Spring Cleaning: Tips to Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

If the spring-cleaning bug is starting to creep into your thoughts, you know you have a lot of work cut out for you. And while there are an inexhaustible selection of useful articles on how to organize your life, house and family, there isn’t a lot of information about cleaning up the jewelry that clutters up your vanity set.

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Getting your baubles spruced up isn’t just about showing off their best facets or clearing out more space; it’s a fantastic opportunity to sell the pieces you’re no longer wearing to make some extra cash. In this uncertain economy, that can be a lifesaver, especially if Timmy needs braces or Suzy’s birthday is right around the corner. But, in order to make the most money from your goodies you need to know some important tips, not only to get the best prices but also to avoid unscrupulous dealers. Here are a few suggestions to start.

Appraise, Appraise, Appraise

Getting an appraisal on your jewelry is the smartest move you can make when it comes to selling it. Gold is the easiest material with which to determine value, while diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones are harder to calculate. Find a professional appraiser (not a seller) who you trust. Or, for a cheaper alternative, try a pawnbroker (or three) to develop a firm notion of the worth of your pieces. Remember, an appraisal will be higher than an offer – the appraisal is the cost to replace your piece, the offer is to sell it (and eventually, re-sell for the buyer).

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A Price For Every Market

Now that you know what your sparklers are worth, it’s time to set a price; believe it or not, it won’t necessarily be the same as the appraiser’s suggestion. Every market is different, and in order to sell quickly you must price pieces competitively. To sell jewelry Boca Raton desires you might have a different set of prices than if selling in Las Vegas, for instance.

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Don’t be afraid to unload your unwanted jewelry items this spring; it’s a terrific chance to make money quickly. Always go through reputable dealers and appraisers, and you’re certain to reap the benefits.

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