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The Ultimate Rolex Guide

The Ultimate Rolex Guide

Rolex, the decidedly most well known and efficient luxury timepiece there is. They are eponymous with speed, precision and unparalleled performance. This is embodied in each and every one of their brand ambassadors like sport superstars Roger Federer and David Beckham.  The pure power in these watches is perfectly matched with their impeccable design. Contemporary, timeless and singular in their looks each Rolex is crafted to be recognized and cherished. Their ageless class is again reflected in and with the people and sports they associate themselves with. As the official sponsors and time keepers for world stage events like Wimbledon and longtime partners of sailing regattas and equestrian grand slams Rolex is the refined brand these elite sports events require. Each of these incredible events inspire certain Rolex collections made specifically for these types of activities, like the Yachtmaster.

Here we are going to take a look at some of the collections inspired by incredible feats of human ingenuity and commitment. While these are in line with all of the glamour and precision of Rolex these collections are lesser known. They are for the connoisseur and the collector, those involved in these arenas or deeply involved with the Rolex craftsmanship. From inspiration in flight to a reversed naming these collections are unique and refined. Further, men like the ex-Presidents of the United States Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy preferred these watches when they chose their unique timepieces. They are the culmination of Rolex design and precision; worn by men that shaped the world. Rolex is the timeless brand of bold, powerful and committed men. In the same way that they are deeply committed to their craftsmanship, bold in their designs and housing powerful movements and machinations.

Air King

First is the collection that was designed at the cusp of human innovation and engineering. Inspired by and for the men expanding humanity’s modes of transportation and widening the horizons of possibility.  Aviation broke barriers never before tested and launched the beginning of an age that took us all the way to the moon. The Air King is timeless and sleek with an updated design including features for the modern man while staying true to its roots from the 1950 casing aesthetic. This aeronautical heritage makes these Rolexes unique even amongst the finest examples of horlogerie in the world. The English aviator Charles Douglas Barnard, one of the very first pioneers of aviation, credited the Air King as being uniquely adept for flight. In fact, he chose the Air King as his preferred tool for future flights.

rolex air king boca raton

Rolex 14000 Air King Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch

First, is a gorgeous blue dial stainless steel watch. The bright stainless steel fixed bezel surrounds a deep blue dial reminiscent of the depth of the skies. This Rolex has the same uniquely inspired casing design with innovative features for the modern times. It is a truly unique and modern watch. The clean dial face of this watch is enhanced by the glimmering blue dial. 

rolex air king boca raton

Rolex 14000 Airking Silver Stick Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Next, is a more classic and timeless looking Air King silver stick dial with a stainless steel casing and matching bracelet. This Rolex has the classic Air King case shaping reminiscent of the original first watches that literally took flight with the pioneers of aviation. This one is even more like them with its white face, silver stick time markers and thin hour and minute hands. Furthermore, the precision of this watch is unparalleled and tracked by the seconds hand.  


The Presidential Rolex watch, brought to the world from Europe and gaining its name as Presidents such as Eisenhower, and LBJ, the first of the U.S. Presidents to sport the Rolex timepiece, donned them while in office. These are the reliable, timelessly designed watches that carry precision and power with an absolutely elegant stance. They were the very first to feature a date window and day of the week spelled out. The watch that made such a fuss as it came to the world directly from the most powerful house in the world is today donned by figures other than Presidents as well. The musician Jay-Z and business magnate Warren Buffett have both also been seen wearing their Rolex Presidential watches. It is a design that is worn by many different men but one thing that connects them all is their influence on our world.

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Rolex 18238 Presidential Day-Date Gold Stick Dial Watch

First, is the classic and ultimate Presidential day date gold stick dial watch. This one is like the ones worn by the great men that occupied the White House. Also, it is like the Rolex which Marilyn Monroe infamously gave President JFK for his birthday and the one Warren Buffett has sported for decades. Also, this is the watch that Tony Soprano wore on the highly popular television series The Sopranos. It is a watch that has and continues to make its mark. 

rolex boca raton

Rolex 218238 Day Date 18k Rose Gold Black Dial Watch

Another impeccable Rolex featuring the Presidential bracelet is this day date 18k rose gold black dial watch. The gorgeous and unique rose gold casing and matching bracelet contrast the black dial giving it a fine and modern look. Also, the time markers and hour and minute hands are a matching 18k rose gold. The fixed and fluted bezel is also rose gold. This sleek uniform watch is a variation of the classic design with a modern metal. The color is soft and warm while the black is a tough and cold texture. 

rolex boca raton

Rolex 18206 Platinum Presidential Day-Date Mens Watch

Finally a Rolex Presidential Day Date men’s watch made from the world’s finest and strongest material, platinum. This gorgeous and impeccable timepiece is not the original and traditional yellow gold version seen on so many Presidents in the Oval office, but its sleek features give it an edge like no other. Furthermore, this watch also features white brilliant diamond time markers with baguette cut diamonds at six and nine o’clock glinting from the white dial. The fluted bezel further accentuates the glimmer and glamour of this timepiece.


