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Men’s Guide to Selecting a Wedding Band

Men’s Guide to Selecting a Wedding Band

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Selecting a wedding band is one of the most pivotal moments before a wedding ceremony. It is a piece of jewelry intended on representing the couples’ love and commitment. There are never-ending options and there truly is a unique piece for each man. This guide covers some of the options that men should consider before deciding on a wedding band and includes a few of the pieces we here at Raymond Lee Jewelers offer. The wedding band is a piece of jewelry you will wear day in and day out, happily ever after. It should be a choice that reflects your personal style and reminds you of that one true love.


When choosing a type of wedding band, men have a few major considerations. Before even beginning the process you should decide on a type of metal (yellow gold, platinum, white gold etc.), the preferred design (brushed, domed, grooved etc.), if you want stones (generally diamonds) or inlays (some of the more unique additions), and finally if any engraving is desired. Aside from fit and budget, these are some decisions to be made about a wedding band even before beginning to search for the right one.


The type of metal is the very first consideration for a man’s wedding band. Based on this decision you can begin looking at details, unique designs, and finishes but the type of metal is the very first step. The type of metal dictates price, durability, and maintenance. While some metals like platinum and titanium can be pricier they are the rarest and hardest materials, respectively, available for jewelry crafting. Platinum is incredibly durable and does not tarnish meaning low maintenance. Titanium is stronger than platinum or gold. It is actually significantly stronger than steel even. If you are unsure about the choice of metal, which color you prefer will lead the way.

Yellow Gold

First up on the choices is the classic yellow gold. Gold is soft and malleable therefore it must be mixed in alloys in order to be turned into jewelry. The actual gold content in this alloy is measured in carats and this is how you can gauge how much gold is in the band you are considering. Yellow gold is traditional and bright for the classic man.

tacori engagement ring


White Gold

Second is white gold. While white gold is not a naturally occurring metal (it is an alloy as discussed above of pure gold and white metals) it makes for exquisite jewelry pieces. The result of this mixture actually renders a grayish color, which is why white gold bands are plated with rhodium to get it that true white look. While these require a bit more maintenance the sleek white gold band pairs well with diamonds or inlays.


Incredibly durable Platinum is a sure choice for fine jewelry. As one of the rarest materials on Earth it does come with a price tag but the metal’s durability ensures low maintenance.

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Completely hypoallergenic this is the metal for any man with concerns regarding metal allergies. The body does not react at all to this and so strong its scratch resistant and lightweight.  

Dark titanium wedding ring



Second to be considered for a man’s wedding band are stones. The band can feature several different arrangements of stones. While diamonds are the most common stone to be set for a wedding band the jewel of your choice can be added. There are bands with diamond rows, accents or single diamond centerpiece. For each man’s preference, there is a design to incorporate the shine and sparkle of diamonds.

BENCHMARK CF526533 14k Gold Channel Set Diamond Mens Wedding Band



An inlaid wedding band is one of the most exquisite details available. With woods like maple and wenge sculpted around the center of the ring to create a strongly masculine, traditional look these bands are striking. Reminiscent of an age-old whiskey bar the wood grain on these rings are refined and durable.

Lashbrook Maple Burl Wood Wedding Band

Lashbrook Wenge Wood Wedding Band



Next option to consider for your wedding band is the design. It can be as intricate or simple as you prefer. There are so many patterns, shapes, and finishes available it really is up to each man’s style.

BENCHMARK CF228493 14k White Gold Brick Illusion Mens Wedding Band

As one of the more intricate designs, this Illusion band features a rare cut center. Crafted with comfort fit technology it is available in yellow, white or rose gold, two-tone, palladium, platinum or titanium.

BENCHMARK RECF87500 14k White Gold Concave Design Mens Wedding Band

This understated and classic design features a sleek high polish, concave sculpting and satin finish. With durability in mind, this is the band for men who are no fuss opting for a timeless design that never goes out of style.

BENCHMARK CF717504 14k White Gold Rope Pattern Mens Wedding Band

Another unique design available for men’s wedding bands is the rope pattern. Truly exquisite the pattern wraps around the satin finish center.

wedding bands south florida


Finally, the braided designed by Scott Kay comes in yellow gold and is a truly unique band.


Engraving is available for almost all of our rings. You can have a date, name or message engraved on the inside or outside of most rings. This service enables you to inscribe a meaningful date or phrase to carry with you always. There is also decorative engraving in certain wedding bands. This is done meticulously to carve a fine pattern or design into the band.

Tacori Sculpted Crescent 104 Hand Engraved Men’s Wedding Band

This piece has its outer face hand engraved with a design making this unique wedding band both intricate and masculine.


There are also rings that incorporate a few of these options. In mixing metals and adding stone inlays a ring can be made truly unique. There are limitless options when it comes to wedding bands, the most important thing is to choose one that speaks to your style.


