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The Engagement Ring Trio

The Engagement Ring Trio

There are so many decisions that must be made while planning your wedding. You want everything perfect, from the color of the flowers, to the people chosen as part of the wedding party. One aspect of wedding planning that often gets pieced together at the last minute, however, are the rings. Though, important, the wedding rings are physically small items and therefore less planning goes into choosing them. Most couples will spend a great deal of time picking out an engagement ring, as this is the most significant part of the engagement period. Once the engagement band has been chosen, though, there is usually a large span of time before anymore thought is given to the other two rings that will complete the wedding set; namely the lady’s wedding band and the man’s wedding band. A simple solution to this step of wedding planning is to purchase the entire set as a ring trio. An engagement ring trio includes an engagement ring, the lady’s band and man’s band.

Coordinating wedding rings

From Left: GIA Certified 18k Yellow Gold 1.43ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band Ring Tiffany and Co. 18k Yellow Gold 4.5 mm Wedding Band

Why Purchase a Trio?

A wedding ring trio is a great choice for engaged couples because in most cases rings can be purchased at a discounted price when bundled together. Another benefit is that you have covered three steps in your wedding planning with one purchase. Some couples will spend valuable time choosing a lady’s wedding band to complement the engagement ring, and an equal amount of time trying to choose a man’s band that suit the style of the husband to be. When all three rings are purchased as a trio, all the decisions can be make all at once for less money than if purchased individually.

Complementary Not Identical

The great thing about engagement ring trios is that the rings are not created to be identical. The engagement ring trio is designed to subtly complement one another so that the rings are a visible set, but each still retains its own unique beauty and style. It is especially important that the engagement ring and the lady’s band complement each other perfectly, as these two rings will be worn together for many years to come by the bride to be.

Designer Quality Never Compromised

Many people are afraid that if they purchase a trio they will have to sacrifice the designer quality they are looking for. However, many top jewelry designers make their wedding jewelry available for purchase as trio sets. Luxury jewelry designer Cartier, is one such designer. Their brilliant line of engagement jewelry can be perfectly coupled together with their line of wedding bands to create a wedding trio that will put the finishing touch on your wedding plans. Their website even features an easy to use quiz that will help you perfectly match your dream engagement ring to your dream wedding band.

Less Stress Option

Choosing an engagement ring trio set can help alleviate some of the stress associated with wedding planning. A lot of time and money is spent choosing each aspect of your wedding. This is one step that can be easily simplified. Choosing to purchase your engagement ring and wedding bands as a trio set will free up more time for all of your other important wedding planning efforts.


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