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Rolex 1601 Datejust Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch Review

Rolex 1601 Datejust Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch Review

Rolex datejust white gold

This week we review the Rolex Datejust Vintage 1601 Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch at our Boca Raton, South Florida store. Everything from the classic Oyster Perpetual Datejust series to the intricate details of this watch revealed right here. This amazing luxury time piece has a unique silver dial and a vintage feel like no other. It is truly one of the master class of unique luxury time pieces. It has all of the iconic Rolex features. Packed with precision and power this watch is stunning and strong. There are detailed pieces to each part of this watch. We go into the bezel, the case, the bracelet and even the iconic Oyster fold over clasp. Furthermore, we review the superlative chronometer among other functionalities. Also, this watch has a commemoratory bracelet. The bracelet is a stainless steel Jubilee band. Below you can see all of these details and further intricacies.

Overall the Rolex Datejust 1601 Vintage Silver Dial Stainless Steel watch is an incredible feat of haute horlogerie. The powerful precision of timekeeping, additional chronometer tradition feature and incredible design all bring together the iconic Rolex story. From the very beginnings when Rolex began producing time pieces exclusively for pilots to when they elevated their tools of the trade to items of precious jewelry. This particular watch brings together all of this tradition and celebration along with modern and unique touches. Hence, one of these unique details is the watch’s silver dial. Unlike other time pieces in its range this feature gives it a more modern sleek look. Further, the silver dial feature also pairs particularly well with the stainless steel patterned bracelet and finely textured watch bezel surrounding it. Let us get right into it. First, we will take a look at the tradition of the Rolex Datejust series.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Series

Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. Established in London, England in 1905 it embodies a sense of regal propriety and formal elegant design. Also, beyond the form of their watches the brand’s functions are by far some of the most advanced in the world. Their craftsmanship and incredible innovation when it comes to packing movements and superior features is unparalleled. One of their most recognizable and iconic watches is the Rolex Datejust series. This Rolex series is a more modern series. The collection is a modern archetype with aesthetic design and function that transcend fashion trends. It is forever new, relevant and fresh. The design has spanned several eras throughout the Rolex lifetime. Further the features that are iconic and classic keep the tradition of Rolex alive within each and every one of the watches. It is traditional and modern. It is inimitable.

Another incredible feat of master craftsmanship and design is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. These are unique and instantly recognizable Rolex features that over time have come to symbolize all that embodies the Rolex brand. One of the most worn and well received luxury watch bracelets world wide is the Oyster band. This notable and quite honestly legendary feature sets Rolex apart for their timeless and universal classic style. Firmly rooted in the very beginnings of the Rolex brand Oyster Perpetual series are the simple traditional roots of the brand. All together these are the features of a watch that has led revolutionary changes in time keeping. As well as in jewelry and fine accessory crafting. A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch is not just your simple straight forward classic Rolex. It is a powerful combination achieving what most other luxury time pieces never will. In the end it pairs everything.

Rolex 1601 Datejust Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Rolex datejust white gold

First, this watch is a modern vintage. It is a Rolex 1601 Datejust Oyster Perpetual stainless steel watch. Combining all of the absolute best from one of the world’s most formidable brands. The watch has one of the world’s very first automatic date changing functions. This incredible ground breaking time piece feature was first released in 1945. The first wristwatch to automatically maintain the date function. Further, this is paired with the Oyster Perpetual design and function. From all over the Oyster bracelet is instantly recognizable to anyone who knows about watches. The stainless steel Oyster bracelet and Rolex Perpetual bezel features are what this iconic watch carry on with it. This self winding chronometer wristwatch does not stop there though. Further, propelling this watch into the leader of the watch world is that it has an incredibly unique silver dial. Unlike any other Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual this surpasses.

In another way this watch’s functionality is far more advanced than many others. It has the automatic movements. These are paired with the datejust functionality and further enhanced with an intense depth resistance. Also, the simple and clear chronometer function is all along the outer edge of the dial face. Overall this is a watch that fits comfortably and wears wonderfully well. The jubilee commemorative Oyster stainless steel bracelet wraps around seamlessly on your wrist. Further, the 36mm case is an ideal size. It is large enough for clear and clean time reading. Meanwhile, it is not overtly large to a point where the watch becomes a prominent style or fashion statement. It is an easy to wear every day time piece. This one transitions easily from formal to informal and from casual and laid back vacation to more serious occasions. It is a Rolex watch for a refined gentleman.

