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Ladies Patek Philippe Launches Microsite

Ladies Patek Philippe Launches Microsite

Ladies Patek Philippe Launches Microsite

Legendary Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe launched a microsite over the holiday season as part of its ad campaign targeted towards women. Patek Philippe actually has quite a long history of luxury watches for women, but the campaign represents a renewed focus on high-quality timepieces for women.

The ladies Patek Philippe Diamond Ribbon Ref. 4968, which launched at Baselworld 2012, is one of the watches at the center of the ladies campaign. The Diamond Ribbon Ref. 4968 features hundreds of components comprising the trademark Patek Philippe complicated movement. The watch is made of rose gold, with 273 diamonds and a mother of pearl dial, which all combine for a stunningly feminine wristwatch.

Also featured on the site is an interview with Sandrine Stern, who collaborates with her husband, Patek Phillipe president Thierry Stern, in the design of every watch the company makes. Sandrine emphasizes the design process, which she says begins around the watch’s movements, and then finding the perfect case for the person.

At the website, Patek Philippe describes “complication” as the French term referring to any function on a mechanical watch beyond telling time, such as a chronograph or the phases of the moon. Very few ladies watches have these, and even few in such style, which is why Patek Phillipe seeks to emphasize this new market of women’s watches, which will host features commonly relegated only to the wrists of men.

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