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A Glimpse of Olivia Palermo's Engagement Ring

A Glimpse of Olivia Palermo's Engagement Ring

At long last, the fashion It Girl, former The City star, sometimes model, socialite and real life Blair Waldorf  Olivia Palermo has finally given her loyal subjects a glimpse of her stunning engagement ring. Palermo wed her model/photographer fiancé, Johannes Heubl, last month in a super private and intimate ceremony. The bride wore haute hot pants. She managed to make a very avant grade ensemble look timeless, but still kept THE ring tucked away from prying eyes.

Until now. Refinery 29 published these paparazzi shots of Olivia out and about and wearing her engagement ring (no wedding band though…we wonder if she’s eschewed the band altogether or if she’ll wear it on her left hand.) The ring, which we knew was a fancy yellow diamond with white accents from a  previous, albeit blurry, pap shot, is finally in high definition. And surprise, surprise, it;s gorgeous.

The ring appears to feature a radiant cut intense fancy or fancy yellow diamond, likely around the 4 carat mark, with two trapeze (trapezoid cut) white diamonds flanking it. The diamonds are set in a white metal (surely platinum) with a classic, simple shank and unobtrusive prongs. It’s the perfect ring for Olivia – utterly classic, but unique. A fancy yellow diamond is a thing of beauty, rare in both nature and among your engaged and married friends, a fancy yellow or “canary” diamond commands attention without begging for it. Regardless of size, a fancy yellow diamond is eye catching, so you don’t necessarily need a massive stone to make ’em say “wow.” Yet, because they’re more valuable than white diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds lend a touch of exclusivity to engagement rings. A favorite of celebrities and socialites alike (and Olivia’s case, combinations of both), fancy yellow diamonds are a subtly luxurious addition to any engagement ring. And since you know we adore fancy yellow diamond engagement rings, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to help you get The Olivia Palermo Engagement Ring Look.


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