The Stainless Steel Bezel

An amazing feature on this Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual stainless steel silver dial watch is the stainless steel bezel. This bezel is engine turned. Further, this engine turned feature gives an amazing patterned texture to the rather smooth and linear watch. While the entire watch is a seamless stainless steel the pattern gives it an additional feature to break the standard look. Most Rolex watches are two tone, particularly the ones with an Oyster bracelet. Since this one does not have the two tone metal feature it can fall rather flat. However the engine turned bezel, which is an iconic design feature of the datejust watch, gives it an additional touch of design. Overall this watch is a gorgeous and detailed piece that does not fall flat but rather soars in its minimalistic design. All of the features are renowned Rolex design entities and together they make a beautiful piece.

The Vintage Rolex Datejust Silver Dial

Rolex datejust white gold

Another unique feature on this Rolex is the silver dial. Most of the traditional Rolex watches have a rather simple white face. Meanwhile, this one has a silver dial face. Each one of the time markers is a simple and straightforward rectangular silver mark. Further, the chronometer wraps around the dial for a minimalistic and highly functional look. Additionally, this watch features a lovely date window at the three o’clock hour mark. It has an additional seeing glass that augments the view of the small date window. Each one of the hour and minute hands also has luminescent rectangles for enhanced readability on this watch. It is a Rolex for the man who appreciates the finer things without desiring to make so much of a splash. The silver dial is a unique touch that elevates the overall watch design. However, it maintains the traditional classic look for a gentleman daily.

The Rolex 1601 Datejust Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet and Clasp

Rolex is a timeless brand. All of their watches are also ones that go on through the ages. Over time they remain classic but relevant. Every passing series has additional innovation but always remaining with the tradition of the brand. The Oyster bracelet is one such feature that makes Rolex watches iconic. Similar to a tradition that is passed down within a family. Passing on knowledge and technique is also how to spread love of fine watch making. Rolex passes on this tradition with the Oyster bracelet and clasp. Over time the coveted Oyster bracelet renowned for its comfort and aesthetic beauty has had many a celebration. This particular watch’s bracelet is one of these commemoratory Oyster bracelets. It features a jubilee stainless steel band. With finer links and much added comfort it is an iconic luxury watch band. Further, it matches seamlessly with the bright light stainless steel case.

Rolex datejust white gold

The Iconic Oyster Stainless Steel Bracelet

To mark the Rolex brand’s 40th anniversary they released a commemorative bracelet. This bracelet is the iconic Oyster jubilee bracelet. It was designed specifically for the iconic Rolex Datejust series of watches. Originally it was only released as a solid gold bracelet feature. However, over time several other metal types were also released. This stainless steel version on this Rolex Datejust watch is one of these. The jubilee Oyster bracelet is one that is preferred among collectors. Also the bracelet has remained largely unchanged over the last few years. Overall it is still produced very similarly to the very first ones. While it is a robust and sturdy bracelet the overall intention was for it to be more of a dress bracelet for a watch. Each one of the links on this jubilee bracelet is a semi circular link. This iconic three link design continues to impress collectors world wide.

It is much more than just a bracelet. It is a further symbol of longevity, proper astute design and craftsmanship as well as an incredible amount of durability and refinement.

The Rolex Oyster Fold Over Clasp

Rolex datejust white gold

Finally the Rolex Oyster fold over clasp. This uniquely and instantly recognizable Rolex clasp is sturdy and yet easy to manipulate. The intent was not only for a seamless integration for the jubilee oyster bracelet design but also for one that held a luxury time piece like the Rolex Datejust watch. The clasp is the classic fold over feature with two push driven connectors on each of the sides. With a simple but sturdy flick one can open the iconic Rolex crown, therefore revealing the folded over clasp. This rather simple but highly powerful functionality is just one more reason Rolex is one of the world’s most refined and coveted luxury watches. It is strong and durable while remaining nimble. 

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