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The Most Expensive Watches 2014

The Most Expensive Watches 2014

In 2014, for her husband Jay Z’s 43rd birthday, Beyonce Knowles made even the over paid over spending entertainment crowd gasp when she gave him a $5 Million Hublot watch with over 1238 diamonds set in the timepiece. So that ranks as one of the most ostentatiously expensive watches purchased, but definitely not the No. 1, for the year 2014.

That being settled, now we can examine expensive diamond and gold watches fit for queens and kings that come in ahead of the $5Million Hublot.

5. Cartier La Dona

One of designers which every watch lover desires is Cartier! The Cartier La Dona Watch has its pretty enough design which undoubtedly would make any millionaire happy to wear on her wrist. The watch case with its attached bracelet is 18-carat white gold, giving the elegant finish of status to the watch. There are three sizes of the watch:

  • large measures 27 mm;
  • small, showing a case at 22 mm; and the
  • mini, measuring only 18 mm.

$137,000 Cartier watch

4. Patek Philippe Twenty – 4 Watch

Patek Philippe Twenty 4

No watch designer expert could avoid the name of this masterpiece creator brand, as Patek Philippe has created special watches for special people in the entire world. A 25-30 mm 18-carat white gold case for the watch is one of the most astounding features. It is fully studded with diamonds. This incredible timepiece is water resistant up to a distance of 30 meters! $285,500.

3. Richard Mille Tourbillon Women’s Watch


The Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon watch is $465,000. The base plate is black onyx which has long been believed to bring good luck and stability to the watch’s wearer.

2. Franck Muller- The Aeternitas Mega 4


The grandeur of this elegant watch is earned literally by carrying the title of being the world’s most complicated watch The timepiece has 99 jewels. There are 36 complications to make it look as complicated as it is. At $2,400,000, you are the owner of a timepiece of multiple complications but you are also the owner of a classic !

1. Chopard 201-carat Watch

This timepiece is a perfect piece of extravagant jewelry created only for the most regal of wearers. It is fit for royalty! This bracelet and watch masterpiece has a total of 874 diamonds in different shapes, sizes and colors: Pink, yellow and blue with colorless diamonds in shapes of a heart, pear or perfectly round! The price of this most expensive watch in the word is $25,000,000!

If you have the fortune required to purchase one of these magically gem studded watches, this is your opportunity to flaunt it and the jewelry it will buy for you or your loved one. Raymond Lee Jewelers of Boca Raton, Florida, is the go-to authority for all high end designer pieces of jewelry,, handbags and other accessories. They carry the most exquisite items in retail and also for second sale. Customers and clients are invited to browse our store and contact our professional staff regarding any piece of jewelry or designer watch you are interested in purchasing, customizing or selling from your own collection.


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