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Diamond Rings

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Among all precious stones, diamonds are unparalleled in their luxuriousness, strength and sheer pure beauty. All of these characteristics make diamond rings the traditional choice to express eternal love and enduring commitment. Raymond Lee Jewelers takes pride in its reputation as one of Boca Raton’s best sources for the loveliest men’s and women’s diamond rings.

We have a wide selection of premium quality diamond rings in our online store and in our showroom, giving plenty of options to choose from for the perfect engagement ring, wedding ring or for an extraordinary gift for yourself or someone special. Our dedication to quality and honest customer service is paired with our competitive pricing, which is why we continue to be a highly-recommended jeweler for fine quality diamond rings.

Choosing a Diamond Shape

If you’re looking to buy a diamond ring, or any diamond jewelry for that matter, the first things you’ll hear about it is the “4 C’s” which stand for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. These are the primary qualities of a diamond that you should consider when shopping for diamond rings. However, the stone’s shape must not be forgotten. Oftentimes, it is confused to mean the same as the cut of the diamond but it is quite different. In the world of diamonds, the cut determines the symmetry and proportion of a diamond stone and this affects its brilliance. On the other hand/ the shape of a diamond refers to the actual physical form of the stone.

Which diamond shape should you choose then? This would depend on personal taste or preference. If buying for someone else, look at the existing gemstone rings of your recipient to determine what shape of stone he or she likes in rings. Another important consideration when shopping for diamond rings is the length of the fingers as well as their shape so you can choose a band with a flattering setting and style.

Diamond rings with the classic oval or marquise cut, which are both elongated, will complement shorter fingers and give an illusion of length. Shorter fingers are also balanced well by diamond rings with a slim band. Rings with small diamond stones would look perfect on slender fingers since they would seem larger. The safest choice when it comes to diamond rings is the traditional round brilliant cut diamond ring because it works well on any style and setting.
Diamond Rings with Gemstones
On their own, diamonds are undoubtedly stunning. Combined or accented with colored gems, they are simply breathtaking. Some of our gorgeous pieces include a perfectly round black onyx ring rimmed with black and white diamonds set in 18k white gold, a radiant cut emerald ring with diamonds on both sides in platinum and gold setting and a 14k platinum cocktail ring with an aquamarine center surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds. You can view these beauties and more in our diamond ring selection.
Diamond Ring Settings
The value and beauty of diamond rings primarily come from the stones used, whether purely diamonds or mixed with other precious stones, but their overall appearance and the security of the stones are largely impacted by the chosen ring setting. Some of the most common setting techniques for diamond rings include:
• Prong Setting: This is traditionally used for solitaire rings to hold a single diamond stone securely on top and center of the ring and make it the center of attention. In this setting, four tiny prongs are gently bent over the diamond’s facets to allow much of the diamond to be seen.

• Bezel Setting: This is the oldest known method of placing stones to rings. It is done by encircling a gemstone with a metal rim that extends slightly above the stone. The rim can go entirely or partially around the stone. This technique can make a diamond appear larger.

• Channel Setting: In this setting, two metal strips hold the stones in place as the stones are positioned flush in between. The channel setting is very secure and protects the edge of the diamonds.

• Pave Setting: Similar to a channel-set diamond ring, a pave diamond ring features a band of metal well-covered with small diamond stones with very little of the metal setting actually visible. Its difference with channel setting is its use of tiny stones which are typically held by small beads or prongs. Pave diamond rings appear as if it is completely made of diamonds while diamonds in a channel setting are larger, more obvious and noticeably set within the band.

• Cluster Setting: This setting displays diamonds that are set closely together in a cluster. Sometimes, the resulting effect is in the form of a stylized object like a flower or a star or an abstract design.

Diamond Rings Care

While diamond is extremely durable, its brilliance can get dull due to traces of soap, cosmetic products and skin oils so diamond rings should be cleaned regularly. A quick and safe way to clean a diamond ring is to soak it in a mixture of half cold water and half household ammonia. Soak the piece for 30 minutes. Lift your ring out and remove any remaining dirt with a soft brush. Dip the ring back into the mixture once more. Pat with a lint-free cloth to dry. Alternatively, you can also use warm soapy water as cleaning solution.

To protect diamond rings, make sure to keep them away from chlorine bleach which can damage the setting metal. Also, remove your diamond ring before doing any rough or manual work. Even though diamonds are known to be quite durable, they can still be chipped if struck hard. It’s also not a good idea to store all your diamond jewelry together in the same box because diamonds can damage each other.

Shop for Diamond Rings

Family-owned Raymond Lee Jewelers offers a range of diamond rings in various styles and designs, all available now at incredibly affordable prices. Shop online or visit our Boca Raton showroom for exquisite and top quality diamond rings, engagement rings and wedding rings. Buy diamond rings now at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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