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Montblanc Masterpieces

Montblanc Masterpieces

MontBlanc 7059 Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

One of the world’s most renowned brands and makers of timepieces, fine writing instruments, and leather goods, Montblanc is a quintessential company of luxury goods. Steeped in tradition and fine craftsmanship their products are items of both quality and value. These are passed down between men of generations and exemplify the unique refined style of European tradition. They began producing pens and have become iconic craftsmen of some of the most elegant men’s accessories available. From the day to day leather items men use like wallets, briefcases, and organizers to unique pens for special occasions Montblanc is emblematic. Here we are going to discuss the brand and what makes it unique like the Snow peak logo in black and white, and some of their exquisite items crafted for excellence.  

The Brand

Montblanc is refined and traditional with classic items and of course their pens. Whether you prefer a ballpoint or traditional fountain pen Montblanc is the brand to produce some of the finest writing instruments in the world. Their expansion into other luxury goods such as the leathers pouches and accessories to fine watches maintains the ultra-high level of quality and uniqueness. In order to represent the brand’s unique and refined style imbued with craftsmanship and power, they created the Snow peak. The singular white stylized six-pointed snow cap has rounded edges and is a design of Montblanc seen from the top. The Montblanc snowcap representation was adopted in 1913 and is accompanied by the number 4810 often in the company’s branding. The number 4810 is for the height of Montblanc, located in France, in meters.

History and Tradition

It all started with a banker from Hamburg and an engineer from Berlin. In 1906 they were producing simple pens, then Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and later Claus Johannes Voss got involved. These three men are the ones responsible for the creation of the very first Mont Blanc branded pen which led to the creation of the company’s luxury goods. They stopped producing lower-priced pens and focused on high-end custom goods. From the writing instruments and men’s accessories, they entered the world of Horlogerie. Inspired by high performance and timeless design their timepieces are true masterpieces of their craft. Contemporary style is matched by their performance, each timepiece is tested for a rigorous 500 hours. Here are a few of the Montblanc power machines in our collection.


Montblanc’s extension from writing instruments to timepieces was quite a rationally linear one. Employing their craftsmanship and devotion to fine quality their timepiece craftsmen are some of the best in the world. The machinations of their watches can only be outdone by their contemporary yet timeless design. Each watch has abundant functionalities and holds an immense amount of power and precision. In the ranks of fine luxury watches, Montblanc holds its own. Their line of luxury watches is made by Swiss craftsmen knowledgeable in the art of Horlogerie. The timelessly elegant pieces range from grand complication timepieces to refined three hand watches. Furthermore, Montblanc produces a wide range of designs and styles from the sportive and adventurous to the classic look of precision. Within the Swiss Alps, craftsmen innovate and develop unique complications gorgeous adornments for each and every watch.

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First, a strong masculine piece this flyback stainless steel watch has a black dial and white time markers. The watch features a chronograph and 3 subdials along with a date window at 12 o’clock. The hour markers and hands are luminous and it also features a unidirectional rotating stainless steel bezel. Tested to 200m depths this scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch is ideal for the active man.

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Next, a Timewalker stainless steel chronograph watch this piece has a large open face and black dial. The unique piece has a high contrast silver Arabic time markers and two subdials. Also, it features a date window at six o’clock. The bracelet has a hidden deployment clasp and connects to the fixed stainless steel bezel. Sleek and modern this piece goes well with any style or occasion.

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Montblanc 7081 Stainless Steel Timewalker GTM Mens Watch

Finally, a unique large faced stainless steel watch. This Timewalker GTM has a black dial with Arabic numerals and a date window located at 6 o’clock. Furthermore, this piece has chronograph functionality and a black leather bracelet. The bracelet has a buckle clasp and the watch itself comes in the original box with papers and a one year warranty. The silver markers and hands contrast with the black dial and give this understated classic watch a modern edge.

Meisterstruck Collection

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First of the Meisterstruck range is this gorgeous gold plated stainless steel timepiece. This gorgeous item has a unique skeleton back allowing you to see each of the machinations and complications of this watch. The automatic movements show on a white dial with 3 subdial silver chronograph capabilities and a day and date window at 3 o’clock. Furthermore, this piece comes with a black leather bracelet and gold buckle clasp. The bezel is fixed gold plated stainless steel. The second’s hand features the iconic six-point Montblanc Snow peak logo.

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Second, this 7016 stainless steel watch with matching stainless steel bracelet has a unique black dial. The clasp is a push button deployment and it has the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Another skeleton backed watch this one has all the machinations and complications on the show. Furthermore, this meisterstruck also has chronograph functionality and 3 subdials. Also, it features a date and day window at 3 o’clock and automatic movements. The hands are silver and the second’s hand features the Montblanc Snow peak. The logo is also featured on the time changing pin.

