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Diamond Bracelets

Raymond Lee Jewelers Offers a Wide Selection of Diamond Bracelets, Including Famous Designer Brands.

Bracelets are worn by both men and women as an accessory, whether to enhance their outfit, as a token of love or as a way to distinguish themselves and highlight their personality; perhaps all at once. With Valentine Day quickly approaching, you’re surely thinking about buying that important person something special. A bracelet, especially a diamond bracelet, never fails to impress. It’s a great gift, which expresses your feelings and makes your loved one feel special. Moreover, every time he or she wears it, they’ll be reminded of you, your bond and the dreams you’re sharing. Bracelets, whether they’re bangles, charm bracelets, line bracelets or link bracelets, mirror a circle–a symbol of continuity and renewal.

Raymond Lee Jewelers Makes Your Shopping Experience both Meaningful and Delightful

Our diamond bracelet inventory includes a wide array of designer bracelets, from diamond bangles to diamond charms and tennis bracelets. Diamonds come in all kinds of sizes, settings and cuts to satisfy even the most demanding jewelry aficionado.

Raymond Lee Jewelers diamond designer bracelets include (among others):
Roberto Coin
Tiffany & Co Victoria line
Asch Grossbardt
Judith Ripka
David Yurman
Greg Ruth

Roberto Coin Diamond Bracelets

Founded in Italy in the late 1970s, this high-end jewelry brand is famous for its seductive pieces. When it comes to diamond bracelets, those signed by Roberto Coin stand out through their intricate designs and class. All Roberto Coin jewelry pieces are marked with the designer’s seal: a ruby. This was inspired by ancient Egyptians who believed that rubies bring happiness and health to the person wearing them. Roberto Coin combines gold and diamonds to create amazing bracelets and exquisite bangles that use natural and cultural motifs in their design. Snakes and flowers are two distinctive and recurring motifs in the design of this artist’s bracelets.

Tiffany & Co Victoria Line Diamond Bracelets
Whether it’s diamond bangles, diamond charms or tennis bracelets, all Tiffany & Co Victoria line bracelets are characterized by the company’s distinctive style and expert craftsmanship. Diamonds come in various cuts and are set in either platinum or gold.

Cartier Diamond Bracelets

The Cartier Love collection of bracelets is a classic, and its popularity has never fallen since it was launched in 1969. A symbol of commitment, the circle of true love is embodied in a singular way in these Cartier diamond bracelets. Just like eternity bands but in bracelet form, the continuous row of diamonds suggests the depth and strength of the bond between two people. Grace and beauty shake hands with subtlety in these truly unique Cartier diamond bracelets.

Asch Grossbardt Diamond Bracelets

Famous for its inlaid gold pieces, Asch Grossbardt jewelry is instantly recognizable for their design, craftsmanship and surprising combination of metal and gemstones. Such is the case with these designer gold bracelets, which add to a diamond’s radiance or the delicacy of mother of pearl enamel, for instance.

Judith Ripka Diamond Bracelets

Luxury, but also casual elegance is the corner stone of this brand’s vision. Judith Ripka aims and succeeds in creating timeless pieces that can be worn regardless of trends. Her diamond bracelets stand as proof of that. Ripka’s diamond romance bangles, narrow cuffs and link bracelets are loved by celebrities and regular people throughout the world.

David Yurman Diamond Bracelets
The iconic cable bracelet is synonymous with David Yurman designer brand jewelry. Diamonds accompany many bracelet designs signed by this designer, spoiled by Hollywood stars, including his cable classic bracelets, crossover cuffs, labyrinth bracelets, link bracelets or interlocking loop bangles.

Charriol Diamond Bracelets

Charriol’s Flamme Blanche bracelets are called ‘white flame’ for a reason. The name suggests the enthralling sparkle and fire of the diamonds set in these classy flexible bracelets. If you’d rather have a diamond bangle, or several around your wrist, you might want to check their Classique bangle collection that has radiant diamonds set in white gold.

Greg Ruth Diamond Bracelets

Known for his use of yellow and pink diamonds in making fine jewelry pieces, Greg Ruth creates glistening diamond bracelets and bangles with delicate, intricate designs.

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Diamond Bracelets for Men and Women

When it comes to jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, there are always more options available for ladies than for men, which is only natural considering that women wear more jewelry than men. However, there are plenty of options for men who love diamond jewelry. Besides wedding bands, bracelets are perhaps the most popular jewelry item for men.

Raymond Lee Jewelers offers a wide array of diamond bracelets, including vintage, contemporary and even custom made. Diamonds are mounted in white, yellow or rose gold, as well as platinum and sterling silver. Some of our diamond bracelets combine diamonds with other gemstones, such as emeralds, sapphires or peridots. The results are astonishing and complement various styles and preferences.

Types of diamond bracelets offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers:

tennis bracelet
bangle bracelet
cable bracelet
spiral bangle
butterfly cable bracelet
flower bangle bracelet
arrow bangle
mother of pearl enamel bracelet
squiggle bracelet
two tone bracelets

Our diamond bracelets have many types of different settings and cuts, including bezel, pave, micro pave and baguette.

Choose Your Diamond Bracelet Wisely

When shopping for diamond bracelets, there are several things to keep in mind to make your task easier. First, get an idea about what you would like to purchase. Is it a charming diamond bangle with many gemstones or a simpler one? Or perhaps a diamond charm bracelet with a special, personal meaning for the two of you? Or perhaps you are looking for a fancy cable bracelet or a shimmering diamond tennis bracelet? After you decide what type of diamond bracelet you want, it’s time to check the diamonds. Do your homework about the 4 Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut) because these are essential when it comes to diamond value. Once you’ve figured that out, you can start shopping around for that dazzling diamond bracelet that will make your Valentine day special.

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