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The Most Majestic Ruby Ring & Ruby Bracelet Combo You’ve Ever Seen

Presenting a majestic ruby & diamond ring and bracelet pairing with the essence of the Retro era. 

We are going out on a limb here to say this is the most breathtaking ring and bracelet combination we have put together this year. That’s a big statement to make considering we are constantly mixing, matching and pairing our bracelets and rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee to stunning effect. 


This matching ring and bracelet pairing consists of a colossal 20.44 carat ruby dome ring and a mind-blowing 150 carat ruby buff-top flexible bracelet. Obviously the ring and bracelet go so well together because they both have an abundance of the blood-red precious gemstone that is the Ruby. But also, all of the rubies are square cuts and both pieces of jewelry include round brilliant diamonds. 

The aesthetics of this ruby ring and ruby bracelet take inspiration from the Retro era of classic jewelry. This is why they both have such a fascinatingly vintage look to them. 

Retro Era

The Retro era of jewelry occurred in the late 1930s and 1940s. Retro jewelry is sometimes referred to as cocktail jewelry because they are “statement makers”. The designs are famous for being large, bold, and futuristic. They have a similar resemblance to the geometric jewelry of the Art Deco era, but rather than being flat, they are often three-dimensional, like the featured dome ruby ring. Moreover, the angles and rigidity of the Art Deco era softened when the new style of the Retro era was born. 

Due to World War II, jewelry with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires became even more popular, as it was a way to symbolize American patriotism. However, only those with significant means could acquire them as precious gemstones (as well as platinum) because more scarce during this time. 

Today, retro style jewelry is extremely popular for vintage lovers. The Retro era had a profound impact on the history of jewelry. Modern jewelry designers often look to the retro era for inspiration. Large, loud and proud jewelry like the ruby ring and ruby bracelet combination we put together here perfectly depicts that. 


The combination of rubies and diamonds for jewelry is by far the most powerful gemstone pairing of them all. The contrast between the red rubies and the white diamonds is absolutely jaw-dropping. It’s extreme. It declares bravery, courageousness, and confidence. It’s a look for those who are not afraid to attract attention. It’s a look worthy of a king and queen. 

Where sapphires with diamonds or emeralds with diamonds is subtle and easy on the eyes, rubies with diamonds is loud and sumptuously rich. It’s a look that can’t be missed, and why would anyone want it to be? Rubies and diamonds are among the most beautiful, most expensive, and rarest stones on the planet. 


The ruby is arguably the most popular colored gemstone of all time and it is far and away the most coveted red gemstone there is. Rubies have been prized and cherished for centuries. Not only do rubies have a beautifully vivid red color with gleam and luster unlike any other red gemstone that exists, but they are also extremely hard and durable, making them ideal for jewelry. 

Rubies are a type of mineral corundum that has been exposed to chromium oxide when forming deep in the earth’s curst. The chromium oxide is what gives the ruby its blood-red color. 

Sapphires are also corundums, and blue, green, yellow, purple, pink and orange corundums are considered sapphires. They get their colors depending on different trace elements (for example, blue sapphires are blue because of titanium and iron). However, if a corundum is red, it is classified as a ruby, not a sapphire. Every other color is a sapphire, including white. Out of all the corundums, high quality red corundums, aka rubies, are the rarest. 

Where are rubies found?

Natural rubies are found in Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, Afghanistan, and throughout Europe, South America and certain regions of North America. Deposits become exposed in cracks and crevices of large rock formation in mountain ranges. 

It’s very cool to think that these rubies have “surfaced” after being stuck in the earth for 50 million years (yes, that’s how old rubies are!).

Out of all the places where rubies are found, Burma, or present-day Myanmar, is known for having the finest, most beautiful rubies. Myanmar deposits have also been around for the longest. 

Ruby Lore

Rubies have been around for a very long time. Rubies were even mentioned in the Bible! They have always been extremely important and highly valuable to people.

Rubies are thought to possess immense properties of power and energy. Most consider the ruby to be the King of gemstones. 

For more than a thousand years, rubies have played a key role in determining rank and class. They were always the ultimate symbol of dominance, wealth and prosperity. 

Some ancient societies even believed that rubies had the power to protect the wearer from misfortune and illness. What’s interesting is that this has been documented across multiple civilizations and at different time periods. The blood-like color of the ruby clearly encouraged the belief of the ruby being life-sustaining, like blood itself. 

The ancient Burmese even called the ruby the stone of soldiers. Some high rank soldiers would wear this red gemstone during battle as a form of protection. They thought rubies granted invulnerability. They even went as far as inserting rubies into their flesh. 

Modern Symbolization

Nowadays, most people simply connect rubies with love and passion. Rubies give the wearer a zest for life, filling them with love and passion.

