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This Purplish-Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring Will Blow You Away

All women love precious cocktail rings and the color pink, so what could be better than a combination of the two, especially when the “pink” comes in the form of a natural, untreated pink sapphire! 

Below, we are going to go over everything you want to know about pink sapphires AND cocktail rings, while featuring quite possibly the most stunning purplish-pink sapphire cocktail ring that has ever entered our jewelry collection at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.


When you hear the word “sapphire”, you likely imagine a beautifully vivid blue gemstone. However, sapphires occur naturally in a variety of other colors too, such as yellow, green, orange, white, and pink.

Note: Rubies are corundums too! Red is the only corundum color not classified as a sapphire!

In terms of popularity, pink sapphires are only second to blue sapphires. Pink sapphires have become extremely popular over the last decade, especially the highly sought after, rare, orangey-pink type of sapphire known as a Padparadscha. 

Like all sapphires, pink sapphires are a kind of mineral corundum made up of aluminum oxide. Other trace elements are what gives corundums their color. For example, a blue sapphire is blue due to trace elements of iron and titanium, yellow sapphires get their color from iron and sometimes low-level radiation within the earth, and pink sapphires get their color from trace elements of chromium. If a corundum has very high chromium content, it will turn a deep red color, at which point it is referred to as a Ruby. Because of this, sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a pink sapphire from a ruby. Thankfully, if you are buying a sapphire, it will come with a GIA certificate which will tell you everything you need to know. If it doesn’t have a GIA cert, don’t buy the sapphire!

Because a corundum can have a mix of various trace elements, sapphires can have a wide range of secondary hues, such as blue-green, orange-pink, pink-purple, and so on. We will get more into this and how it affects price specifically for pink sapphires a little further below. 

Where do Pink Sapphires come from?

The biggest producer of natural pink sapphires is Madagascar. However, pink sapphires have been discovered in deposits around the world, including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and East Africa.

The pink sapphire in the cocktail ring you see here is from Mozambique. 

All in all, it’s nice to know where a natural pink sapphire comes from, but it doesn’t typically impact the price or value, only the quality (cut, color & clarity) and size of a pink sapphire does. 

Are Pink Sapphires Rare?

Before the discovery of the mines in Madagascar, which occurred in the 90s, pink sapphires were considered to be extremely rare. Since then, pink sapphires have become more widely available, and thus, more affordable and popular. All that said, they are still very rare in the grand scheme of gemstones. 

What is the most expensive sapphire color?

Generally speaking, blue sapphires (i.e. Kashmir blue velvety sapphires) are more expensive because they are the most sought after. That said, it depends on the quality of the sapphire. 

Padparadscha pink sapphires are often more expensive than even high quality blue sapphires because they are so rare. Furthermore, you will find many pink sapphires on the market that have high prices than certain blue sapphires, because again, it depends on the exquisiteness of the sapphire, not just the color.

Are Pink Sapphires more expensive than Pink Diamonds?

Pink sapphires are usually less expensive than pink diamonds due to a number of reasons, such as rarity and durability. Nevertheless, like all gemstones, it depends on the quality. Some pink sapphires of exceptional quality will be more valuable than certain pink diamonds. 

Pink Sapphire Prices – How much do pink sapphires cost?

The cost of pink sapphires varies greatly, hinging on color, clarity, carat weight and cut. The richer the color, the more flawless the clarity, the bigger the stone, the better the cut – the more expensive the pink sapphire will be. 

While all the above factors play a role in the value of a pink sapphire, color is the most significant. 

That said, it can be difficult to determine a color grade, as unlike diamonds, which have a clear-cut elaborate color-grading system, sapphires do not. Having an expert who can guide you is best, so buying from a trustworthy source is essential. If you have an untrained eye, you can still use your best judgement – the richer and more vibrant the sapphire’s color, the pricier it will be. The same goes for clarity, the cleaner the stone, the higher the price tag. 

It’s also important to know if the sapphire has been treated or not. Many pink sapphires on the market have been treated, typically with heat treatment to enhance the color and beauty. Heat treatment doesn’t make a sapphire “bad”, but it should affect its price. Needless to say, beautifully vibrant untreated sapphires will cost more because they are rarer. 

Pink Sapphire Color

Like all sapphires, pink sapphires come in a range of colors and hues. From intense magenta to light baby pink, no two pink sapphires are exactly alike. 

For which is best, usually highly saturated, medium or dark pink tones are the most coveted. 

Be that as it may, when it comes to color and secondary hues, the most important thing is your opinion, as you will be the one buying and wearing it! Some people prefer perfectly-pink pink sapphires, while others appreciate purplish-pink sapphires or orangey-pink sapphires. All of these color variations are very desirable on the market. 


As today’s feature is of a purplish-pink sapphire cocktail ring, let’s quickly go over some key points of purplish-pink sapphires. 

Purplish-pink sapphires combine two beautiful, feminine hues to make an incredibly unique and breathtaking color. 

Purplish-pink sapphires come in saturations of very light to very intense. The one you see here is very intense, teetering on magneta. This makes it a very attractive stone. 

