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2 Ridiculously Eye-Catching Fancy Brown & Orange Diamond Cocktail Rings

When it comes to cocktail rings, the fancier, the better, and nothing is more fancy than the two ridiculously stunning fancy brown and orange diamond cocktail rings we have on display here.

Below, we are going to discuss all that you need to know about fancy brown and orange diamonds, as well as cocktail rings, which includes the history of this fascinating ring style. 


While orange and brown is not a color you likely think of when you hear “diamonds”, fancy orange and brown diamonds are exquisitely eye-catching and intriguing. 

Like yellow diamonds, both natural orange and brown diamonds get their color from the presence of nitrogen. 

If a diamond has enough nitrogen molecules and a little light is absorbed through structural defects during the formation of the diamond’s crystal lattice, a brown diamond is the result. 

If the nitrogen atoms are arranged in a very specific way, which is called hyper-specific in the diamond industry, and the diamond absorbs adequate amounts of yellow and blue light, the results will be an orange hue. 

Orange diamonds are actually a hybrid that occurs with a combination of yellow and red hues. 

Modifying Colors

Both orange and brown are common modifying colors. White diamonds with a color grade from J-Z have noticeable dull yellow, orangish, or brown hues. These are considered low quality diamonds. 

However, once you go past Z, a diamond can start to become vividly and intensely yellow, orange and/or brown. Diamonds with a vivid and intense even distribution of yellow, brown and orange color are quite rare and highly valuable. 

All in all, the difference between a diamond being a low quality clear diamond and a “fancy colored diamond” is very obvious. Where things get a little confusing is how fancy colored brown and orange diamonds often have secondary colors and tints, which can change the value of the diamond. The same applies to other fancy colored diamonds, of which there are blue, red, green, yellow, pink and purple diamonds (among other color names we place on fancy colored diamonds depending on the hues and saturation).

Levels of Intensity for Fancy Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds have 9 intensity level grades like other fancy color diamonds. 

You have Faint, Very Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep.

Think of these grades like D-Z for a colorless diamonds, as they are basically an extension of the D-Z scale.

Faint, Very Light, and Light are actually still considered low quality colorless diamonds. It’s the following 6 grades where a brown colored diamond becomes a true colored diamond (or in other words “Fancy”), and as such the value rises significantly. The more intense and vivid the stone is, the more valuable. 

Now, some colored diamonds are the most desirable with a Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid grade. However, with brown diamonds, the most expensive and desirable are Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep. These are often called “chocolate diamonds”. 

In the diamond industry, the most popular brown diamonds are as follows:
  • Champagne Diamonds – pale, yellow-brown stones (Fancy Light & Fancy)
  • Cognac Diamonds – a deep, rich brown color that resembles a glass of cognac (Fancy Deep)
  • Chocolate Diamonds – dark brown diamonds (Fancy Dark)

While fancy brown diamonds are the second most common of all fancy color diamonds (second to yellow diamonds), they have become increasingly desirable in recent years (just like yellow diamonds have). Brown diamonds have been receiving a ton of attention, and rightfully so, as they are gorgeous and very unique!

Secondary Hues

It should be noted that most brown diamonds have secondary color hues in them. The most common secondary colors are yellow, orange or green.

What’s interesting is that with brown diamonds, the secondary color drives the price and value up, whereas other fancy colored diamonds the opposite is usually true. 

So, brown diamonds can be labeled as Brown-Orange. The Brown Diamond Cocktail Ring featured here is labeled a ‘Fancy Deep Brown-Orange’ diamond by GIA. 

Conversely, a diamond can be Orange-Brown…

Levels of Intensity for Fancy Orange Diamonds

Although orange is a common modifying color for colorless diamonds, vivid orange diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable. These rich orange diamonds are mostly found in the Argyle Mine in Australia and certain mines in South Africa.

Like brown diamonds, you have Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep grades, with Fancy Deep Orange and Fancy Dark Orange diamonds being the most sought after and pricey. 

Note: Fancy Vivid and Fancy Orange diamonds are also highly valuable and rare. 

Pure orange diamonds with no secondary hues are super rare. These special orange diamonds are sometimes referred to as Pumpkin Diamonds.

Needless to say, most orange diamonds have a secondary hue. 

Secondary Hues

The most common secondary hue for an orange diamond is brown and yellow, but they can have red or pink secondary hues. 

When it comes to brown hues, the value decreases a bit, yet with red or pink hues, the value increases significantly, as reds and pinks are very rare and valuable fancy colors in the diamond world. So, a pinkish orange diamond will be way more expensive than a yellowish orange or brownish orange diamond. 

To be clear, the color that comes first on a GIA certificate indicates the overtone and the second describes the hue. So, a fancy brown-orange diamond is brown with hues of orange and a fancy orange-brown diamond is orange with hues of brown. 

Other important price factors for brown and orange diamonds 

Apart from color, carat weight and polish and symmetry (i.e. cut) are the most important factors for the price of a colored diamond. Ideally you want excellent polish grade and a good symmetry. 

As for size, the value increases dramatically as the carat weight goes up. For example, a 2 carat orange diamond will be worth a lot more than two 1 carat orange diamonds. 

Are Brown and Orange Diamonds Worth More than White Diamonds?

