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Something Blue – Jewelry Pieces For Your Wedding Day

Something Blue – Jewelry Pieces For Your Wedding Day

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Selecting something unique for your wedding day’s something blue is easy when you decide to make it jewelry! There are infinite possibilities for every style and budget. From subtle stud earrings to large flashy necklaces with precious stone pendants, something blue can be a detail or the main event when it comes to your wedding day. Complementary to your gown your something blue can be used to accentuate a strong neckline or bring about a subtle sparkle by your veil.

The tradition to wear something blue on your wedding day actually began with an old English rhyme. “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”. While most women these days will do without the sixpence it has become a common tradition incorporate these objects into your gown or carry them with you on your big day. Meant to be tokens of luck for the bride on the day of her wedding, each item is a symbol of love. Given by the bride’s parents, sisters, family, friends, and community or the groom or herself, the tokens are each symbolic. From happiness to prosperity they are good luck charms for the couple and the something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity.

Therefore we look at some of the precious stones that can be your something blue but this list is not exhaustive. We also showcase some of the jewelry styles and feature pieces from our very own collection.


There are many precious gems and stones in blue shades. Selecting one for your something blue is the first step. Any of these can be incorporated into necklaces, earrings, bracelets or pins. Each one has its unique characteristics and provenance. The way each stone is in its raw form, how it is cut and how it is set will all affect the exact color of each stone. The four blue gems explained below are precious and rare. Each one has its unique properties but they all make for stunning wedding jewelry.


First, sapphires are some of the most well known blue gems in the world. It is an incredibly hard stone and its color can range from light sky blue to deep ocean dark blue. Their rarity, durability, and quality make it one of the most precious gems available today. Found in the East, these stones are particularly sourced from Sri Lanka. As one of September’s birthstones Sapphires are exceptionally special as a something blue for September brides.


Second, aquamarines can range from blue to greenish-blue. It is a lighter stone and much more subtle than a sapphire. With gorgeous natural sky light blue shades, this gem is one of the few untreated gems naturally occurring in this color. Aquamarine is the official March birthstone and is ideal for brides wanting a delicate, light accent as their something blue.


Third, these intense violet-blue gems are so special they are only found in one place in the world, Tanzania. Named after its source Tanzanite is naturally occurring near Mount Kilimanjaro. The unique stone’s inimitable color makes it very popular. Although the gem is not as hard as the others above but can still be crafted into gorgeous jewelry pieces. Tanzanite is one of the modern birthstones listed for December.


Fourth and finally another one of the blue variety, Topaz is a hard gem that can be found quite affordably. The radiant shades of blue for Topaz range from darker to lighter. Darker Topaz stones are considered to be the most desirable as a deep shade of blue. Topaz is usually categorized into three shades from darkest to lightest, London blue, Swiss blue, and finally light sky-blue. Similarly, as the Tanzanite above Topaz has been listed as a modern birthstone for December.


Setting the tone for your aisle grand entrance wedding jewelry is almost as important as your gown. Bridal earrings can be either a sparkle bringing out the one in your eyes or face-framing spectacles. The choice depends on your preference, gown and veil style. What we propose is having your earrings be your something blue. From dangling earrings full of movement to subtle classic studs earrings are essential for your wedding day jewelry.

Stud Earrings

First are earrings that if you prefer classic refined styles then stud earrings are the bridal earrings for you. No hassle and great with loose hair and veil arrangements studs bring almost imperceptible grace. On the other hand for brides with elaborate or striking gowns, studs make sure your jewelry does not look too ornamental or outdo your dress.

14k White Gold 0.60ctw Diamond And Marquise Shape Sapphire Earrings

In addition, these marquise shaped sapphire and diamond white gold stud earrings have thread backs so you definitely won’t lose one at the party. The sapphires are a deep blue and they are a classic Victorian marquise shape. Each earring features six deep blue sapphire gems and a single round brilliant diamond.

14k White Gold 0.72ctw Diamond And 0.85ctw Sapphire Stud Earrings

Next, glamorous oval sapphires are surrounded twelve brilliant round diamonds in these white gold stud earrings. Classic and regal the oval-shaped deep blue sapphires stand out amongst the diamonds. These studs come with post friction backs.


No doubt a strong modern look, these swoop earrings technically classify as studs. Featuring white gold designs and two marquises cut aquamarine stones these earrings have post friction backs.


Meanwhile, Tiffany and Co., the iconic American jewelry store. Renowned for their Tiffany blue boxes and exquisite diamonds these legacy aquamarine earrings are a house staple. Sixteen diamonds surround each aquamarine is of the finest grade and the translucent blue is so light it is not reminiscent of Caribbean waters it really out does it. In addition, these custom-ordered jewels are platinum and with post friction backs.

Tacori Island Rains SE15602 Sky Blue Topaz Bold Simply Gem Stud Earrings

Another brand highly well known for their bridal jewelry is Tacori. These sky blue topaz gem stud earrings are surrounded by a silver milgrain frame. From their Tacori Island Rains collection these earrings are sky blue like a sunny day in Bimini.

Dangle Earrings

Another type of earring that is perfect for an updo wedding hair style are dangle earrings. Thus they bring movement and can frame the bride’s face. From ornate Victorian or Edwardian settings to modern designs there are drop and dangle earrings for every style.

