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Rolex Submariner Dials

Rolex Submariner Dials

Rolex Submariner dials

With Rolex Submariner dials, you will agree that it is what’s inside that counts. Besides, the value of a used or vintage Rolex most times comes down to the slightest details on the surface. Most times, these tiny elements make the difference between a classic luxury timepiece and a rare collector’s piece. 

In this post, our focus is on the different dials on the Rolex Submariner. Also, we will consider their special details and give insights into the sensational history of this world-famous aesthetic succession.

The production of the Rolex Submariner began in 1953. So far, this journey is best described as an endless and resolute pursuit of perfection. This iconic model is a witness to many modifications in its design in the past few years.

More so, we can not ignore the updates made to its iconic dial. The ability to recognize a dial correctly can teach you a lot about a wristwatch. For any Swiss watch lover new to Rolex collecting, this might seem like a big undertaking. Thankfully, this guide will assist you with an immediate overview of the Rolex Submariner dials. 

From the four main dial types found on the Rolex Submariner to the development of these Submariner dials, you’re in for an exposé. Keep reading to make sure you can easily identify these timepieces.

The Growth of the Rolex Submariner Dials

Rolex Submariner dials evolution

The Submariner Dial that Kept it Simple Without a Name

Rolex traded its first Submariner models as early as 1953. This period is one year before the model’s official takeoff. The Submariner Ref. 6200 was a product particularly made for divers. Also, at that time, the watch had an extraordinary water resistance of 200 meters. 

Additionally, marketing wizard Hans Wilsdorf, knew how to ensure the strength of his watches was popular. He did this by supporting spectacular record tries. Specifically, those models with the “3-6-9” dial are nothing but an utmost rarity presently. 

Plus, this reference includes both line indices and Arabic numerals. Most Rolex fans will link this design with the initial references of the Explorer. They are not wrong in any way. Also, in its early period, the Submariner was the totality of various other Rolex designs.

We saw the launch of two other Submariner references, Ref. 6204 and Ref. 6205 at the same time. This launch had a narrowly lessened resistance to water. Likewise, the Arabic numerals were no longer a part of these references. 

Do you know what is most interesting about the first dials of the Submariner? There was no name for the wristwatch. Many experts speculate that Rolex had trouble registering the name of the series at that time. Again, the details about water resistance were nowhere to be found. 

Overall, we can say as a rule of thumb for collecting vintage Rolex timepieces that the best way is a simple way. The simplicity on the first Submariner dial births the additional value the watch has.

Early Changes to the Submariner Dials

As Rolex commemorated the launch of the Submariner series at Baselworld in 1954, experts knew a new era was next. The models made from that time all came waterproof up to 200 meters. Also, the “Submariner” lettering earned a permanent spot on the dial. 

changes in Rolex Sub dials

In addition, the hour hand became a part of the dial with the regular luminous dot. Hence, the confusion of the hour and minute hands became a thing of the past. Barely two years later, to better enhance the readability of the dial, the luminous point of the second hand got changed. This part of the dial moved towards the heart of the timepiece.

Submariner Comes in Various Red Faces 

The year 1966 provoked a paradigm shift to the design of the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Sub dials. The Rolex 1680 goes down in watchmaking history as the first model to feature a date display and a magnifying lens. 

More so, the Red Rolex Sub dials in the reference 1680 made them outstanding collector’s pieces. With these models of the Submariner, we found a new name, “Red Sub.” The name is because these Rolex Sub dials all have a red Submariner lettering. But, Rolex only designed and manufactured this model at the outset of its production era.

The Submariner dials on Mark II and Mark III also had unique appearances and features. First off, the color scheme never stuck to a plan. Due to this production aspect, such Rolex Sub dials can’t be reproduced. Owing to a production flaw, the Rolex Sub dials all turned brown over time because of the impact of sunlight and heat. Again, the proclaimed “Tropical Dials” in Submariner time tools are extremely hard to find.

Meanwhile, the order of the water-resistance detail is one more aspect that distinguishes the Reference 1680 models from others. Starting from Mark I to III, Rolex had the water resistance indicated as “200 m = 660 ft”. Due to this, these Rolex Submariner dials all have a different name, the “Meters First” dials. Lastly, the Rolex Sub dials of Mark IV to VI, on the flip side, reflect the water resistance in feet first. So, there is a different name, the “Feet First” Submariner dial.

Welcoming The Blue Submariner Dial

The persistent success of the Submariner encouraged Rolex to create a reference completely outfitted in precious metal. For this, the manufacturer created a model in white gold to test the waters. But, despite some prototypes, the concept could not eventually find ground for execution.

Instead, this Swiss watchmaker gave its flagship model a fresh coat. That was Rolex laying the foundation for a design concept that the watchmaker never for once abandoned all through. Also, the case and bracelet all came outfitted in white gold. As for this Submariner dial and bezel, they came in bright blue. Debuted in 2009, the 116619LB also bears the nickname “Smurf” due to its coloring.

Marking the Turn of the Millennium with a Real Beef-Up to the Rolex Sub Dials

During the closing years of the 1990s, Rolex shifted from tritium to Super-LumiNova for its fluorescent element. This change presented something entirely different from the materials used in the past by this brand.

