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Rolex Masterpiece Collections for Men and Women

Rolex Masterpiece Collections for Men and Women

The Rolex Masterpiece collection is one of the priciest signature Rolex collections on the market today. Encompassing the signature Diamond encrusted watch face and bracelet, these fine Rolex timepieces are the epitome of class and status.

Among the Rolex Masterpieces include the Pearl master and Yacht-master classes; the Rolex Masterpiece watches are available for both men and women in varying styles.

Rolex focuses on perfecting specific assets on each watch created. The Yacht-master focuses on a perfected ring command bezel. Unlike other watches where the bezel works independently from the internal mechanism, the ring command bezel in the Yacht-master series watch operates in conjunction with the internal mechanism. This allows the watch to be set and synchronized with ease and accuracy.

The Yacht-master also utilizes a triplock winding crown mechanism for further protection for professional divers. This mechanism, an update from the 1953 creation of the Twinlock winding crown, was invented in 1970 allowing Rolex to guarantee ‘the waterproofness’ of their diving watches.

Raymond Lee is currently featuring this amazing Rolex Men’s Masterpiece featuring a gorgeous Tridor meteorite and diamond dial and a diamond bezel on the watch face.

Women’s Rolex Masterpiece creates a white gold and mother of pearl watch with a diamond dial that is absolutely breathtaking!

Some unique and luxurious features of the ladies Date-Just Pearlmaster include the use of 18 carat Everose gold giving the watch a unique and strong personality. This watch also has a ‘harmonious bezel featuring delicately rounded lines, a dozen diamonds, and soft, golden hues.’

These highly luxurious, functional wrist watches are some of the most superb coming from Rolex today.


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