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Third, this unique stainless steel timepiece with a steel rotating bezel. It has a blue chronograph dial with 3 subdials and a date window at 3 o’clock. The white time markers are matching the white minute and hour hands. The double folding hidden clasp has a push-button deployment. Also, the watch features scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

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Fourth, is this gold plated watch with a black leather bracelet and a buckle clasp. Another chronograph with automatic movements this gentleman’s watch has scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a gold plated bezel. The watch has a black dial with gold Arabic number markers and a day and date window at 3 o’clock. The hands are gold and white with the Montblanc Snow peak logo on the end of the second’s hand.

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Fifth, a stunning stainless steel watch with a white chronograph dial and black rotating stainless steel bezel. The automatic watch features scratch resistant sapphire crystal, 3 black subdials, white hour markers and black and white minute, second and hour hands. The contrasting black and white watch is refined and modern with a stainless bracelet.


Finally, the last Meisterstruck of our collection this stainless steel timepiece with matching stainless steel bracelet has a white dial. The watch features a chronograph, 3 white subdials and a day and date window at 3 o’clock. It has automatic movements and a double fold-over clasp along with a fixed stainless steel bezel. Another unique feature of this watch is the skeleton back. This allows you to see each movement of the watch’s machinations.

Writing Instruments

From the very beginning, writing instruments have been the base of the Montblanc brand. Fine and delicately crafted these pens are some of the most expensive and coveted in the world. There are the classic marine blue and black pens to fanciful limited edition gold pens. Aditionally, each one is symbolic and those who use these items know their value. It is not just about a high functioning beautiful writing instrument it is also about the history and commemoration behind each one. Further, each pen features the Montblanc Snow peak logo on the end and there is an infinite number of designs. They craft limited edition pen collections, discussed below, and produce unique designs for each season. These are finely crafted writing instruments using the latest technology and relying on a rich history of tradition and excellence.

Limited Editions

The Montblanc writing instrument is already regarded as the finest of all but for those searching for something even more unique they have limited editions. Each one of these limited editions is produced in small batches and numbered. The registered pens are part of small sets usually only produced once. These commemorative pens are inspired by the greats. From great writers and composers to supporters of the arts these pieces are truly treasures. We currently have a few limited edition writing instruments including a ballpoint and fountain pens. Also, these are lovely collectibles and truly one of few in the world. For the man whose style is exquisite and unmatched, these are accessories that embody that uniqueness. Altogether, the Montblanc limited edition pen collections include patrons of the arts, writers, great characters, donations (commemorating contemporary and classical musicians), artisans and many more.

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First, a red black and gold limited edition Hemingway ballpoint pen. Only 30,000 ever made this is a truly unique piece. Launched in 1993 this piece is a collector’s item unique and finely decorative it is unlike other pens. Montblanc writing instruments are a statement and what more of a statement to have a limited edition version dedicated to one of the greatest American authors of all time.

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Next, an iconic Montblanc writing instrument the fountain pen. This particularly special fountain pen is a limited edition Johann Sebastian Bach writing instrument. There are only 12,000 in the whole world. It commemorates the incredible composer. Specifically, this pen is number 6,065. It is a rhodium plated 18k yellow gold featuring a red cap with gold details and Johann Sebastian Bach’s signature. A pen for the man writing and signing world-changing words this limited edition is as unique as it is beautiful.

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Finally, the most intricate of all the limited edition fountain pens in our collection the Catherine and Peter the Great fountain pens. Craftsmen intricately carved and designed complementary pens in order to celebrate tradition and heritage commemorating Peter the Great of the Russian Empire era.

Furthermore, the Catherine the Great fountain pen celebrates the plenitude of arts and culture during that time of the great Russian empire. The Catherine the Great pen is an 18k rose gold barrel with burgundy accents while the Peter the Great pen is 18k yellow gold barrel with dark green accents. Both of these have 18k yellow gold nibs and sport a medium point and piston filler. Unique and released yearly at a limited number of 4,810 these pens are 1174 of 4810 and 1036 of 4810 respectively for Catherine and Peter. Each fountain pen also features the Montblanc Snow peak logo at the top of each.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Montblanc brand is strongly masculine, refined and traditional. They produce the highest quality and finest design of any writing instrument company and do not stop there. Their timepieces are unique and coveted worldwide while their limited editions appear in collections. For the man who collects timepieces or writing instruments, Montblanc is a must have. Whether you are writing a novel, letter or signing a contract with a Montblanc pen marks the occasion. Regardless of whether you are racing or taking it easy, a Montblanc timepiece marks your presence. Moreover, these items are the epitome of luxury goods and we here at Raymond Lee Jewelers take care to curate a unique selection of them. Visit one of our showrooms or shop online to see more of our fine offerings.


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