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5711 vs 5980: A Patek Philippe Nautilus Comparison

5711 vs 5980: A Patek Philippe Nautilus Comparison

patek nautilus 5980 vs 5711

Today we are looking at two supremely popular, iconic watches: the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 and 5980 – Two kings of the luxury sports watch game…In this Patek 5711 vs 5980 discussion, we are going to compare the history, prestige, features, price, and resale value of both references. We will also be presenting hands-on images of both watches, taken by us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Note, the watches we are featuring here aren’t your typical 5711 and 5980 watches (although the world “typical” can never really describe a Nautilus), these are completely iced out versions of the two exceedingly sought after Patek Philippe references. Therefore, we will be reviewing both the general references and these two diamond 5711 and 5980 timepieces, weighing them up from all angles and aspects. 

patek 5980 or 5711

People often ask us which is better, or, which should I get, the Patek 5711 or 5980? So we are eager to address this in an extensive manner for everyone out there who is interested. 

Get ready, as this is going to be a battle of two of the best in haute horology!

Brief History of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 and 5980

The first Patek Philippe Nautilus was released in 1976. It was the Patek 3700/1, designed by world renowned watch designer, Gerald Genta.

3 decades later, Patek Philippe launched 4 new editions for their 30th anniversary. Two of which were the 5711 and the 5980. 

The 5711 was undeniably faithful to the first Patek Nautilus, reference 3700. It had evolved, of course, but it was immediately recognized as the original Gerald Genta design.

The 5980, on the other hand, had some distinct differences…albeit, still clearly “Nautilus”.

At any rate, both the 5980 and the 5711 were incredibly well executed, and they are two tremendously gorgeous timepieces. 

Prestige & Popularity

5711 or 5980

While both the Patek 5711 and 5980 are extremely popular Nautilus references, and Patek Philippe watches in general, the 5711 has more demand.

The Patek 5711 is more popular, plain and simple. You will be much more hard pressed to find a 5711. So hard in fact that it’s even a challenge to find one to simply try on to see if you like it (lucky for you if you are in Boca Raton, we have Patek 5711s that you can try on… not to mention, buy). 

That said, the 5980 isn’t easy to acquire either.

The reason for the 5711 being more sought after is due to the resoundingly positive reactions of collectors. The more collectors hype up a watch, the more everyone else wants them too. 

Not to mention, the 5711 is the direct descendent of the original Patek Philippe Nautilus, reference 3700. This is something purist appreciate.

At this point, the Stainless Steel Jumbo 5711 is a collectible item. This immensely iconic timepiece is the most coveted watch in the entire Patek catalog. And it’s arguably (yet more so factually) the most sought after sports watch on the planet. 

Now all this is not to say the 5711 is “better”, as that comes down to personal preference. So don’t let popularity persuade you. 

We are now going to break down both models, in terms of their features, so you can decide which watch is better for you, the Patek 5711 or 5980. We will also be considering these two specific iced out Patek Nautilus watches, not just the references as a whole. Because these two fully covered diamond dripping watches are for sale now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

The Case & Bezel

iced out 5711

Both the 5711 and the 5980 have a 3-part case (central container, bezel, and caseback). 

They both utilize a sapphire crystal caseback, allowing the movement to be visible. And, they both are water resistant to 120m.

Moreover, they have the classic Nautilus “ears”.

The overall design is very similar…

However, the 5980 has a bigger case – the 5980 is 40.5mm from the 10 to the 4 o’clock, and the 5711 is 40mm. Also, the 5980 has two chrono pushers at the 2 and 4 AND the bezel is slightly wider. This amplifies the appearance of size.

Additionally, being that the 5980 is a chronograph watch, it is much thicker. It is 12.2mm in height, white the 5711 is a slim 8.3mm.

All in all, the 5711 is much sleeker and slimmer and the 5980 is robust and thick. 

Iced Out Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 vs 5980 Case & Bezel  

As for these specific watches, the diamond settings are very different. 

The 5711 (seen left), doesn’t have diamonds covering the entire case, the flanks are left in their natural stainless steel state. Furthermore, the bezel uses baguette diamonds, and the 5980 is completely covered with round brilliant diamonds.

All in all, this Iced Out Patek 5711 offers a lot more contrast, in terms of the diamond setting, while the Iced Out 5980 has a very integrated look. 

The Bracelet

As with the case, the 5980’s bracelet is more brawny. The Patek 5980 sits quite a bit higher around that wrist than the 5711. It is also wider as well. 

It makes sense, as the larger case needs to be balanced out by the bracelet. 

Both watches use a triple folding buckle with a flip lock piece on top. 

Note: The 5980 originally came with a strap, not a bracelet. The addition of the bracelet was a big plus for collectors as most people prefer a Nautilus with a bracelet. 

Iced Out Patek Philippe Nautilus Bracelet 

Again, the diamond design setting for both watches carries into the bracelet. The 5711 has stunning contrast with the center links being baguette diamonds and the end links being small round brilliant diamonds. And the 5980 uses the same round brilliant diamond setting along the entire bracelet, creating the ultimate icy demeanor. 

The Dial

The diamonds really change the dynamics of the dials, so let’s first discuss the references as a whole, then about these particular diamond flooded dials.

Both the 5711 and the 5980 have the same famous horizontal grooves, indexes, and sleek hands (except the 5980 doesn’t have the running seconds hand). 

However, the 5711 has a minimalist design while the 5980 offers a lot of contrast thanks to chronograph. This really makes the 5980’s dial pop.