Another incredible example of Rolex’s master craftsmanship is the Datejust watch. The difference it makes as it keeps track of the passing of a day to the thousandths of a second is unparalleled. Further, the datejust collection watches do not just display the date at 3 o’clock they are further enhanced by the Rolex invention of a magnifying glass addition at the date window. These precision watches are the unique and instantly recognizable Rolex design, a true lifestyle statement. The luxury timepieces come in a variation of dial colors, casing and bracelet materials and can be fully personalized with interchangeable bracelets. A leader in the world of luxury timepieces Rolex’s designs are instantly recognizable while also being extremely personal. There are few other men’s accessories that can translate so much of one’s personality in just one look. A lifestyle and an instant communicator of choice a Rolex is dependable.

rolex boca raton

Rolex 116231 Datejust Two Tone Rose Gold Watch

First this incredibly unique two tone datejust rose gold Rolex timepiece. Featuring the Rolex classic date window at 3 o’clock this watch also has a unique black dial. It further contrasts the with the white time markers. The two tone feature is like the iconic Rolex Yachtmaster style. Also the two tone rose gold is a unique touch on this classic timeless design. Another rose gold feature of this watch is the fixed and fluted bezel surrounding the dial. It is truly a particular comination. 

rolex boca raton

Rolex 116189 Datejust 18k White Gold Silver Diamond Pyramid Dial On Strap Watch

Another incredible datejust Rolex this 18k white gold silver diamond pyramid dial watch has a lovely unique black leather strap. The dial on this watch features a unique textured Rolex pattern and diamonds as the time markers. Further making this Rolex datejust unique is the diamond bezel surrounding the textured dial. This watch is not just for timekeeping it is truly a jewel with the set diamonds, unique dial and classicly masculine leather band. It maintains the classic datejust case design but has a sporty edge. This fine watch is ideal for men with unique personal styles. 


Finally the Oysterdate an incredible mix between the Oyster steel and the date watch. Rolex developed the Oyster steel as a unique high technology model feature that is actually used in the aerospace and chemical industries. This superalloy is extremely strong and resistant. Further this Oyster steel has a gorgeous sleek high polish that maintains its aesthetic even in the toughest of environments. Meant for performance and style the Oysterdate collection is for men who take the Rolex commitment to fine quality into their personal fashion. The form and function of these Oyster steel watches are molded for absolute comfort and lasting quality finish. Further enhancing these Oyster steel watches is the date function. Highly precise, the powerful functionality of these timepieces is now also displayed on the dial. Further enhancing these timepieces is the date window on these that is also expanded with an additional piece of glass.

rolex boca raton

Rolex 6694 Oysterdate Precision Stainless Steel Watch

First is a classic vintage Oysterdate precision stainless steel watch. The iconic date window at 3 o’clock also has the Rolex created magnifying glass. This silver dial with matching time markers and hour, minute and seconds hand give this traditional watch a sleek uniform look. Also in stainless steel is the bracelet. This bracelet has the polished original Rolex linked look. A classic and clean look this watch is perfect daily wear. Men with a refined and sleek personal style will adore this watch. 

rolex boca raton


Finally the Rolex oysterdate precision with a diamond dial and fixed bezel. This is a gorgeous and jeweled watch. There are white round brilliant diamonds set all around the dial and also at each one of the hour time markers. The dial is a silver stainless steel and the bracelet is a matching stainless steel. The bracelet closes with a hidden fold over clasp. This watch has automatic movements. There is no way to change a Rolex so it is no longer one. However, each and every addition particularly in this case with the precious gems enhance it greatly. 

The Rolex Legacy

Overall the Rolex luxury timepieces are an accessory for life. As a true standing statement of refined style and personal lifestyle each one of these watches embodies power, sport and a life well lived. Iconically renowned and timeless these timepieces are dependable. As we saw above Warren Buffett has been relying on his Presidential Rolex for decades, as it keeps him on time impeccably. These watches are not for a fad and they do not follow trends. Rolex has set their mark on the world and the type of men that choose to sport these are clear indicators of that fact. Purchasing a Rolex is establishing yourself among these men. Tennis, equine, racing, golfing and yachting traditions are an integral part of the Rolex brand identity. They are leaders in the field of horlogerie and leaders are the ones who wear them.

Owning a Rolex is being able to rely on it for life, to pass it down and to always know the powerful precision behind every movement will continue on. The legacy of this incredible company is one of commitment to excellence, of driving innovation and of producing timelessly iconic designs. There are no imitators that can achieve the level of excellence of Rolex. Sportive and unique while maintaining a sleek and formidable look Rolex is the single luxury watch brand that truly achieves this mix. The Rolex brand chooses to keep only the very best of company and associations in everything that they do. Endorsed by and involved with some of the very greatest competitions and challenges in the world they are the leaders.

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