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Top 10 Tips for Jewelry Care

Top 10 Tips for Jewelry Care

A great piece of jewelry can stay in a family for generations. Some might keep it as a family heirloom but others might be interested in preserving it as a long-term investment. If you are an avid jewelry fan or collector, you’ll want to follow some best practices to ensure that your valuables stay that way for years to come. Here are 10 tips on how to keep your jewelry in top shape.

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Avoid Heat

Excessive heat or a temperature change could fracture a gem in your jewelry, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Heat removes the natural moisture in gems, which can cause them to crack or discolor.

Remove Before Swimming

Some people like to swim with their jewelry on, but doing so could cause long-term damage. Chlorine and jewelry do not mix well together. Keep your jewelry at home before you head to the pull. No one’s looking at it while most of your body is underwater anyway.

Avoid Cleaning with Jewelry On

Household cleaning materials can be just as harmful as that swimming pool we just mentioned. The bleach in many cleaning products stays in the air long after you’re done cleaning and any exposure between bleach and your jewelry is a problem.

Avoid Exercise and Contact Sports

If you are going for a workout, invest in lock and put your jewelry in a locker at the gym. Wearing something valuable to an event where you might get physically hit is a really bad idea. It could damage the jewelry, sure, but the jewelry could even hurt you or another player depending on how and where you get hit.

Put Jewelry On After Makeup

A woman’s makeup isn’t going to be nearly as toxic as a household cleaner, but there are still toxins in things like hairspray that can negatively affect your valuables. Even just a small dusting of hair spray can cause your jewelry to lose its shine.

Don’t Throw Valuables Into A Random Drawer

Many people just take their jewelry off at the end of a day and throw it into a box without thinking. This action alone could cause scratches or other damage to your valuables. You might not even notice this, until the day you take the jewelry to get appraised for resale and it goes under the microscope.

Invest In A Proper Jewelry Box

So if you can’t just toss your jewelry on the dresser at the end of the day, what do you do? Many jewelry stores sale storage boxes that will allow your jewelry to be well protected until its next use. Ideally, use double protection by keeping an expensive item in a lint-free pouch before putting inside the box.

Get Your Jewelry Cleaned

You take your car in for a regular check up don’t you? You should do the same with your jewelry. A jeweler can remove dust that may have built up in the tiny crevices of your valuables and give it a professional cleaning to keep it looking great.

Get Cleaning Supplies From Your Jeweler

After that professional cleaning, ask your jeweler for what they suggest to clean your jewelry until your next check up. Many jewelers sell the same solutions they use to their customers for home use.

But Don’t Try To Clean Damaged Jewelry

If you know your jewelry has a crack in it, trying to clean it could just cause further damage. Take it to a certified jewelry professional to get it repaired.


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