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Much like a caterpillar, gold can undergo massive transformation in its lifetime. And we don’t just mean into a gold butterfly pin. As one of the biggest gold buyers in South Florida, we’ve bought, traded and sold our fair share of gold. And it’s always interesting to see the…unique pieces that come through our showroom doors. Notable nameplates and heavy diamond and gold pendants in novelty shapes always catch our attention, and we’re always happy to buy old gold pieces. However it is difficult to sell a nameplate that’s engraved in a lovely script obscenity (yes, we’ve bought one.) So in cases like that, it’s best to melt the gold down and refine it into bars.

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But it’s not just outlandish pieces that we buy to melt. Sometimes someone’s old pieces are broken, and not worth repairing, or outdated, and beyond the scope of modern trends. So we send those out to melt too. We also save up all the gold dust that floats around our jewelry workshop like pixie-dust (it’s true, our jewelers work magic) until we’ve got enough to send off and melt down. The result is recycled gold, in bars, that will circulate the globe for monetary and jewelry needs, among other things. It’s incredibly fascinating to imagine your favorite piece of gold jewelry might be comprised of hundreds or thousands of other peoples’ treasure. Each gold piece has a history, if you think of it that way. This fun infographic shows the basic life cycle of gold, from mining to melting, and the many many options for its use in between.

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