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Fall 2013 Wedding Trends

Wedding season is in full swing, but the bells will keep ringing well into September and October. You may want a traditional wedding, or may just decide to be a wedding planning maverick. Either way it’s nice to have a jumping off point. Here are six of the wedding trends you should be aware of while you plan your wedding for Fall 2013.

1. Dresses!– Need more be said? The centerpiece of your wedding is you, and the dress is your adoration. Right now Beaded wedding dresses are in BIG TIME, especially since the very successful The Great Gatsby film. Many brides are also donning soft and elegant cap sleeves to add to their dress.

2. The Flower of the Year- For the second year and in a row the lush and romantic peony has been the most-requested flower by brides all across the United States, according to Sayles Livingston of Sayles Livingston Design in Newport, Rhode Island. If you are planning to swipe the peony, though, take notice, it blooms only two months out of the year. Just saying, be sure to plan a backup.

3. Gleaming Invitations- First impressions mean a lot, and right now foil stamping with hints of gold, bronze and silver is sending the right message to guests. A classy pearl or off white invitation lets the metallic gold and silver pop out which adds appeal without looking taking or overdone.

4. Spotlighting Your Culinary Heritage- America is called a melting pot for a reason! Forget about catering to your guests and serve them a dish that represents your heritage. Braised pork for Jewish weddings, authentic pasta for Italians, the possibilities are endless and yours to choose!

5. Eye-Popping Cakes- You can not have your cake and eat it too, but you can have an eye-popping cake that your guests will remember for a lifetime. Ditch the white cake and go for a floral design or monogram. Or you can allows go with a classic lace, if you want.

6. Trend of the Year: Going Green and DIY- This is for the mavericks out there that want anything but a traditional wedding. What does saving the environment have to do with your wedding? Nothing, unless you want it to! Look for recycled paper for your invites, or go green in a variety of ways to show how awesome you really are.

Whether you decide to deviate from the trends of your peers, or lead the pack in the latest fashion, make sure you think your ideas through! You deserve the best; enjoy this special moment in your life!

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