What’s really unique about the 5980 compared to standard chronograph watches is that it has one single co-axial sub-dial for the elapsed seconds, minutes and hours. It combines all three into one, which is exquisitely innovative on Patek’s behalf. This is what it means to be the horology great. 

Another small difference between the two is the date window. On the 5711, the date window is much smaller. It almost disappears when its not needed and then reappears as soon as you need it. Overall, this helps keep the 5711’s dial superbly clean and uncluttered.

patek philippe nautilus comparison
Iced Out Patek Philippe Nautilus Dial

Thanks to the diamond settings, the dials are very different on these particular timepieces. 

You’ll notice the 5711 only has 3 indexes (6, 9 and 12 o’clock), which are all baguette diamonds. And the 12 o’clock index is single baton, rather than its normal double baton. What it does keep is the horizontal pattern, just now with tons of small round brilliant diamonds running along the inside. 

The 5980, on the other hand, keeps the original index blueprint. Everything is the same on its dial, except the horizontal grooves became pure sheet of diamonds. 

So, these two Patek Philippe diamond settings were essentially done in the opposite way – One changed the foreground details, while the other completely changed the backdrop.

Which is better? Well, that comes down to personal preference. 

5711 vs 5980 Movement & Complication

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980:

  • Calibre CH 28-520 C.
  • Gyromax balance, Spyromax balance spring, column-wheel, vertical clutch, 21K gold central rotor, and other typical modern Patek innovations.
  • 45-55 hour power reserve.
  • Beautiful finishing.
  • Chronograph (three-in-one sub-dial)

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711:

  • Calibre 324 SC
  • Gyromax balance, Spyromax balance spring, column-wheel, vertical clutch, and other typical modern Patek innovations.
  • 35-45 hour power reserve.
  • Beautiful finishing.
  • Central seconds hand

Both are modern, complex, innovative haute horology pieces, so you can’t go wrong with either. However, if you are into complications, the 5980 is more complicated. 

Patek 5980 vs 5711 – ON THE WRIST

patek 5711 vs 5980

If you like heavier, slightly bulky watches, the 5980 will be more your style. The “time-and-date” 5711 is thin, almost jewelry like in terms of weight. 

The 5980 will feel much more substantial on your wrist. 

That said, comparing the 5980 to a watch like the AP Royal Oak Offshore, it’s not nearly as large. The proportions are actually relatively easy on the wrist when comparing to other non-Patek sports watches.

But again, comparing to the 5711, it has a lot more heft. 

The 5711 is thin, and can hide under a dress cuff with ease. It’s sleek, slim and wraps around the wrist with amazing comfort. The bracelet on the 5711 simply drips with elegance. 

And while the 5711 may feel “light” initially, people often say they get used to it very quickly and it feels perfect.

So, if you are used to heavier watches, you don’t need to be concerned about a drastic change of heft as your body will get used to it. We adapt, as we do with pretty much everything in life, and it becomes the new and improved norm…

All in all, both watches offer tremendous wrist presence. Yet they are perfectly understated at the same time…except when they are covered in diamonds 😉

Moreover, they are both watches that are made for daily wear. 

To sum it up, if having a sports watch with “weight” is important for you, go for the 5980. If you want a watch with maximum comfort and perfectly balanced proportions, go for the 5711. In any case, you can’t go wrong with either. 

iced out nautilus

We typically think of the 5980 as more sporty and the 5711 as more dressy and formal (for a sports watch that is)…Be that as it may, these two aftermarket Nautilus watches are covered in diamonds, so they aren’t your “typical” 5711s or 5980s…not by any means.

Iced Out Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 vs 5980 – DIAMOND FLOODED

It’ll be extremely hard to choose a winner for which of these iced out Nautilus watches have more wrist presence.

The iced out 5980’s dial has a lot more going on. And, the watch really pops, thanks to the white diamonds on gold. This is contrast in colors.

Conversely, the diamond 5711 offers breathtaking diamond contrast, with its strategic combination of baguette diamonds and round brilliant diamonds. The watch catches the eyes in the most visually stunning way. 

All that said, again, when choosing between the two, it really comes down to personal preference for “which is better, the Patek 5711 or 5980?” And this is even more true when considering these two iced out versions…

Now, besides looks, one major aspect most people take into consideration is availability and price. 

Patek 5711 vs 5980 PRICE & RESALE VALUE

There is a significant difference in price between the Patek Nautilus 5711 and 5980.

On average, the 5980 is almost double the price.

Approximately $100,000 to $50,000 for the stainless steel versions.

Not to mention, both of these watches are hard to find new, and authorized retailers are selling them used with huge mark ups due to the demand. The current pre-owned market is around 50% more than they were when new…

Now, price and resale value will also depend on the specific reference. For example, a 5711 blue dial will sell for more than the white dial due to popularity. 

As for resale value, being that 5711 is the most sought after sports watch in the world, the 5711 is going to get you a better resale value. However, that’s not to say the 5980’s resale value won’t be good, because it most surely will.

Like Rolex, Patek Philippe Nautilus watches are like gold. They sell well anywhere across the globe. 

So, if you were to buy either the 5980, and you later decide you want the 5711, you can easily resell the 5980 and get the 5711. 

5711 vs 5980

How much are these Iced Out Patek Philippe Nautilus watches?

If you are interested in purchasing one or both of these aftermarket Iced Out diamond Patek Philippe Nautilus watches, please contact us for pricing and with any questions you may have. 

We also have a pre-owned 5711/1R (rose gold with brown dial), which we are selling for $120,000. 

Let us know which is your favorite – the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 or 5980 in the comments below…Also, let us know which of these particular iced out Patek Philippe Nautilus watches you like better. We’d love to hear your opinion!


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