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Serena WIlliams Plays through the Diamond Pain

Serena WIlliams Plays through the Diamond Pain

A new sports injury has been identified. Beware of the “bling blister”. It happened to Serena Williams this week during the French Open quarter finals. Just before her three-set win to beat out Svetlana Kuznetsova, the famous tennis pro had to call for her trainer.

Apparently, the huge diamond ring Serena was wearing on her right ring finger irritated her pinky finger so badly she found it hard to continue her slaughter against her opponent. Her trainer came running to assist, applied ointment, and taped up the affected pinky finger.

Did she remove the ring? No. She continued on to win the set 6 to 1, and then finally prevailing in the next three. That is when the Tennis Channel’s Jon Wertheim dubbed the injury a “bling blister.”

No doubt it is an injury that will go down in sports medicine history as “an injury that occurs when a women is so attached to her diamonds that she can not remove them long enough to engage in sports.”

Perseverance definitely has it’s pay offs. That is why Serena Williams is now known has the best female tennis player in the world today. She has been ranked number one by the Women’s Tennis Association on six different occasions.


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