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Spotlight On: Opal Jewelry

Spotlight On: Opal Jewelry

Today we are spotlighting a gemstone in a league of its own—it is not a crystal, and it actually has a little bit of water in it at all times. Known for its playful color properties, you’ve probably seen opal more abundantly in necklaces or earrings rather than bracelets or rings. This is simply because it is a softer stone than others. However this is not the only property of opal that sets it away from other gemstones—it’s got superstitions that tag along with it as well.




It is said that when wearing an opal stone, a person is bound to be more creative and spontaneous. It is also said to aid memory and add faithfulness to relationships—something we’re on board with. It is a stone that will help a person become the best he or she can be, according to its mythology.


Piaget Vintage Ladies Watch with Diamond Bezel and Opal Dial


In fact, there is an ancient legend claiming that an opal wearer could become invisible. In the legend, the storm god was jealous of the rainbow god’s beautiful colors and threw a lightning bolt at him, leaving the colors to sprinkle down, thus creating the opal stone. Opal has been used by shamans in North America and Australia in ceremonial events to aid with “visions” and “dreams.”

Opals can come in all sorts of colors, and each one is unique in this respect. The “fire” in the stones is meant to represent an inner glow.

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18K Yellow Gold and Boulder Opal Cufflinks


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