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When it comes to men’s jewelry and fine luxury watches we know what we are talking about. Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the past thirty years. We specialize in luxury timepieces and fine jewelry. This week we are featuring an incredible pair of just that, an amazing luxury 18 carat yellow gold Rolex Skydweller and an incredible 10 carat round diamond platinum and 18 carat yellow gold ring. The Rolex Skydweller is one of the most complicated Rolex watches of our time. It packs incredible power and precision into 42mm of yellow gold casing. Another, incredible fine luxury accessory is the whopping 10 carat diamond ring in platinum and 18 carat yellow gold we paired with this watch. The ring is stunning featuring a diamond. It pairs incredibly well with the yellow gold Rolex Skydweller and we will show you how to style the two.

Let us first take a look at the incredible 18 carat yellow gold Rolex Skydweller men’s watch. It has incredibly unique features. From the powerful functionalities inside to the stunning visuals on the intricate matching yellow gold dial it is one of the finest watches available today. Whether for a collection or just to keep you moving and looking with the times this watch is an impeccable choice.

10 carat round diamond in platinum and 18kt yellow gold and 18kt yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller

18 carat Yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller

As the name so aptly describes this 18 carat yellow gold Rolex is for those who spend their time in the sky. It is an incredible distinctive master piece that is protected by not one but several patents. Anywhere from 11 to 14 patents to be exact. It is Rolex power and master craftsmanship like you have never seen before. This is the luxury Rolex model for global travellers. For those who need to keep track of time in one glance, for several places.

Whether those places are a single hour or two apart to twelve. The Skydweller model is not the newest, it has been around since 2012. However, as Rolex does there are incredible innovations and refinements that still continue to make this watch one far beyond its time. It is an incredible timepiece of revolutionary design. It blends the amazing complex mechanical sophistication of Rolex with ease.

10 carat round diamond in platinum and 18kt yellow gold and 18kt yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller

Further, into the machinations and functions that make this watch such a unique and powerful piece. This incredible model feature 9001 movement. This Skydweller with calibre 9001 means it has a powerful self winding mechanical movement. It was entirely developed and masterfully crafted by Rolex. Just this movement is protected by seven patents. It is one of Rolex’s grand achievements. One of the most complex calibres ever to be created by Rolex. It is a singular type of movement. Precise and accurate to almost to a fault this is the powerful functionality behind the Skydweller’s power.

The dual time zone setting mechanism

Now, the dual time zone is an additional power of this watch. It can be set almost instantly with a mechanism that lets you adjust the hour hand independently in one hour increments both forwards and backwards. This may seem like a simple feature but it maintains accuracy to an incredible degree. The minute and second hands are not affected. Neither is the second time zone. Since the watch is not stopped to make this independent change it preserves the accuracy.

The 18 carat Yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller Gold Dial

This Oyster perpetual yellow gold champagne dial is a stunning feature. It contains an incredible amount of readability in a single dial. Apart from the Arabic numeral hour markers in yellow gold it has a signature off-set second time zone ring. Above the Arabic numeral markers you have a geometric rectangular hour marker as well. For the man who travels and is on the go keeping time wherever you are is no difficult feat with a Rolex Skydweller.

Another, incredible feature in this dial are the annual calendar cut outs above each of the Arabic numeral hour markers. Also, at the top center 12 hour marker there is a fixed inverted red triangle on the dial. This triangle points at the center of the 24 hour disc to point the preferred reference time. As for the hands they are luminous Chromalight display for visibility no matter what time it is.

Now, to get into the nitty gritty. The 24 hour display disc clearly distinguishes day time and night time hours for the secondary time zone on the watch. Further, the fixed inverted red triangle we discussed above points to the preferred reference time which can be the time at home or your usual workplace. There is nothing better for the man constantly on the move than a fast and efficient watch. One that can keep him aligned in not just one but two time zones regardless how far apart those may be.

A dial this simple and gorgeous with such an incredible amount of information is hard to find if not impossible. It is a testament to the Rolex refined ability and masterful craftsmanship to create a dial for a watch so complicated and precise that with one glance you can be aware of anywhere you choose no matter what.

The classic yellow gold Rolex Oyster bracelet

Another classic Rolex feature of this amazingly stunning Skydweller time piece is the Oyster bracelet. This matching 18 carat yellow gold polished mirror finish bracelet is an iconic symbol of the brand. It is a solid gold flexible bracelet that sit comfortably along your wrist. It features a simple adjustable Oyster clasp with safety deployment. This ensures that although the clasp is easy to release it also safely holds your luxury timepiece. The bracelet attachment is now neatly concealed beneath case bezel for a continuous flow visually. This new concealed attachment is seamless continuity emblematic of the Skydweller’s seamless time zone transitions.

Furthermore, for any adjustments that are required this bracelet features the ingenious patented Rolex easy link rapid extension attachment feature. This amazing feat of craftsmanship allows you to easily increase the watch bracelet length by approximately 5 mm for additional comfort no matter the circumstance every single time.

