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Sell Jewelry in Boca Raton

Sell Jewelry in Boca Raton

Jewelry is one of life’s fine pleasures. But when the jewelry an individual owns no longer fits into that person’s lifestyle or set of personal likes, that individual can consider selling that jewelry and enjoying the benefits of the additional cash that the sale will yield. The jewelry should be appraised by a trusted appraiser. The individual also must consider whether any sentimental feelings are attached to the jewelry in question before deciding to part with it. Turning an object of sentimental attachment into a purely financial transaction with the intent being to raise revenue should only be done if the owner can comfortably part with the sentimental object.

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Once the individual selling the jewelry is comfortable with parting with the items, that individual must then decide where and when and for how much money to sell the jewelry. It is possible to sell jewelry in Boca Raton at Raymond Lee Jewelers, a quality local jewelry store in that city. Selling at Raymond Lee Jewelers will allow the seller to be able to take advantage of the expertise of the jewelers and gemologists working there for an accurate assessment of the quality of the jewelry, its value, and applicable sale details.

Raymond Lee Jewelers, a fixture in South Florida’s jewelry scene since 1983, is that area’s most trusted purveyor of fine jewelry of all types, and is knowledgeable about all things pertaining to jewelry sales and service. They carry a large selection of vintage and designer jewelry, industry-certified diamonds and elegant watches. They further provide excellent watch repairs, professional jewelry repairs, and customized, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. They further are involved in buying jewelry from clients who wish to trade it for cash that they can make work for themselves in their daily lives, whether it is to simply free up additional cash to purchase more jewelry, or to meet other financial obligations.

There is always a ready market for old and antique jewelry. An individual may have seen a beautiful antique piece in the past while admiring a relative’s beautiful jewelry and who now desires to acquire a similar piece for her own collection, or may now see an old piece that speaks to her. Either way, the professionals at Raymond Lee Jeweler can assist the purchaser in finding the perfect piece of old or antique jewelry to satisfy anyone wishing to purchase that type of timeless elegance.

Jewelry does not have to be perfect to be attractive to purchasers. Raymond Lee Jewelers purchases broken jewelry along with perfect pieces.There is always a market for gold, silver, platinum, and gemstones of all types. Bring your pieces to be evaluated and the professionals in the store can give you an idea of what the pieces are worth as they are.

An additional type of beautiful jewelry which is bought by Raymond Lee Jewelers is inherited jewelry. These pieces may be actual antiques or may be old and outdated pieces that simply do not fit with the rest of an individual’s jewelry, but could easily be sold for a respectable amount of cash. An individual wishing to sell jewelry in Boca Raton should bring these pieces in to the store to have one of the professionals view them to give a price for which the store will purchase the piece. Decide to sell your old jewelry in Boca Raton and let Raymond Lee Jewelers purchase your unwanted jewelry pieces to turn your old jewelry into spendable cash!

The value paid for a piece of jewelry is determined by the appraisal value of the piece and a realistic decision about the piece’s future. If the condition of the piece is such that it will have a good resale value, that will increase its purchase price and the yield to the seller of the piece. If the piece cannot be sold without work to repair it or even to fashion it into another piece of jewelry altogether, the yield to the owner will be diminished to what the store knows it can pay to make the piece fit into its business.

The value of a piece of jewelry will determine the amount a sale of that piece will bring in the open market and will also represent the value of the metals in the jewelry, the worth of any gem stones in the piece, and the uniqueness in the design and appearance of the piece being sold. A basic, generic piece devoid of stones and unique design will not yield the same amount as an elaborately designed and crafted piece. The worth of a piece will be affected by its uniqueness and composition. If its unique style makes it more valuable than its component parts, the piece will command a higher price when it is sold.

Selling beautiful jewelry to a jewelry store is very common. That fact does not make it easy. Many different factors must go into deciding the final price to be paid by the store to the individual seller: the worth of the component parts of the piece, the uniqueness and attractiveness of the design, whether the jewelry was made by a particular popular designer, whether the same jewelry can still be purchased new on the open market, and how many pieces like it are currently available. If the item being sold is a piece of broken jewelry, an assessment must be made of the worth of the component parts, whether the piece can be repaired and whether it is worth the repair, and whether repairing it as is will make it worth more than the sum of its component parts.

When the decision to sell jewelry in Boca Raton is being made, the individual selling should decide up front what he or she expects to gain from the sale. Jewelry buyers in Boca Raton such as Raymond Lee Jewelers have many factors to consider in calculating a realistic price. If the piece being sold has great value as it sits due to its design or brand name or uniqueness, the individual will expect to realize at least the appraised value of the piece. If the piece has less value, the appraised value will take into account the sum of its component parts which the appraisal will indicate. The fact that the piece has value independent of just the sum of its parts will be the deciding subjective factor driving the price higher and making the jewelry more valuable to both the individual and to the store purchasing the pieces.


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