This is undeniable. When you see a ruby in person, and you hold it, you can feel a sense of energy flowing through you. You get this feeling as you just know that you have something so rare, so old, so special, so beautiful in your possession. 

To this day, rubies are still associated with the elites of society. Think about Elizabeth Taylors famous ruby and diamond necklace, or Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara and Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Amelie of Portugal’s classic ruby necklaces.

Why do royalty and the rich and famous love rubies? Because of their beauty, durability, rarity, history, and price. 

Ruby Prices

Large, gem-quality rubies are very expensive. In fact, they are more valuable than diamonds of comparable size and quality. They are most certainly rarer too.

1 to 3-carat gem-quality rubies are far more rare than blue sapphires of the same quality and size as well. As such, even small rubies have very high values.

That said, it really depends on the quality of the ruby. You can find lower quality rubies that are far cheaper than diamonds. This is why it’s hard to give a clear-cut price. Per carat, a ruby can be as little as $12 and as much as $1,000,000+. On average, for a gem-quality, worthy of fine jewelry type ruby, you are looking at $1,000-$1,600 per carat. 

The ruby jewelry featured here are high quality, so the prices reflect that, as you are about to see…


Inspired by the bold and eye-catching designs of the glamorous Retro era, this impressive, breathtaking, and dare we say, imposing, bauble glistens and gleams with a magnificently rich dome of red rubies. 

A row of round brilliant diamonds on both the top and bottom of the ring add the perfect touch of brilliance, scintillation, and fire that only a diamond can produce. Moreover, they create a contrast that makes the ruby dome pop so powerfully it is bound to stop everyone in their track. 

The total carat weight of the square shape rubies is a whopping 20.44 carats. It’s hard to fathom a ring with that many carats of rubies, but as you can see, this ring is huge. 

As for the diamonds, you are looking at around 1 carat of round cut diamonds with G/H color and VS clarity. This is a wonderful grade for diamonds, so you can be sure their light performance and beauty is glorious. 

Finally, the ring itself is crafted from 18k yellow gold. However, the diamonds are set in platinum, as to make sure their is no yellow gold reflecting through their shine. The yellow gold band has a gorgeous luster. It only increases the immense color polarity of this ring. 

You will also notice the design of the rubies falls down into the side of the band, creating a single channel of tapering blood-red gems. A simple yet sophisticated touch.

All in all, you can see and feel that every element of this ring underwent meticulous care. It is a ring worthy of queen and a ring destined to be an heirloom, past down generation upon generation, only increasing in value, as the price of rubies continues to soar.

Price: $39,999

See the full sales listing for this 18k Yellow Gold 20.44ct Ruby Dome Ring With Diamonds


Like the ring, this bracelet is next level stunning. It’s in a bracelet class completely of its own. It is buff top bracelet, which means the top, which is entirely made of rubies, is domed with a cabochon cut, while below the girdle, the gems have facets on their pavilions. The rubies are shallow in depth, allowing for a comfortable fit and immensely vivid yet perfectly saturated clarity. 

The bracelet is crafted from platinum, and it is designed to be flexible, which again, makes this cosmic bracelet surprisingly comfortable. As with most ruby jewelry, diamonds are implemented into the design. At the flanks of the cabochon-cut rubies, you have a line of round brilliant diamonds, each with its own bezel setting. The bezel setting creates a very unique flair, while also keeping the diamonds safe and secure. The diamonds and rubies in this bracelet will never fall out. This is craftsmanship at its absolute finest. 

Back to the rubies, since we didn’t even mention how many carats you are looking at. The number is almost ridiculous. In fact, it is ridiculous. Prepare to have your mind blown…

This bracelet has 150 carats of ruby gemstones!

For those who know jewelry, that number is hard to wrap your head around. It is nothing short of shocking. 

As for the diamonds, you are dealing with 8.4 carats of round cut diamonds G/H color and VS clarity. That amount seems unimpressive after hearing how many rubies this bracelet has, but for most jewelry, 8.4 carats of diamonds is already fanciful. 

Altogether, this bracelet is worth a fortune, literally. It costs $300,000. It is an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind bracelet with a boatload of ruby gemstones after all. If you want a universal showstopper piece, this is the one. 

Price: $300,000

See the full sales listing for this Platinum 150ct Ruby Buff-Top Flexible Bracelet With Diamonds


You have just witnessed the perfect ruby ring and bracelet combination. Both pieces are completely unique, unbelievably breathtaking, and flawlessly complementary of each other. This is a set made for only the most special of women. 

Want to see more ruby and diamond jewelry? 

Great, you are in the right place. At Diamonds By Raymond Lee in East Boca Raton , and our flagship store, Raymond Lee Jewelers in West Boca Raton, we have a wide range of majestic ruby jewelry. From rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, we have something for everyone. We are proud to say that we have the most exquisite collection of carefully curated ruby jewelry in all of South Florida. 

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