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John Hardy is a designer brand of handcrafted luxury jewelry that is famous for its sterling silver jewelry designs and for utilizing traditional Balinese jewelry patterns and techniques to create his own line of modern jewelry. With strong Balinese influence, handmade John Hardy jewelry manages to strike a harmony between artisan designs of the old world with modern elegance.

Distinguished for detailed craftsmanship, nature-inspired concepts, and casual sophistication, John Hardy jewelry includes elaborate wrought silver and gold as well as precious gems featuring bold designs and geometric patterns. Dazzling amethyst, topaz, or diamonds play up the intricacies fashioned on silver and gold necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, straddling the boundary between tribal art and Art Deco.

Designer Background

John Hardy, a Canadian artist and designer, started his line of jewelry in 1975. After Hardy graduated from art school, he went traveling around the world and made a stop in Bali. Hardy fell in love with the island and was captivated by the Balinese culture, which seamlessly connects its past traditions with the present through its art and crafts. It was in this Bali trip that the local traditions in jewelry making made such an impression in Hardy so much so that he later made Bali his home to learn the art.

Local jewelry artisans taught Hardy their traditional techniques. Some of these artisans were descended from jewelers who created jewelry for the Bali royal family. Working with local artisans, Hardy created lovely handmade jewelry and even hand-woven home wares using silver and gold with precious gemstones. Hardy’s first jewelry pieces applied modern design ideas to the traditional techniques that he learned. The result was a distinctive style that has defined John Hardy jewelry and made this brand recognizable all over the world.

Meticulous Creations
Today, the John Hardy jewelry collection is extensive but it all began with pieces based on long-held jewelry-making traditions of Balinese artisans, including woven chains and meshes called rantai, tenun, and the granulation and cut work techniques known locally as jawan and ukiran. In addition to using these techniques, Hardy collaborated again with a master jeweler who developed innovative and well-engineered technical details for his pieces to add comfort and durability. In 1990, Guy Bedarida became the head designer of the firm and helped develop a design studio in Bali. Working with talented craftsmen from designers and illustrators to wax-carvers, gemstone cutters and metal smiths, John Hardy was able to harness a deep pool of skill and genius to the making of his exquisite jewelry.
John Hardy Collections

Taking the traditional Balinese granulation technique, which entails the piece-by-piece application of tiny metal beads, John Hardy started to utilize traditional beads that were flattened by hand in his pieces. This refined technique formed a dot pattern, which became John Hardy’s signature design. Aside from this of course, John Hardy jewelry is offered in various other designs that are categorized in different collections.

The Batu Collection uses a variety of gemstones (Batu is the Balinese word for stone) while the Kali Collection features a modified dot pattern to show a stylized appearance of river rocks (kali is the Balinese word for river). The Ayu Collection has beautiful and feminine flowers and leaves theme (Ayu translates to beautiful woman) such as the Ayu Sterling Silver Dot Jasmine Ring. The Palu Collection uses hammered metal and carved chains (Palu is the Indonesian word for hammer).

John Hardy also launched the Bamboo Collection as part of his “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” campaign. The collection celebrates the beautiful, strong, and versatile bamboo plant, incorporating bamboo-inspired design elements. Some of the popular pieces in this collection include the woven leather bracelets available in various colors and the Bamboo Bangle in sterling silver.

Carefully Made By Hand
Clearly, John Hardy is no ordinary jewelry designer. In each of his pieces, he also strives to tell a story that will keep alive past traditions and a local culture. He has successfully turned the exotic spirit of Bali into wearable works of art that is both beautiful and functional. What adds all the more to the extraordinary beauty of John Hardy jewelry is the fact that every piece is made by hand. Being handcrafted, the pieces contain minute imperfections that only give them human touch and energy. Despite the flaws, John Hardy jewelry pieces have an undeniable balanced aesthetics. The handwork is well refined and exquisitely finished. People often find it hard to believe that the superbly rendered pieces are not made using machines. The excellent handiwork of John Hardy’s artisans is what gives John Hardy jewelry superior character and beauty that cannot be replicated by any machine.
Sustainable Luxury

John Hardy is equally fashionable and socially responsible. He believes in the principles of sustainable luxury, which holds that success in business can coincide with operations that are respectful to the environment and local cultures. Hardy also believes that ensuring the quality of the materials and skills he employs for his jewelry is equality important to ensuring the welfare of the artisans making his pieces. As Hardy puts it, his jewelry design and even his entire business philosophy is beyond aesthetics but is all about positive wellbeing and doing good while also succeeding in business.

This remarkable philosophy of sustainable luxury is evident in his Bali-based jewelry design studio, which is located in the midst of rice farmlands at the heart of this tropical island. The studio compound is just like a small village. It is surrounded by lush trees and consists of open-air structures with no asphalt or concrete in sight, only natural local construction materials such as mud, bamboo, and wood. The jewelry workshop is not like any other in the world, with its organic farm and other environmentally friendly practices that sustain John Hardy’s global jewelry enterprise.

Raymond Lee Jewelers takes pride in carrying authentic John Hardy jewelry inventory at discounted prices. We have a wide range of John Hardy jewelry pieces to choose from earrings to bracelets, necklaces, and rings, all to be enjoyed by individuals who appreciate the beauty and spirit behind these pieces.

The company prouds itself on being environmentally and socially conscious. In 2006, John Hardy launched a sustainable advertising program to offset carbon emissions from its print advertising and electricity consumption. The program consists of planing bamboo on Bali. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of its bamboo is used to fund the company’s continuous bamboo planting. In addition, in 2010, John Hardy pledged 600,000 bamboo seedlings to Bali Green and Clean, a program determined to repair environmental damage.

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