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For a watch with not only an elegant and classic design but also a guarantee of solid quality, look no further than Chopard watches. This Swiss-based watch company has been creating watches in house since the mid-19th century, and is regarded as one of the finest watch manufacturers in the world. It is known for the fact that the company creates its own watch mechanisms and movements in house rather than the many other watch companies who use base products from other manufacturers.

The company was founded by then-24-year-old Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, and the company itself had a modest beginning. By the beginning of the 20th century, the company was beginning to experience a downturn that lasted until the 1960s when another jeweler and watchmaker purchased the company and allowed it to grow. Since then, Chopard has become one of the most desired watch brands around. It’s a luxury label that is desired by many and owned by the world’s most elite status symbols.

Chopard watches for females are designed to be sturdy yet elegant. With different gemstones and crystals incorporated into the watch band, it is the perfect piece for not only everyday wear but also for formal occasions as well. For men, Chopard watches define power, status and leadership. With their classic yet distinguishable bands and elegant faces, any man will look the part of CEO and executive with a Chopard watch on his wrist.

Chopard watches make a wonderful gift for a wedding, anniversary or simply to present to the person you love just because. They have a classic style that is all their own, defining both elegance and gracefulness while at the same time proving a sense of worth and wealth. Made in the Swiss tradition, it’s a guarantee that this watch will last you a lifetime.

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