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Michael Kors Resort 2014 Jewelry

Michael Kors Resort 2014 Jewelry

When you hear the name “Michael Kors” what comes to mind? Nicki Minaj’s smash single, Vogue’s latest magazine cover, or maybe the latest runway collection in Milan. MK has been around for years and his brand is well-known for its feminine, sporty, and very chic look.

Now when you think of the 70’s what comes to mind? Richard Nixon, Led Zeppelin, or maybe some bohemian chic would all bring back memories from the 70’s. What happens when you combine all the above; Michael Kors 2014 Resort Jewelry Collection. When it comes to accessorizing when do you feel the need really to give it all you got? Chances are you like to feel your best and look luxuriant always rather it be a board meeting or a weekend getaway to Bali.

Michael Kors brought to life fun yet historical prints and seam lines with his 2014 collection; however when it came time to create accessories to match MK went all the way exceeding fashion critic’s expectations. Michael Kors watches have been a staple to his collections rather they be winter or spring. The difference you may appreciate in the 2014 Resort collection is the simple twist in craftsmanship connecting the iconic 70’s to today’s modern woman.

The sleek aviator sunglasses which is a MK signature are very futuristic with bold frames and precision lenses. MK’s use of brown and silver hues offset the contrast among the fashion eras that he streamlined. With a completely transformed take on 70’s fashion; Michael Kors Jewelry Collection 2014 brings a new edge to resort glamor.

Meaning rather it is 2013 or 2023 the jewelry pieces that Michael produced are fabricated for years to come. When a runway designer such as Michael Kors takes timeless elegance and mixes it with modern trends the only outcome is everlasting accessories for years to come.


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