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Leaving Your Mark With Engraving

Leaving Your Mark With Engraving

Engraving jewelry is a prehistoric practice that will always be popular. The art of engraving precious metals has been used for centuries to represent loyalty, love, accomplishments and various other milestones and dedications. Today, it’s a timeless way to forever mark your favorite piece of jewelry with the date you were married, a line from your wedding vows, your child’s initials, or even your dog’s name. With so many options in fonts and styles, execution, and ways to customize, it’s no wonder engraving is here to stay; it is a personal way to take a precious piece of jewelry to the next level.

Engraving the inside of your wedding band is a lovely way to remind yourself what the ring you wear truly symbolizes. A secret message scribed inside an important piece of jewelry such as a wedding band, can give such momentous an added special touch. Jung YunYoon’s imprint rings reveal a new way to brand your bands and have been repinned to wedding boards all over Pinterest. The jewelry designer’s wedding bands and promise rings may look plain on the outside but it’s the embossed lettering on the inside that really sets them apart. When you remove your ring for the night, or say, to wash your hands, your  skin will show the imprint of those embossed words and the longer you wear it, the more imprinted the words become. “Marry Me”, “Always” or a single heart are available options.

The “finger print ring”, a unique idea brought to the world by Brent and Jessica Williams through their Etsy shop, is a new trend in way of personalizing your wedding band. The technique they use is wax casting, which enables them to represent the totally unique fingerprint of each purchaser. Wearing the fingerprint of your loved one around your own finger is a unique and fun expression of your devotion. This interesting trend even caught the eye of the Martha Stewart Weddings team, where the Williams duo’s pieces were featured.

New styles and trends emerge, yet classic engraving styles manage to reign supreme. In Boca Raton, engraving jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers means you have access to sixty-five different fonts, hundreds of logos and the ability to engrave everything from a necklace to a wallet in your own handwriting. Most jewelry stores offer engraving services however, not every store has the same caliber of engraving machinery, and it is the plethora of customization options that will make your special item that much more memorable and unique.

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