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Spotlight on: TAG Heuer

Spotlight on: TAG Heuer

Elegance and class are two words that perfectly and completely describe the TAG Heuer brand. The company, which is known for creating luxury Swiss time pieces, has worked for more than a century to ensure that each watch they create is made according to the top industry standards. Over time, the beautiful watches, accessories and other items that they created began to change and evolve with the latest fashions. It has become a brand that celebrities and those who know luxury well choose to wear on a daily basis.

TAG Heuer began in 1860, when Edouard Heuer decided to set up a watchmaking shop in Switzerland. He was only 20 years old, a young entrepreneur with a goal of creating fine time pieces for the people in the area. In addition to being a budding businessman, Heuer also was an inventor. He first patented the chronograph in 1882. By 1887, he also had a patented oscillating pinion, the design of which is still used to this day by watchmakers who create chronographs. Heuer is also known for being one of the first people to put a chronograph or a clock in an automobile.

As the brand grew and developed, it became known for innovation, luxury and above all quality. Known for making some of the best time pieces the world has ever seen, TAG Heuer became a brand that the rich and famous wanted to wear on their own wrists. To this day, many celebrities don a TAG Heuer creation in their everyday lives. Some of the most well known celebrities who enjoy this brand include President Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt, just to name a few. There’s a reason that Hollywood A-listers choose to wear this brand — quite simply, it’s one of the best watch companies in the world.

Catherine C for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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