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Show Your Style with a Yellow Diamond Ring and Cuff Bracelet

Show Your Style with a Yellow Diamond Ring and Cuff Bracelet

yellow diamond jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, we want to show our taste, our discernment, and our style. Diamonds, as the saying goes, are a girl’s best friend, but many people don’t realize the wide variety of colors diamonds can be found in. Colored diamonds are rarer and are thus more coveted than traditional clear diamonds.

yellow diamond jewelry

The rarest of the rare are yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds can range in color from ever so slightly yellow to intensely yellow. The richer the yellow hue, the rarer the stone is. 

This is an eye-catching stone that is as beautiful as it is rare. Having a unique, one-of-a-kind yellow diamond ring is an excellent way to show off your status and your style. 

Where Are Yellow Diamonds Found?

huge fancy yellow diamond

Yellow diamonds, while rare, can be found in a variety of places throughout the world, but they are most common in South Africa. The diamonds will range in the depth and richness of color and the more deep, rich yellow the stone is, the rarer it is and so the more expensive it will be. 

An intensely yellow diamond is a rare, unique, and stunning status symbol that can become part of a signature look. 

The interesting thing about yellow diamonds is that color in diamonds usually reduces the value of the stone. Most people want a clear, bright, and sparkly stone and stones with slight hues indicate lesser quality diamonds. That is until the color becomes pronounced. 

With these diamonds, yellow is the dominant color and when it is deep and intense, the value and rarity of the stone actually increase. Dull-colored stones are considered to be of lesser quality whereas richly colored stones are incredibly high-value items. 

There are other colors of diamonds that can be of high value, but yellow diamonds are the most common among the rare diamonds and they are prized for their unique color. It has a depth of color that is unparalleled even by other naturally yellow stones, making it a prized diamond worldwide. 

Many people love yellow diamonds as a statement stone in a ring because it is so eye-catching and unique. These stones can be found in any shape you would find a traditional clear diamond in and when paired with white or rose gold and even other stones, can create a truly unique and stunning piece of jewelry that will be the talk of the town. 

What to Pair with Yellow Diamonds

David Yurman Cuff Bracelet

Given that yellow diamonds are such a statement piece and one that you will want to take center stage in your look, it can be difficult to determine what might look good paired with a stunning yellow diamond ring. We recommend a simple cuff bracelet. A cuff bracelet is one that doesn’t fully extend around your wrist.

These can be found in simple and complex styles, but a classic, sleek cuff bracelet with clean lines and a simple design is a great option to pair with your signature yellow diamond ring. Cuff bracelets come in a variety of styles. They can be simple rose or white gold, stainless steel, or even a two-tone style. They can be wide or narrow and what will work best for you will depend on the outfit you are matching it with as well as your frame.

If you choose a cuff bracelet that is simply made from metal, you can choose to have a smooth or brushed finish, depending on your preferences. You might prefer an etched cuff bracelet that has a unique or complex design engraved into the piece. Or, perhaps, you want to add some more bling to your look, whether to compliment or to add to the sparkle of the ring. 

Tiffany & Co. Rings

You can find cuff bracelets that are studded with diamonds and other stones and there are so many choices out there that you can easily find the perfect pairing to go with even the most ornate yellow diamond ring. 

Beautiful Yellow Diamond Rings

Now that we have looked into the origins of yellow diamonds and what makes them so rare and expensive, let’s take a look at a few actual yellow diamond rings that we think are stunning and great options for those who are looking for something a little bit different that will catch the eye of those who see it and will elevate any look to a whole new level of style.

14K Yellow Gold Yellow GIA Certified Diamond Ring

This stunning ring is a beautiful, unique, and aesthetically-pleasing piece that has an elegant, classic, and sophisticated design. The ring is made from 14-carat yellow gold that has a smooth finish and notching in the band to give it a unique look and feel.

The ring also features a GIA-certified yellow diamond in a radiant cut that weighs 3.80-carats. The stone is a deep, rich, and intense yellow, showing its quality and rarity. It is SI1 in clarity. On each side of the radiant yellow diamond are trillion cut diamonds that are incredibly clear and sparkly. The clear diamonds are a total of 1.20-carats in weight.

This ring has a lot of sparkle and shine without being gaudy or over-the-top. It is a great choice for an engagement ring or simply a specialty statement piece.

18k White Gold Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want to pop the question with a stunning ring that will knock her socks off and show her just how much you care, this engagement ring is a stunning and beautiful option. The ring is made from 18-carat yellow gold of the highest quality. 

The main stone is a light yellow cushion cut diamond that is VS2 clarity and weighs 4.31-carats. It is a large, eye-catching stone with a light, yet rich yellow hue. The diamonds are mounted in 18-carat white gold split shank for a solid connection. 

There are also G/H, VS clarity round clear diamonds flanking the large yellow stone. The traditional diamonds weigh 0.49-carats and help to accent and set off the main stone. 

