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Gabriel & Co.

Shop Gabriel & Co. at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton — Palm Beach County’s destination for engagement rings, men’s wedding bands, wedding bands for women and diamond rings. Our jewelry store is an authorized Gabriel & Co. dealer. Gabriel & Co. was established in 1989 by brothers Jack and Dominick, who were young apprentices to their father, master jeweler Elias Gabriel. The brothers developed an understanding for unique quality jewelery, with passion and commitment they created Gabriel & Co. With a carefully selected team of expert craftsman, Gabriel & Co. has earned as well as maintained the reputation of dependable designers with excellent service. Their exclusive line of exquisite pieces uphold a standard of class and uniqueness. The company understands the underlying emotion that comes with giving such divine pieces. The Gabriel & Co. philosophy is to bring beauty, style, and detail to each signature piece by creating designs with elegant craftsmanship. With Gabriel, they understand that each individual piece is unique, and is a direct reflection of the women who is wearing it. The Gabriel brothers created this company to celebrate life, love and the individuals who make every moment special. With exponential standards, the two brothers truly value life itself, and they feel that it needs to be celebrated. That’s why each individual piece is delicately crafted with care and dedicated to loving life.
Gabriel & co. designs some of the finest Engagement and Wedding rings around the world. Each ring is individually handcrafted with the best quality stones that have been examined by Gabriel’s expert gemologist. With a wide verity of styles and designs, Gabriel understands each individuals uniqueness, they are extremely flexible in regards to altering any piece in order to create a personal design exclusive to each individual. In addition to altering any ring, Gabriel offers the option of having a custom-made ring created only by Gabriel’s finest jewelery designers. Taking inspiration from historic and cultural influences around the world, Gabriel & co. designers create timeless exquisite pieces that are sure to never go out of style. With a renowned reputation of such detail to each piece, the company upholds a standard for service and quality assurance that your piece will arrive in perfect condition. Throughout the creation process, only the best metals and stones are used, each piece is individually inspected, and marked with a serial number. Gabriel & co. is a manufacturer of some of the finest engagement rings, wedding rings and other fine jewelry pieces.
Raymond Lee Jewelers is an authorized Gabriel & co. dealer. Located in Boca Raton, Raymond Lee Jewelers is South Florida’s destination for Engagement rings, Wedding Rings, as well as pre-owned jewelery and timepieces . With a 3,000 square foot showroom, and 30 years of experience, Raymond Lee Jewelers maintains its outstanding customer service and quality assurance with every situation.

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