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The Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Days

The Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Days

The Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Days came out last year, and ever since its release, there has been much talk in relation to “Panerai discontinuing its entry-level Luminor model.” For some people, this seems like a good idea, especially given the fact that the PAM 510 so closely resembles the PAM 111 anyways. The only difference between the two models is that the PAM 510 says “8 Days” on it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with watches, you may be wondering what’s so special about the Luminor Marina 8 Days. To keep things basic, this watch boasts the benefit of having a power reserve that can last up to eight days. To achieve this, there are two barrels in series, which allows for longer and thinner springs to be used in the watch.

Thankfully, it has been decided that several more models of the Luminor will be distributed this year. They are as follows:

  • Luminor Marina 8 Days Acciaio – PAM 563
  • Luminor Marina 8 Days Titanio – PAM 564
  • Luminor Base 8 Days Titanio – PAM 562
  • Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio (White Dial) – PAM 561
  • Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio – PAM 560

The PAM 560 may be confused by some as the PAM 112, however, it includes the new 9.5000 movement, meaning it will have a power reserve lasting up to eight days. The PAM 561 is literally the exact same as the PAM 560 except the 561 has a white dial.

All five watches are water resistant to 300m. In addition, they are all 44mm wide. All watches feature “Panerai’s signature sandwich dial design,” except for the white dial models, which boast dot markers. To show off the P.5000 movement in the watches, they will have sapphire casebacks. The straps on them will be distressed leather.

Spending Money on a Watch

For those of you out there who have often settled for inexpensive watches, you need to carefully consider delving out a bit more money. A nice watch will get you places. For starters, it will help you to be taken more seriously. When it comes to social etiquette, the most important thing is to always look presentable. If you have a cheap watch on your wrist, you aren’t going to impress. To keep things simple, to be taken seriously, you need to present yourself as serious, and part of this includes wearing a nice watch.

Another great reason to jump on the bandwagon of owning and wearing an expensive watch is that it will set you apart from those that don’t. In an essence, if you want to be unique, you need an expensive watch. In fact, wrist real estate is something that you need to be winning in. The jewelry that you wear on your wrist will communicate a wide array of characteristics about you, including whether or not you are unique, and being unique in today’s society is something that can help you get ahead.

Lastly, you need to wear an expensive watch because it will help you to be easily remembered by those you come in contact with; this can be especially advantageous when trying to land a new job or sign a contact with a new client.


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