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Patek Philippe 5131J Auction for Children Action Geneva

Patek Philippe 5131J Auction for Children Action Geneva

This year, Children Action Geneva hosted the Patek show to help raise money for the children of Geneva. Proceeds help children facing violence in the Balkans who are suffering from mental illnesses (depression) and physical ailments. The auction featured one of Patek Philippe’s rarest pieces to date: the Patek Phillipe Ref 5131.

Let’s take a quick look at the detailing of this sought after watch, which comes in two versions: there’s the Patek 5131J, which comes in yellow gold, and the Patek 5131G, which comes in white gold. The enamel design of the 5131J boasts an image of the Americas, Europe and Africa; on the 5131J, the cloisonne dial features Europe, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

The Patek Philippe World Time Ref 5131 J shown below features an automatic winding and a triple time zone. The dial comes with a cloisonne enamel and gold map and the world cities printed in black.

The 5131G in white gold, displaying a Eurasian map in cloisonne enamel.

Although the watch has a dial similar to the standard issue, this watch will have a specific and unique twist to it; the cloisonne dial will feature a cityscape of Geneva, a model that has never before been made. Due to the rareness of the design and the beautiful detailing of the illustration, this particular model reached a new record.

Here is the Ref. 5131J with the map of Geneva. Notice “Geneve” in blue on the time zone where Paris would be.

This timepiece, called “View of the City of Geneva”, features a dial center made to represent the Geneva Lakeview and a 24 hour time zone with the replacement of Paris with Geneva, seen in blue. This Patek Philippe 5131J auction raised 1 million Swiss Francs to a citizen of Geneva (go figure!) This record realization is 20 times the price of the standard Patek Philippe 5131, and beat the auction results for both of Patek Philippe’s 2009 special model for Children Action, and this year, 100% of the proceeds again benefited Children Action.


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