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Jewelry Boosted by Classic Trunk in Louis Vuitton Emprise Video

In their latest marketing reach, classic French designer, Louis Vuitton released social media videos that have much of the fashion world buzzing. Unlike straightforward advertisements that focus primarily on the pieces, this new promotion for the designer’s Emprise collection of jewelry and watches barely shows the jewelry at all. Instead, the entire advertisement focuses on […]

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Burn, Baby, Burn: Diamond Candles

Genius is in simplicity. Every now and then, a business model comes along that seems so obvious that everyone who hears about it comes to a full stop, thinks for a moment, and starts kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. Diamond Candles operates under just such a business model. A line of high-quality […]

Masculine Monday

Off the Cuff: Our Current Favorite Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an essential in any gentleman’s wardrobe. While the prevalence of modern style dress shirts often means that most guys don’t own a pair of cufflinks (at least not until they’ve received them as a groomsmen gift.) However there’s nothing that elevates a beautifully tailored suit like a crisp French cuff shirt and a […]