A pink sapphire with a purple overtone will be considered a pink sapphire until 30% or more of the color is purple. 

Now, because GIA likes to get as specific as possible, they will indicate the overtone on the certification. If a sapphire has a strong purple overtone, they will call it a purplish-pink sapphire, but it is still a pink sapphire…If it was more than 30% purple, it would be a pinkish-purple sapphire, which technically is a purple sapphire. 

As the color range of a purplish-pink sapphire is spectacular, the more powerful the clarity and brilliance, the more desirable the sapphire. 


Cocktail rings are a fantastic way to utilize sizable pink sapphires. A cocktail ring is supposed to be big and striking, as to grab as much attention as possible, and when it comes to powerful appearances, pink sapphires top the charts. Combine a pink sapphire with a high-end cocktail ring accented with diamonds and you are left with an absolute showstopper. 

Why are they called cocktail rings?

Cocktail rings are a product of the prohibition era, which was a time from 1920 to 1933 when alcohol was illegal in North America (and most of Europe). 

Of course, that didn’t stop people from drinking. All over the United States, people were holding secret (illegal) anti-prohibition parties where alcohol was served. 

Wealth members of society had very extravagant, fancy parties. However, even the rich were drinking strong-tasting, somewhat-low-quality alcohol as that was really all that was available. So, to make consumption easier, the bartenders would concoct sweet “cocktails”. This is when both the term cocktail and cocktail party became ubiquitous. 

Like the extravagant cocktail parties, women would dress in fancy clothes and expensive jewelry. During this time, rings became more and more bold and vibrant. They were crafted to make a statement. What’s more, if a woman wore an oversized, striking ring with large precious stones and waived it to a server, the server would know that they wanted to drink a cocktail, and thus, the name ‘cocktail ring’ was born. Women who wore cocktail rings got attention quickly at these parties. After all, cocktail rings are extremely eye catching and it declares wealth. As such, cocktail rings became a status symbol. All the elite women had cocktail rings. 

From the 1920’s to the modern day

After the prohibition era ended, the cocktail ring remained in fashion. It did have somewhat of a decline in popularity during the 60s, as jewelry became more subdued. However, once the 80s hit and vibrant, bold looks were back in, the cocktail ring came back in a big way. Ever since then, cocktail rings have been a staple in every women’s jewelry box. In fact, they are more popular than ever in the modern day….yet, of course, only those with deep pockets can truly have high-end cocktail rings that pay homage to it origins and like you see here.

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Can you wear a cocktail ring everyday?

Cocktail rings are meant to be worn on special occasions. However, these days, many women are wearing them on a daily basis. If your style and lifestyle allows for extravagance, and excess comes off as natural for you, then a cocktail ring can be an everyday ring for sure. A lot of women here in South Florida wear cocktail rings, aka statement rings, whenever they want, day or night. It’s an impressive style that works beautifully for an impressive, confident woman who’s not afraid to be seen. 

On that note, have a look at a cocktail ring that will knock everyone’s socks off…


This cocktail ring is truly one-of-a-kind. It features a big 3.11 carat cushion-cut purplish-pink sapphire at the center. This exquisite, high-quality sapphire is untreated. It is absolutely breathtaking. Surrounding it are multi-shape diamonds and metalwork that together form a flower motif. 

The ring’s light performance is out of this world. While the pictures you see here tell this story pretty well, if you see this ring in person, it will really blow you away. It’s large, it’s brilliant, and thanks to the pink sapphire being juxtaposed between perfectly colorless white diamonds, the vibrancy is staggering. 

As for the ring itself, it is hand-crafted from 18k white gold, which only amplifies the immense contrast between the white metal and diamonds and the purplish-pink sapphire. 

All in all, if you are looking for a ring that will catch eyes and impress anyone and everyone, this is it. And although it is extravagant, it’s a ring that can be worn with pretty much anything and on any occasion, with exception to sporty events. 

  • 18k white gold
  • 3.11 carat cushion cut purplish-pink sapphire (untreated)
  • Origin: Mozambique
  • Accent stones: pear and round brilliant diamonds

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Pink Sapphire Symbolism 

Pink sapphires are said to have a variety of meanings. They symbolize good fortune, intense love, compassion, romance, femininity, elegance, and power through hardship. 

In Asian lore, sapphires have been compared to the sacred lotus flower, which stands for beauty, wisdom and purity. In India, they were believed to be a cure for poisonous bites from scorpions!  

Today, you will find pink sapphires on ornate jewelry worn by royals, celebrities, and wealthy, powerful women. It is a rare and beautiful stone that gives you a sense of vigor when wearing it. 

To us, we also love how pink sapphires show that pretty can be tough. After all, sapphires are one of the hardest and most durable gemstones of all, only second to diamonds. Because of this, a pink sapphire diamond cocktail ring like this will last and maintain its beauty forever. It is an heirloom piece that can be passed down generation upon generation. And thanks to the timeless style, it will perpetually be in fashion. 

Interested in purchasing this pink sapphire cocktail ring? Contact us for pricing today. 

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