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Choosing the right necklace to go with the neckline of your outfit is a must when it comes to proper styling. With the right information, anyone can choose the right necklace for their neckline every time. The first neckline to consider is of course high necklines. These are things like turtle necks, high collars, and folded collars. Generally, with high necklines, wearer’s want to shy away from short necklaces that are going to bind and bunch up around the neck of the shirt they are wearing, it is far better to choose long necklaces that offer a bit more freedom and that hang away from the neck.

For medium height neck lines using necklaces that are either shorter than the neckline or longer is best. This type of neckline can support either short necklaces that are above the neckline or those that are longer and that fall down onto the chest. It is not beneficial to choose medium length necklaces that sit right on the neck of the blouse as this adds bulk and makes it hard to keep the necklace in place while wearing it. Using shorter necklaces can shorten the neck and make it easier to draw attention away from the neck of the blouse. Longer necklaces are great for making the neck seem longer and for drawing attention again away from the neck of the blouse that is being worn.

With neck lines that are low it is almost always best to opt for medium length necklaces. This length necklace helps to take away attention from the fact that more of the chest is bare and can help make the neckline seem a bit more proper and easier to wear. This length necklace is great for lower cut blouses. With necklines that boat neck or wide you can wear virtually any length necklace. Aside from very short necklaces that tend to stick to the neckline, just about any length works. Again however, longer necklaces tend to help elongate the neck and make for a much more flattering neckline over all.

With v neck shirts it is almost always best to stick with necklaces that will either nest within the v or that are longer than the v. This helps to elongate the neck and makes for a less bulky look. V shaped pendant or chandelier necklaces are also great for this style neck line. Generally, it is best to follow the natural shape of the neckline in question. Rounded necklines get rounded necklaces, v necks get v shaped pendants, and so on. By mimicking the shape of the neckline users can complement rather than take away from the neck line that they have chosen to wear. Combatting shapes are hard to wear and can add extra bulk to the look which is never flattering.

Keeping similar shapes also helps to make the look seem more put together and cohesive rather than sloppy and simply thrown together. For those that are still unsure about what necklace works best with their neckline, it never hurts to experiment and try a few looks to see which suits you best overall.

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