18k White Gold Blue Sapphire And Diamond Dangle Earrings

First, these butterfly design dangle earrings feature eight sapphire gems each, around 3.08ctw, with around 1.15ctw of brilliant round diamonds. Moreover, the flower and butterfly motifs in these earrings are intricate and classical with three drops featuring a deep blue sapphire at each end.

14k Yellow Gold 1.17ctw Sapphire Dangle Earrings

Second, crafted egg-shaped dangles encrusted with sapphires makes these yellow gold earrings modern and unique. For modernist brides searching for unique pieces that steer away from the heavily European influenced classics.

18k White Gold Diamond Tanzanite And Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Third, these art deco-esque white gold dangle earrings are a stunning display of artistry and jewels. Furthermore featuring not only approximately 4.32ctw of pear and oval shape tanzanites but also 2.69ctw of oval and emerald shape aquamarines, these earrings also have approximately 0.47ctw of round brilliant diamonds. Gorgeous, unique and absolutely a statement piece these earrings are something blue no one will forget.

18k White Gold 20.37ctw Tanzanite And Diamond Dangle Earrings

Lastly, featuring large 20.37ctw pear shape tanzanite gemstones these dangle earrings have approximately 11.50ctw round brilliant diamonds surrounding them. Classic and imponent these earrings are a show of something blue. To really showcase these unique dangle earrings an updo is a must.


Another ideal something blue for your wedding day is a necklace. Necklaces for your wedding day can arguably be one of the most difficult decisions. With an infinite list of options for design, size, and style a necklace firstly needs to complement your gown. Moreover, for more modern sleek gowns featuring straight or swooping necklines, a strong statement necklace is advised while gowns with lace or intricately detailed necklines are better off with simple classic jewelry that does not conflict. There are so many options but here are a few in some of the styles available.

18k White Gold 0.80ctw Diamond And 0.75ct Oval Sapphire Pendant With Necklace

First, this oval sapphire necklace has a classic design and pairs well with the matching stud earrings featured above. It has approximately 0.80ctw of round brilliant diamonds surrounding the sapphire pendant. The classic style is for more traditional gowns and weddings rather than modern designs.

Meira T 14k White Gold 8.95ct Blue Sapphire And Diamond Necklace

Second, a unique drooping oval sapphire necklace this piece has diamond details along the chain. Featuring an 8.95ct oval sapphire gemstone this necklace is best for low neckline gowns. Incidentally, the modern design and smooth shapes complement more modern cuts and do well with other simple jewelry.


Amoro 18k Yellow Gold 11.88ct Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Necklace

Third, a true statement jewel this Amoro yellow gold necklace features a large central gemstone and a diamond above the pear-shaped Ceylon Sapphire. With glistening diamonds along this gorgeous and truly unique necklace, the 11.88ct sapphire is staged for an entrance. The gem is set with heart prongs and features a fish hook clasp.


Fourth, this white gold 29ct GIA Aquamarine pendant is cut in an emerald shape and features approximately 2.35ctw of round brilliant diamonds. Thus, paired with a necklace of any length this aquamarine is of the lightest blue shade and can be worn with any gown.


Finally, reminiscent of a certain Titanic necklace this heart-shaped tanzanite gem pendant necklace is approximately 23.43ct. Surrounding the incredibly deep blue heart gem are approximately 1.70ctw of round brilliant diamonds and 1.17ctw marquise cut diamonds. A statement piece to say the least this rare and precious gem is something blue that announces its arrival.


Next on our list of wedding jewels are particularly adequate for short sleeve or sleeveless gowns bracelets can be the ideal something blue for your wedding day. Either as a simple, delicate bangle or stronger two-tone designer bracelet these wrist accents can complement any bride’s gown.


Gabriel & Co. Jubilee Collection Silver Sapphire Bangle

First, featuring approximately 1.78ct of sapphire gemstones this silver braided Gabriel & Co. bangle is an icon of their Jubilee collection.


Gabriel & Co. Souviens Collection Sapphire Bangle

Second, this sterling silver and stainless steel Souviens collection bangle has approximately 1.78ct of sapphire gemstones in the center.



Third, a David Yurman classic design this silver and yellow gold bracelet features two blue topaz stones and two blue tanzanite gems. Including both stones, you get a sky light blue and a deep dark blue shade.

Your Something Blue

Finally, the most important aspect of your something blue is that it is yours. It should reflect your style and complement your choice in gown and other jewelry. As each token you keep from your wedding day will continue to be a lasting reminder of your everlasting love selecting jewelry as your something blue is a solid decision. Thus what better way to keep a piece of your wedding day with you than a fine piece of jewelry that can be passed on and worn for special occasions?

Furthermore, we at Raymond Lee Jewelers pride ourselves in helping couples find the ideal jewelry for their engagement, wedding and beyond. For the past thirty years, we have served our community in South Florida to help them make their dreams come true. In addition we look forward to hearing from our customers and guiding them on the journey to their big day. Our curated selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry and fine watches are on display at our gorgeous and convenient locations. Visit us to explore the possibilities for your nuptials.


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