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Louis Vuitton

One Classy Ring from Louis Vuitton Is Worth More than a Thousand Words

You just can’t talk about fine jewelry without mentioning the wearable works of art launched by Louis Vuitton on the market. Over a few decades, this sought-after brand has become the symbol of luxury and timeless elegance, appreciated by millions of women all across the globe. All of them want to own and wear with pride at least once iconic Louis Vuitton handbag, which immediately attracts all the attention and makes the wearer seem stylish and fashion-forward in any given set of circumstances.
Understanding the Real Value of Louis Vuitton Masterpieces
Louis Vuitton proves that real masterpieces don’t have to display an edgy or aggressive design to become the must-have of the season. This brand has immediately buried most of its high-end competitors by launching classy elements with similar patterns. High quality standards and classic design are the main attributes that characterize every single product launched by this gigantic company.
Nonetheless, Louis Vuitton isn’t all about premium monogram handbags, wallets, belts that both men and women love and crave for. Fantastic jewelry pieces are also a big part of the picture. Necklaces, rings, charms, bracelets and rings signed by some of the most gifted designers that ever walked the earth prove that this brand has what it takes to be considered one of the most influential names in the high-end jewelry industry. Fine lines, gorgeous patterns, exquisite embellishments reflecting an incredible attention to detail are the most important characteristics of luxurious accessories created to make history.
Shop Sculptures Designed to Be Worn, by Lorenz Bäumer
Some of the best embellishments are haute couture, luxurious jewelry elements that are spellbinding, extremely sophisticated and totally wearable at the same time. Nobody wants to invest in jewelry pieces that can be understood, appreciated and worn only by the people who work in the fashion industry.
Lorenz Bäumer, the visionary designer who has created countless wearable, versatile masterpieces for Louis Vuitton admits to the fact that modern jewelry elements should be appealing, eye-catchy and practical at the same time. In the design phase, the main goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to reinterpret decorative elements in a different manner and give them a whole new meaning. The gifted creator breathes life into a spectacular line of high-end sculptures designed to be worn with pride by both men and women who share a genuine passion for fashion and stylish details.
Bäumer is a hard-working engineer who has become a talented, much-appreciated jewelry designer, driven by his passion for perfection, art and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. He has found a way to express his creativity, by mixing and matching decorative elements and creating wearable works of art. His incredible passion turns every single design process into a stimulating challenge.
Discover the Uniqueness and the Unmatched Femininity of Louis Vuitton Jewelry
Bäumer is inspired by a delicate femininity, gemstones, colorful gold and intricate design. All these important components are reflected by all the pieces that he has ever worked on and are currently considered symbols of the Louis Vuitton culture. This brand has launched countless trends, which have been immediately embraced by millions of fashion-forward people with impeccable taste from different parts of the Globe.
The designer draws his inspiration from different sources, including nature and the Louis Vuitton heritage, and catalogues the manufacturing process and very complex and time-consuming. Some pieces are completed over a few months, while others require his undivided attention for more than a couple of years.
Most Louis Vuitton jewelry pieces reflect the artist’s free spirit and his constant desire to innovate and push boundaries. He likes to mix and match unconventional materials, in an attempt to launch new, bold, intriguing creations on the market. This is the main reason why he adores odd, yet extremely appealing materials, like meteorites, pebbles from a pristine, sandy beach or tiger’s eye, and loves to use them to come up with powerful, unique fashion statements designed to stand the test of time.
When certain clients requires custom work, the designer bends over backwards to blow their minds. Countless hours of work and creative efforts are invested in each project, so the results are pretty easy to predict: jaw-dropping jewelry pieces with a story, characterized by a unique charm, which borrow something from the wearer’s personality from the first phase of the manufacturing process.
The Right Louis Vuitton Ring Is Worth More than a Thousand Words
A ring is a powerful symbol of unity and never-ending love. A Louis Vuitton ring represents a promise and a powerful symbol of unconditional attachment for lovers all across the world. Made from quality materials, like 18k gold, for instance, a Louis Vuitton ring is a wearable artwork without an expiration date. It is designed to stay in fashion and enchant generation after generation.
New and pre-owned rings are a smart investment. Lockit rings, made from yellow or white gold are considered hot must-haves and have what it takes to make history in the jewelry industry. Their iconic, minimalist design and superior craftsmanship turn them into wearable sculptures. Models adorned with real diamonds are the best friend of any stylish girl who has a real passion for high-end, practical jewelry pieces.
It’s not easy to select the most appealing ring from Louis Vuitton. After all, the possibilities are virtually endless. Of course, if you’d rather go in favor of a slightly more affordable ring, you should start by checking out pre-owned alternatives. Louis Vuitton Empreinte Small Clous Ring 18K White Gold available here would be an inspired choice, taking into consideration its versatility, minimalist design and premium materials.
The best rings are the ones that compliment any kind of outfit, express your personality and put your fashion sense on full display, without making you seem ostentatious. This model helps you shine effortlessly, at any given point in time, and reflects the traditional values of the Louis Vuitton brand that are appreciated by an extremely selective and pretentious clientele. For the best jewelry that you could ever contemplate, browse the generous selection of high-end products offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers, you one and only source of high-class embellishments.

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