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Introducing Dr. Dre's Monster Diamond Headphones

Introducing Dr. Dre's Monster Diamond Headphones

Every celebrity knows that style is everything, and sometimes it is the only thing, that fans can relate to. Celebrities have their own trademark or signature which sets them apart from their peers. We’re betting there are several celebs and mere mortals alike that can’t wait to make these blinged out headphones their signature.

The monster diamond spider headphones have critics choking on their own words. While some critics say the spider headphones are creepy; they cannot deny their value – to the”tune” of $30k.

The headphones contain 18kt. Gold finishing, black diamond studded spiders and a unique appearance.

The design of the infamous headphones was a collaboration of Dr. Dre and Korean designer artist Sally John, along with Pure Monster Sound Technology. The attention getter for most buyers will not only be the gold setting, but the 5.56 diamond that really make these headphones stand out.

Brenda T for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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