A 10 carat round diamond ring in platinum and 18 carat yellow gold

10 carat round diamond in platinum and 18kt yellow gold and 18kt yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller


Now for another incredible men’s accessory. This is an amazing large 10 carat round brilliant fancy light yellow diamond ring. It features a very large central diamond stone with two additional accent diamonds along each side of the center diamond. Also the whole ring is set in a durable and high polish platinum ring. Finally the center diamond has an additional accent setting in 18 carat yellow gold. This feature not only contrasts the platinum ring metal but also accentuates the central diamond’s size and brilliance. It sets the center stone apart from the two accent stones on either side.

The fabulous center stone is a fancy light yellow diamond with VS2 clarity. Further, the side accent diamonds are approximately one carat each. Each one is a tapered baguette cut brilliant white diamond. Overall the large and beautiful stones in this amazing platinum ring sit together beautifully. The accent diamonds add the visual splendor of the central diamond’s size and impeccable fancy light yellow shade of color.

Pairing a luxury Rolex yellow gold watch and men’s ring

The most notable similarity between the Rolex Skydweller yellow gold watch and the 10 carat men’s platinum ring is the yellow gold setting in the ring. It matches the watch and bracelet’s yellow gold tone and surrounds the 10 carat diamond. While the diamond stands on its own as an incredible large gem the yellow gold gives it an additional contrast. The platinum ring is extremely durable and highly precious but can make the 10 carat diamond blend right in. That is why the yellow gold detail is so important.

Apart from setting the center diamond out it also pairs with the watch’s yellow gold band. Overall, this piece of jewelry pairs well with this timepiece. They are both strong statement pieces that truly make an entrance. Regardless, of style or age these accessories can be styled to fit their look. Below we do just that styling both of them.

10 carat round diamond in platinum and 18kt yellow gold and 18kt yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller

Styling a 10 carat round diamond ring in platinum and 18 carat yellow gold and 18kt yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller

As far as style goes a Rolex is an iconic and easy to wear time piece. It is a classic with signature modern lines. From the Oyster bracelet links to the large watch faces a Rolex pairs well no matter the occasion. From an elegant work look, to a more relaxed modern outfit this Rolex can be styled in a series of ways. Feeding into both of these personal styles we have styled this incredible pair of 18 carat yellow gold Rolex Skydweller and 10 carat round brilliant fancy light yellow diamond platinum ring. For the world wide traveller who keeps his time in time zone pairs this assembly is perfect.

Luxurious with the 10 carat round diamond platinum ring and Rolex watch it is a statement look unlike any other. It is a prominent outstanding look that deserves a refined jacket. As seen below multi fibre woven jacket works absolutely perfectly.

10 carat round diamond in platinum and 18kt yellow gold and 18kt yellow Gold Rolex Skydweller

A modern take

Also, to offset this classical look a pair of modern skinny jeans with modern zipper accents and tears takes this whole look up a notch. From the denim material and accents all the way to the color these pants contrast the jackets classical look and feel. Finally, paired off with modernized classic fancy light yellow high top leather sneakers this look is the fashion equivalent of this Rolex Skydweller. Comfortable, modern and yet sleek this look is for the modern man. One who is on the go and needs an a watch to go beyond the function of accessory. It needs to be visually stunning design but also powerful efficiency and impeccable visibility.

The ring is an ostentatious touch that elevates the entire look. The massive 10 carat brilliant fancy light yellow round diamond sits comfortably along your finger in the platinum ring. An accent that matches the 18 carat yellow gold watch. Together these two pieces look wonderful and can take any outfit no matter if it leans more towards a modern look or leans more towards a classic look to the next level. It is a refined and ostentatious accessory pairing. For those who do not mind being drawn attention to. They both make an entrance and together that entrance is just that much more appealing.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee, a South Florida fine jewelry and luxury accessory destination

As in the above, our family is specialized in sourcing and curating a prime collection of luxury timepieces and fine jewelry. We have been doing so for the past thirty years. Our commitment to excellence and superior quality has made a mark in South Florida. For the last three decades we have served the South Florida community, hosting events, launching luxury brand collections and helping fine gentleman discover their true fine luxury accessory. Our master jewelers also take a major part in this family unit. They test and quality assure each and every one of the pieces that we service, sell and buy here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Overall, our tradition and commitment is what sets us apart from other jewelry retailers. Our stores are not just conveniently located but also expertly designed for your comfort and ease. We would love for you to come visit us some time.

We want to welcome you to our stores. Also, from our wide ranging collection we can help you find the perfect gift. Whether it is for a special occassion or as an addition to your collection we are here to guide and assist you. There is nothing quite like a fine piece of jewelry or a luxury watch as a gift or occassion marking present. We know that. It is why we are continuously sourcing and curating our offerings. That is to keep with the times and to continue offering limited edition and singular pieces that you cannot find anywhere else. We pride ourselves in our collection and our customers. From our events and interactions with you we know you deserve nothing but the absolute best. This is why we work on always providing you with the best items and the most unique experience possible. Each and every single time.

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