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5 Cute Parents Wedding Gifts

5 Cute Parents Wedding Gifts

People often ask if it is proper for the bride and groom to present their parents with wedding gifts. The answer is, “absolutely yes.” The minute you say “I Do,” the family structure changes dramatically. Let them know you will always be their child in spite of being in your own home. Thank them for all their love and support through the years.

Some couples go all out and present both sets of parents with a dinner for two at a classy restaurant. Some even spring for a romantic week-end get-a-away. That’s great if you can, but it’s not about the money. A personalized sentimental gift will mean so much to Mom and Dad on your wedding day. Following are five that we like.

1. Forever Your Little Girl

Wedding photos are cherished memorabilia that will get passed down through generations. This photo frame is a wonderful way to remind your parents that although you are a bride today, you will always be their little girl. It has a spot for your favorite bridal snap shot and childhood photo.

2. Always Your Son

Guys can get sentimental too. This is the groom’s counterpart to the above Forever Your Little Girl keepsake frame. Both can be inscribed with your wedding date.

3. Celebrating Their Love Too

This photo frame has a heart-warming message that lets your parents know that you are also celebrating their love on this day. This is perfect to personalize that romantic dinner or get-a-away gift.

4. Personalized Platter

A beautiful hand painted ceramic platter is personalized with your names and wedding day. Mom and Dad will cherish it forever.

5. Family Tree Platter

This whimsical hand painted platter is personalized with your own family tree. It’s a great way to remind Mom and Dad that the family is “branching out.”


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