Brown diamonds, brown-orange diamonds, and orange-brown diamonds are generally less expensive than a high quality colorless diamond. However, rare vivid Orange diamonds can be more expensive than the highest quality white diamond of the same carat weight. 


When it comes to fancy brown and orange diamonds, there is no better option than a cocktail ring. After all, cocktail rings are big, striking rings meant to grab maximum attention and fancy brown and orange diamonds are complete showstoppers in their own right. 

Just for the purpose of keeping things interesting and in appreciation of the history of cocktail rings, let’s talk about how cocktail rings came about…

History of Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are a creation of the prohibition era (1920s). In the rolling 20s, while jewelry was becoming more extravagant and unique, alcohol was illegal!

Unable to quench the people’s thirst, illegal drinking parties were held. Fancy “anti-prohibition” cocktail parties were the most prominent of the time. They were, of course, put together by the elites and wealthiest members of society. 

Not only were the parties extravagant, but the outfits and jewelry women wore were too. Jewelers started crafting rings just for these occasions – large, vibrant rings made from precious metals and gemstones with unique and distinctive designs. These rings were unlike anything before. They were made to be extremely eye-catching. 

It is also said that women wore cocktail rings so they could receive more attention from servers. It was a clear sign of both wealth (ergo, good tips) and that they wanted to drink cocktails!

When the prohibition era ended, cocktail rings didn’t. Throughout the 40s and 50s, cocktail rings were ubiquitous among the rich and famous. Every classy, fashionable, sophisticated woman had cocktail rings.

Then, in the 60s, jewelry trends started to become less ostentatious and more subtle. Of course, this doesn’t meet the cocktail rings requirements. Therefore, the cocktail ring became less popular.

It wasn’t until the 80s, when fashion shifted towards bold styles, colors and silhouettes that cocktail rings came back into the limelight. When they did, they came back in a major way. 

From then on, cocktail rings have remained a popular ring style for ladies around the world. In fact, cocktail rings have never been more popular than now, and that includes the 1920s, the era that spawned the creation of this famous ring style!

These days, women wear cocktail rings at parties, clubs, friendly gatherings and even on a day-to-day basis. They work for just about any occasion, with exception to sporty or very casual settings. If you have the wherewithal, a cocktail ring is a must-have. You will find so many excuses to wear it, especially if they look anything like the cocktail rings we are featuring here (both of which are now for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton). 


We have tons of stunningly beautiful, high-end cocktail rings with unique designs at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, but today we just want to focus on the following two special cocktail rings. These two rings have similar designs – dome style cocktail rings with diamonds, white gold and rose gold, and a fancy color diamond center stone of the brown and orange variety.

Both rings are available now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and they have GIA certificates. If you are interested in purchasing one of these rings, please feel free to contact us. 

Fancy Deep Brown-Orange Cushion Cut Diamond Dome Cocktail Ring

This ring has a lot going on. Let’s start with the obvious. It features a completely natural Fancy Deep Brown-Orange cushion modified brilliant GIA certified diamond. The diamond is a whopping 4.02 carats! The color distribution is perfectly even, the polish grade is excellent, the symmetry grade is good, and the clarity grade is SI2. While SI2 is not the best, it is flawless to the naked eye, which means more bang for your buck. All in all, this is a top of the line fancy brown diamond. 

Now, to other characteristics of this fancy brown diamond cocktail ring. The white diamonds are multi-shape. There are considerably sized pear and round brilliants within the dome, and then small round brilliants set into the swopping precious metal design. Speaking of precious metal, the ring itself is 18K white gold, but it also features prominent hints of 18K rose gold along the dome. The halo around the fancy brown-orange center stone is also rose gold. The two tone complements both the brown center stone and white diamonds magnificently. All together, this ring is unbelievably breathtaking. 

While pictures clearly state this, they still only do a small amount of justice. In person, this ring is almost mind-blowingly beautiful and brilliant. This is a cocktail ring that defines the term “cocktail ring”. For those who want a contemporary cocktail ring of the highest quality, this is it. 

Fancy Orange-Brown Pear Shape Diamond Dome Cocktail Ring

This cocktail ring is similar in that it has a dome shape, multi-shape diamonds, a two-tone rose and white gold setting, and it features a breathtaking fancy colored diamonds center stone. 

The pear shape center stone is a Fancy Orange-Brown color. It is 1.5 carats, which is sizable, but considering its optimal measurements (9.69mm x 6.00mm x 3.73mm), it appears much bigger than the 1.5 carats would suggest. The color distribution is consummately even, the polish grade is excellent, the symmetry is good, and the clarity grade is VVS1, all of which is pretty much as good as it gets. What does this mean? Well, the pear shape Fancy Orange-Brown diamond you see here is top, top notch. 

Now, to the white diamonds. There are pear shaped white diamonds all pointing at the center stone. There are also round brilliants at the tips of the gorgeous rose gold “claws” that surround the dome. 

To make matters even more scintillating, all of the precious metal is paved with tiny round brilliants. When all combined, this ring is absolutely blinding. All of the diamonds shine so impressively and with the two tone color, the ring stands out with an even greater purpose. Overall, this ring is a compete masterpiece. If you have a strong sense of fashion, we already know it is calling your name. 

If either of these rings is speaking to you, please contact us for pricing.

Want to see more fancy cocktail rings? 

Shop Cocktail Rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

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