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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds: Facts & History

Cushion cut diamonds are today’s hottest diamond shape. While round brilliant diamonds remain the most purchased, we have to take into account their use in allllll the jewelry that aren’t engagement rings. But when it comes to bridal, cushion cut engagement rings are the most requested diamond shape. So today we want to dive deep…
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The Cartier Panthere Maillon diamond ring is a bold and striking accessory you can wear every day.

Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate diamond jewelry is the bread and butter upon which Raymond Lee Jewelers thrived for decades. We’ve added so many treasures to our vault and showcases, and expanded in the very best ways, but nothing quickens our heartbeat like gorgeous estate diamond jewelry. What, exactly, is estate jewelry? It’s pre-owned. That’s really the only requisite. It…
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