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Meet Our 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes Winner!

Meet Our 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes Winner!

We are so thrilled to be celebrating 30 years of excellence in Boca Raton, and today we’re happy to see our owners on the cover of Sun Sentinel’s business section ! On this beautiful Cyber Monday we have a lot to be excited for – the holiday season is in full swing, along with our holiday sales. Today we’re offering 20% off all already discounted David Yurman jewelry and 40% off our beautiful slice style jewelry (check out this amazing ring!) Stay tuned to see the other amazing offers we’ll be sharing through this holiday season and the 30th anniversary of our founding in Boca! But of course, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for: our Rolex winner!

Birmingham, Alabama woman wins Boca Raton Jewelers' 30th Anniversary Rolex Giveaway

Johnny, Meg, Melanie and little Libby!

Meet Melanie, the sweetest winner we could imagine. Nothing makes us happier than celebrating our fans and when a winner like Melanie gets to take home the big prize, we wish we could give something away every day! Melanie is from Birmingham, Alabama and is a Wife, Mother and Grandma who’s partial to her own gold bracelet (a 15th anniversary gift from her husband)! And in the true spirit of the holidays, Melanie’s decided to give her beautiful Rolex Diamond Datejust to her daughter, Meg!

“I am so, so excited about this! I was just telling my Daughter, Meg, what a beautiful watch this is and that I would love to win it for her.  She is a Precious single Mother to our Darling Granddaughter, Libby, and as a teacher in an elementary school, she is always thinking about everyone other than herself!”

Melanie was so excited to share the good news with her family this weekend, but kept the big secret in favor of an adorable reveal:

“I just had our 9-year old Libby read your 1st email to my husband, Johnny, Meg and me!!!! You should have seen the Precious Expressions on their faces as the realization sunk in. I have been keeping this inside as Johnny and I drank our Saturday morning coffee. I wanted the whole family to find out at once. What a hoot to watch each face as they realized! That was a treasure that I will keep close, given to me by you and the Wonderful generosity of your Lovely Jewelry store!”

Birmingham, Alabama woman wins Raymond Lee Jewelers' 30th Anniversary Diamond Rolex Giveaway

It seems like Meg’s selflessness is an inherited trait and a family tradition. Melanie is so excited to share the news with her whole family, thanking her parents for being shining examples of selflessness, saying:

“They will all get in on the excitement of anything wonderful that happens to any of us. Our parents, Barbara and Bill McDowell, have always been so generous and kind to us all and are the perfect examples of selfless love to us! Marme always takes us to Carillon Beach each year! We are a family blessed by these 2 wonderful folks as the leaders of our family, as parents, grandparents and even great-grand parents to our Libby!”

We are so excited for you Melanie and Meg!  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us, and for joining our online community by entering to win! We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and joy!


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