First off, the Super-LumiNova is not a radioactive substance, but a coating that gets charged by external light. This coating then radiates this light back to spur true radiance.

Welcoming the new year 2003, the Submariner marked its 50th anniversary by adding a little more to the Submariner dial in the form of a maxi dial. These Rolex Submariner dials had a broader minute hand as proof of this change. More so, the reference 16610LV earned the title, “Kermit” because of its green bezel. Lastly, the Submariner dial iteration remained in production from 2003 to 2007.

A New Phase for the Rolex Submariner Dials

It all began in 2007 when the Rolex Submariner (Ref. 14060M) switched from a two-line dial to a four-line dial. This change earned it the title, “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified.” This marked a seal of quality for luxury timepieces. 

a new Submariner dial

In addition, the new dials again had a narrowly distinct typology. Meanwhile, the “f” in “Feet” remained short in this model. Plus, the two-line references remained as long and curved as always. However, once more, there was a brief transition period during which models got manufactured with both four lines and the curved “f”. Mostly in English-speaking nations, the Submariner references with the curved “f” also had the name LGF which stands for “Long Good F”.

Welcoming the Submariner 116610LN with a New Dial

Here’s another reference that got added to the Submariner series as early as 2010 with the 116610LN reference. Since its launch, nevertheless, this reference already got a variety of five distinct dial variations.

First is the prototype dial, also known as Mark 0. This Submariner dial is very comparable to that of its predecessor 16610. It comes with a curved “f” in “ft” reflecting the water resistance in feet. Beginning from 2010 to 2015, Rolex Submariner dials for the Mark 1 variant came into production as well. 

As for this model, the “Date” lettering begins after the “x” in Rolex. What you find on the Rolex Sub dials in the Mark 2 version were distances before and after the “m” of “300 m” all came modified. Rolex then brought in numerous alterations when changing to the Mark 3 dial. We found the “1” of the “1000 ft” no longer comes with an upstroke as it used to. Also, it came with ample references to the GMT-Master Stick Dials. 

In all, these Rolex Submariner dials were parts of the Submariner wristwatch from 2015 to 2017. When the time came in 2017, the Mark 4 dial became readily available with a “Submariner” lettering that came in bold print. Also, it had a clear distance before and after the equal sign that separated the water resistance into feet and meters.

Four Kinds of Rolex Submariner Dials

Alt-Image: Rolex Sub dials

1. The Gilt Submariner Dial

History tells us that the first generation of the Rolex Submariner all came produced featuring a glossy gilt dial. These Rolex Sub dials all came defined by a gold text and detailing set against a glossy black covering. 

Moreover, gilt dials are by far the rarest and most valuable variant of the Rolex Submariner dials. Also, the vast majority that ever came from this Swiss watchmaker is all out of existence completely. Most of the Rolex Submariner wrist watches that came initially fitted with gilt dials have had them replaced. Mostly, they got replaced with later-era service components over the years due to wear and damage, 

Also, due to their present-day rarity, well-preserved samples are very valuable. With a couple of subtle differences, collecting vintage watches is so thrilling. It can make all the difference between a somewhat inexpensive watch and one that costs well over six figures in sales cost.

2. The Matte Submariner Dial

Rolex changed the Submariner’s gilt dial in the 1960s with a new introduction, the matte dial. Not like the gilt variety at all, the matte dial comes topped with white text and Tritium luminous plots. These plots come set against a slightly textured, flat (non-glossy) base. 

Truly, matte dials are solely figures found on vintage Rolex Submariner wristwatches. Yet, they do have a negligibly more modern and functional look compared to the earlier generation of glossy gilt dials. Besides, matte dials are somewhat a bit less rare compared to their gilt forebears. Also, although they are still relatively valuable and fiercely sought after by collectors, they remain considerably more accessible. Also, they are affordable, especially on the secondary market.

3. The Gloss Submariner Dial with White Gold Markers

The first stint of “modern” Rolex Submariner wrist watches came into production during the 1980s. In this period, the matte dial created room for a gloss dial which spotlighted a glossy black surface with white text and hour markers. Also, they had white gold surrounds encircling their luminous plots. 

Plus, the applied 18k white gold markers and glossy finish of the dial furnished this era with a significantly more grand and contemporary aesthetic. Also, it continues to lead the secondary market to today.

4. The Maxi Submariner Dial

The Maxi Submariner dial comes in as the latest generation of Rolex Submariner dials. These Rolex Sub dials follow the general aesthetic founded by the earlier generation. However, it now comes in bigger hour markers (together with broader hands). 

They made their first appearance on the Submariner collection with the release of the 50th-anniversary edition Submariner ref. 16610LV “Kermit” Also, this dial continues to remain in production with the current 6-digit, Cerachrom ceramic bezel references. Plus, they can be found on all recent Rolex Submariner wrist watches in different colors. It all depends on the particular reference.

The Rolex Sub Dials: A Tale of Persistent Growth

Rolex Submariner dials keep growing

Today, Rolex remains one of the most prominent watch brands in the world. What makes them so is their response to each new reference. Their focus on perfection and their quest for it is correspondingly high. With various variations of the dials on one single model, it is crystal clear how much energy, time, and resources Rolex invests in ensuring quality. 


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