This piece has both yellow and white gold plus round diamonds set in the center. It is a unique piece bringing together several elements to create a piece unlike any other.

Legendary Brands

Certain brands truly do set themselves as the authorities in their craft. These three brands do just that in the world of wedding jewelry. All U.S. brands these three are the iconic trio of wedding jewelry. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers offer a curated selection including some of these exclusive designs. Priding themselves in unique and meticulously crafted items these are the three legendary brands to consider for a wedding band unlike any other.


Each extraordinary Tacori jewel is handcrafted in California. Taking Made in America to the next level Tacori wedding bands are iconic in their unique arrangements and designs. Intricately crafted these are not your average wedding jewelry. Tacori artisans fashion sculpted bands unique like the men who wear them.

Tacori Sculpted Crescent 126-6 Mens Diamond Wedding Band

Accordingly one of the Tacori men’s wedding bands that is part of our curated collection is the sculpted crescent. With fascinating detail, this band holds strategically placed round cut diamonds. The minuscule handcrafted milgrain details on the profile of this band ensure it gives just the right shine from every angle.

Tacori Sculpted Crescent 124-5 Mens Diamond Wedding Band

Featuring a hint of sparkle this wedding band has a brushed finish with a high polish trim. It is also available in a satin finish. Sleek and smooth this band has diamond details and Tacori’s classic crescent silhouette details by the handcrafted milgrain visible on the profile view.

Tacori Sculpted Crescent 117-8 Polished Milgrain Design Mens Wedding Band

Bold and masculine with intricate tribal-like designs carved in this band also has a slight subtle gloss. As with other Tacori wedding bands, this one also features the signature classic crescent silhouette.


This renowned New York City designer of engagement and wedding rings does not leave a single detail out. Barry Verragio has been designing fine jewelry for the past 25 years and has become one of the most well-known names in the craft. The cutting-edge designs based on classic styles are inimitable. The men’s wedding bands feature inlays, stone settings and craftsmanship like no other brand.

Verragio VW-7011 Satin Finish Mens Wedding Band

Another collection from Verragio like no other. This wedding band is part of Verragio’s couture collection featuring rose gold inlay. The satin finish on this unique two-tone band can be done on white, rose or yellow gold or platinum.

Verragio 7N05 7mm Mens Wedding Band

Similarly, this gold or platinum band features designed bezel and grooves around the entire ring. Keeping a classic style edgy with decorative touches.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the world’s most well-known jewelers and wedding band creators. With a rich history of crafting beautiful celebrations of love, they began designing wedding bands in 1837. Reflecting a lifetime of memories and love their pieces are flawlessly made.  

Tiffany & Co. 18k White Gold 0.20ctw Diamond Mens Wedding Band

Using the finest materials available this white gold Tiffany & Co. men’s wedding band features round diamonds and distinguishing grooves.

Unique Offerings

For some men, a plain wedding band just won’t cut it. Their style is bold and artful therefore their most important piece of jewelry needs to reflect that. There is a wedding band for each and every type of man, and these are some of the most unique

simon g engagement rings

Simon G MR1978 Mens Wedding Band

This singular Simon G wedding band is perfect for any man trying to bring intricate detail and design to his personal style. As a commitment piece to be worn day in and day out a wedding band for the unique gentleman needs to reflect that. This piece incorporates both yellow and white gold (or platinum) with an inlaid chain link pattern.

tacori engagement ring

Lashbrook Zirconium And Meteorite Domed Wedding Band

What better way to celebrate your eternal love than with a meteorite from outer space? The meteorite inlay comes from the far reaches of the ever expanding Universe to your ring finger. Each and every ring is unique and this type of inlay is one of the most exclusive available today.


Our specialization in diamonds and wedding rings means we are experts when it comes to making your dreams a reality. If you have a custom ring in mind for your wedding band our jewelers will craft your beautiful design. We listen to what you want and work with you on designing a piece of jewelry that is both meaningful and highly functional. After collaborating on and polishing up your design to get it into the perfect specifications, our artisans will begin sourcing the finest materials. We use nothing but the best platinum and gold, the finest gemstones, and expertly selected conflict-free diamonds. Then, once we have the raw materials and an approved quote from you, our jeweler and designer will create a 3D model of your dream wedding band, with each and every detail included.

Our master jeweler will place, sculpt, polish and inspect your wedding band to make sure it meets our exacting standards. We know your dream jewel is in our hands with a custom piece and we make sure to bring your creation to life.

Our Legacy

As a family business based on tradition and commitment to exclusive fine jewelry and watches, we pride ourselves in offering services like our custom creations. All of our product offerings and raw materials are rigorously provenanced and tested for quality assurance. For the past 30 years we have been the premier diamond, watch and jewelry destination for South Florida, and look forward to providing the same caliber of excellence for the next three decades to come.  


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