The yellow diamond is EGL-certified, which is one of the two major certification rankings. This shows that it is of the highest quality and that all the details and origins of the stone meet rigid standards.

Platinum Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

heart shaped yellow diamond rings

When popping the big question, it is natural to want to have a ring that will take her breath away. This is why yellow diamonds are such a natural choice for the discerning man looking to wow his bride-to-be. Nothing says love quite like a heart, so choosing a heart-shaped stone is a great option for the romantic. 

This yellow, heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is a stunning and unique engagement ring that is unlike anything else you will find. The stones are set in platinum, giving it an incredibly shiny and brilliantly clear look.

The main stone is a deep, rich, VS2 clarity yellow heart-shaped diamond that weighs 2.01-carats. It is brilliantly yellow and set against the platinum, it really shines. Flanking the yellow diamond are round, brilliant-cut diamonds that are G/H in color and VS clarity and weigh around 0.56-carats. These high-quality clear diamonds also help to accent and set off the stunning center stone. 

Stunning Cuff Bracelets

When looking for a cuff bracelet that will pair well with a yellow diamond ring, you can go one of two ways. You can choose a simple, yet sophisticated design that will give you a put-together, complete look, or you can choose an equally stunning and eye-catching bracelet that will rival the ring in aesthetic appeal. Whatever you choose will depend on your style. Let’s take a look at a few options for cuff bracelets that cover the spectrum of simple to flashy. 

Yurman Titanium and Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

If you want to pair your yellow diamond ring with something simple, yet sophisticated, that won’t take away from the bling and sparkle of the ring but will be a nice compliment, this Yurman titanium, and sterling silver cuff bracelet is a great option.

The bracelet is made from a combination of titanium and sterling silver and has a weight of about 26 grams. The clasp is an open cuff given the style of the bracelet and is 2.75″ in diameter, so it will fit most wrists.

It features a shiny, clean finish with an etched design on the front and side of the bracelet. The simple design won’t clash with even the flashiest diamond ring. 

18k Tri-Color Gold Diamond Cuff Bracelet

yellow white rose gold diamond cuff bracelet

For a cuff bracelet that is a happy medium between a simple bracelet and something with a little more bling and shine, this tri-color gold cuff bracelet is a stunning and unique piece. The bracelet is made from three strips of different colored gold, giving it a ribbed look and stunning color flow.

The ends of the cuff bracelet are studded by round-shaped G/H color VS clarity diamonds that weigh about 0.50-carats in weight. These little diamond details give the bracelet and bit of sparkle and bling, but without it being overpoweringly flashy so it won’t clash with even the sparkliest of diamond rings.

The bracelet is large enough to fit up to a 7” wrist. 

M Buccellati 18k White Gold Diamond Cuff Bracelet

For those who are looking for a flashy, shiny cuff bracelet that will compliment a yellow diamond ring and also be its own eye-catching piece, this M Buccellati white gold diamond cuff bracelet is a great choice. It has a beautifully sleek, stylish design that is simple but still aesthetically unique.

The bracelet is made from 18-carat white gold that features a satin Florentine finish that is somewhere between a brushed and smooth finish, giving it a rich look and depth. 

The bracelet is studded with small diamonds that are G/H in color and VS1/VS2 clarity. The bracelet has about 0.70-carats of clear, high-quality diamonds, giving the bracelet just enough sparkle and shine to catch the eye, but not gaudy or overpowering. 

The bracelet will fit up to a 6″ wrist. 

In Closing

The jewelry we choose can define our overall look and become a signature part of our style. Having a few signature or statement pieces is a great way to create that signature look that you will become known for. One of our favorite statement pieces is a high-quality yellow diamond ring. Yellow diamonds can range in color, but the highest quality yellow diamonds will be rich and deep in color. The richer the color, the rarer the stone.

Yellow diamonds can be cut into pretty much any shape and make a lovely statement ring or a beautiful engagement ring. A stunning, unique, one-of-a-kind yellow diamond ring is a wonderful way to pop the question to the woman you love and give her a piece of jewelry she will be happy to wear each and every day. Many yellow diamond rings are also flanked or encrusted with traditional clear diamonds, which help to offset and accent the yellow diamond, making it that much more stunning.

If you have a yellow diamond ring and want something that will pair well with even the flashiest ring, a cuff bracelet is an excellent option. Cuff bracelets come in a wide range of colors and styles, from incredibly simple to flashy and complex. These are bracelets that slide over the wrist and do not have a traditional clasp. 

Cuff bracelets can be made from pretty much any type of metal used to make jewelry, from gold to silver, to platinum and titanium. Each metal has its own unique color and shine. You may decide to go with a simple cuff bracelet that has a few engravings in it to give the piece a bit of texture, or you may go all out and get a cuff bracelet encrusted with diamonds and rivaling the ring for bling status. Whatever you choose will depend on your style and getting creative with your jewelry pairings will take your look to another level, whether you are going shopping or having a night out on the town. 



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