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Spotlight On: Sotheby’s Diamonds Collection

Spotlight On: Sotheby’s Diamonds Collection

For centuries women and men alike have believed the quote, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and Sotheby’s cannot help but to agree. According to the infamous onscreen beauty and famous actress Elizabeth Taylor “Diamonds are forever.”

These selections of rare and exquisite diamonds are meticulously designed and hand crafted. Sotheby’s specialize in selling one of a kind design watches and jewelry, so now they’ve taken to creating it. These selections are so rare they cannot be found anywhere else.

Sotheby’s has developed international partnerships with renowned auction houses and the infamous Steinmetz Diamond Group. Diamond polishing and cutting are trades which are seventy years in the making. These jewelry selections are in exhibitions in New York City salons and throughout the world.

Diamonds are not the only valuables Sotheby’s create. They are known for their successful biannual watch auctions. Their auctions are held in countries such as Hong Kong, London, Geneva, and New York. Their record watch sales are an amazing record high.

The Patek Philippe collection hit the benchmark record high for any watch sold. Other records of the most watches sold include the Henry Graves which raised more the 11 million dollars and the Time Museum Collection which surpassed sales totaling more than $58 million dollars.

A closer look at the Sotheby’s Diamonds Collection can be seen at the Sotheby’s London overlooking the Hyatt Hotel. This location is in the Beijing Hotel on the 3rd floor gallery. The inspirational force behind the successful diamond and jewelry creations is the awesome keen eyed Patti Wong.

Each diamond and stone is hand picked and recreated into a meticulously piece of beautiful artwork. Sotheby’s knows their watches and jewelry. Their expertise lies in finding, polishing, and creating some great masterpieces which the world cannot wait to see.

Brenda T for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.



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