigger.

pear diamond

7. What is the ideal cut for a pear shaped diamond? What length to width ratio is best for a pear shaped diamond engagement ring?

A good balance of length and width is vital for a pear shaped diamond. The best length-to-width ratio is said to be approx. 1.55 (width) to approx. 1.75 (length). That said, it is really a matter of preference. Some women prefer longer pear diamonds, while other women prefer wider pear diamonds. The best bet is to go for the style you like, but don’t overdo it one way or the other. 

8. Do all pear diamonds have a bow tie effect?

Pear diamonds, along with oval and marquise diamonds, all have the bow tie effect to some degree due to the way they are cut. However, a good cut will greatly minimize the bow tie effect, making it virtually unnoticeable. Symmetry in the facets is crucial for a pear diamond, as this is what causes the bow tie effect to be severe or nearly undetectable. The last thing you want is a pear diamond with a severe bow-tie. 

What is a bow tie in a diamond?

A “bow-tie” refers to a shadow/darkened area that runs horizontally and usually at the center of the diamond. It looks sort of like an actual bow-tie on the diamond, hence the name. 

teardrop diamond questions
Platinum 5.6 Carat Pear Engagement Ring

9. What color grade is the best for a pear cut diamond?

Pear diamonds (along with marquise and oval diamonds) show color more than other brilliant diamond cuts like round and princess cut diamonds. So, it is important to get a pear diamond with a high color grade. Color grades range from D-Z (D being the best), so if possible, try to stay in the D-H range when it comes to pear diamond engagement rings. That said, it also depends on the precious metal your pear diamond is going to be set in. If you choose white gold or platinum, the D-H color grade applies. However, if you choose yellow gold or rose gold, you can drop the grade down to a J or K without any negative effect on its appearance. This will allow you to go a little bigger too while staying in the same budget. 

10. What clarity grade is the best for a pear cut diamond?

Pear diamonds are great at hiding inclusions, especially at the rounded part of the diamond. They are similar to round brilliant diamonds in this effect. So, you can get away with a lower clarity grade. For the best value, an SI2 or SI1 clarity will be good.

NOTE: The numbers on the GIA certificate matter much less with pear diamonds than diamonds like round and princess cut diamonds. There are so many variations with pear diamonds, so the certificate can’t make things perfectly clear as it can with a round brilliant diamond. Therefore, it’s important to see the diamond in person or that you trust the seller’s word.

popular diamond shape
14k White Gold 2.89ctw Pear Shape And Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

11. What size pear diamond should I get?

This depends on your budget. A pear diamond that is slightly under 1 carat is a popular choice as it looks sizable and it is affordable. 

12. How big is a 1 carat pear diamond?

On average: 1 Carat Pear Diamond is 9.05×5.45×3.32mm (Face Up Side)

13. How big is a 2 carat pear diamond?

On average: 2 Carat Pear Diamond is 11.4×6.87×4.19mm (Face Up Side)

14. How much does a 1 carat pear shaped diamond cost?

This depends on other grading factors such as cut/symmetry, clarity and color. 

But here’s an example based on our above recommendations (on the higher end):

Pear Diamond, 1 Carat, E Color, SI1, Good Symmetry = $5,549

See more diamond prices using our Diamond Search Tool.

are pear engagement rings popular
18K White Gold 5.28 Carat Pear Engagement Ring

15. How many facets are in a pear cut diamond?

Pear diamonds have many variations, but speaking of the average pear diamond, they contain 58 facets (same as a round brilliant diamond), with 4 to 8 pavilion facets (bottom half of the diamond, below the girdle).

16. What is the best setting for a pear engagement ring?

The best setting is the one you love…But, that’s a cop-out of an answer. So, let’s discuss the two most popular options. 

For pear diamond engagement rings, 5 and 6 prong settings are by far the most popular and arguably the best. The 6 prong setting uses a prong that completely covers the “V” of the pear diamond (that is the most vulnerable area of a pear diamond), two prongs on each side of the wing and shoulder, and one prong at the top, which is called the head. The 5 prong setting uses the same set up minus the prong at the head of the pear diamond. Both settings allow for maximum sparkle while also keeping the diamond secure. Note: Some prongs are larger than others, and typically the “V” or point of the diamond uses a larger V-shaped prong as to cover the point entirely. 

The next most popular setting is the halo setting. The halo setting features a row (or two if its a double halo) of diamonds that perfectly surround the entire pear diamond. The halo setting has two benefits, it offers more protection and it makes the centerpiece appear larger. 

guide tear drop diamond engagement ring
18k White Gold 3.34ct Pear Shape GIA Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

17. What celebrities have a pear diamond engagement ring?

  • Cardi B
  • Anna Kournikova
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Elisha Cuthbert
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Princess Charlene of Monaco
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Paris Hilton
  • Avril Lavigne 
  • Bethenny Frankel

18. Which way do you wear a pear shaped engagement ring?

Although you can wear a pear engagement ring any way you prefer, the most common way to wear it is with the point facing your fingernails. This way allows your finger to appear slimmer and it looks like a falling teardrop when you raise your hand to show it off!

19. Can I stack wedding bands and eternity rings with pear diamonds?

Absolutely! It really doesn’t matter about the shape of the diamond as much as it does about the setting. However, it can be a little more challenging to find the right wedding band or eternity ring that perfectly complements your pear diamond engagement ring. So, because of that, it is important to try them on together. That said, this is true for most engagement rings, if we are talking flawless stacks.

Here is definitive proof that pear engagement rings can stack, and stack stunningly at that!

pear ring stack

20. Where should I buy a pear engagement ring?

Diamonds By Raymond Lee! We are South Florida’s premier full service jewelry store. Not only do we have the largest collection of engagement rings in Florida, we also have an outstanding reputation for providing unparalleled service. 

When choosing a jewelry store to purchase a pear engagement ring, you want an extensive collection to select from and you want a store that is trustworthy and reliable, and offers full services. Diamonds By Raymond Lee is all of that and more.

See our vast collection of beautiful pear engagement rings

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Do you have more questions about pear diamond engagement rings? Leave them in the comments below! All questions about pear diamonds will be answered…

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