Extreme Sports, Luxury Watches

Extreme Sports, Luxury Watches

Whatever your sport of choice–there is a dependable luxury watch to meet your needs. Whether you’re into extreme white water rafting, heli-skiing, skydiving, windsurfing or free running, many luxury watch manufacturers have considered your lifestyle before designing some of the most extreme watches in the world.

White water rafting can be extreme! Consider the rocks jutting through the riverbed that can rip the underside of your raft, the potential for whirlpools, waterfalls and being dislocated from your group is realistic. While these are many of the adrenaline causing factors to the situation, you may need a nifty, extensive timepiece to accentuate your skills navigating the rivers of Costa Rican Rain forests and the mountain bases of Colorado.

Have you heard of a new extreme sport to hit the circuit called Heli-skiing? Yes, this is literally where you jump out of a helicopter onto some of the most dangerous ski slopes into the world.

Breitling_Aeromarine_Boca_Raton__19574An amazing timepiece to truly aide you in any of these situations would be the Breitling Aeromarine B2. This incredible timepiece comes equipped with scratch resistant Sapphire crystal as well as a double locking fold-over clasp to wear in even the most extreme situations. While it resembles the famous 1950s and pilots chronographs created by Breitling half-a-century ago, its desirable in the boardroom, on the slopes, and even scraping against a riverbed. These technology-oriented watches will surely help you navigate your way through the most remote settings.

Skydiving is one extreme sport that’s gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There’s no way to get the adrenaline running like a 20,000 foot free-fall!

Kite surfing is also gaining a lot of popularity in coastal areas. Based in South Florida, there isn’t a day at the beach that you don’t see a kitesurfer riding on waves, or a kicking up wake through the crystal clear water.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is a perfect specimen for the occasion. While it’s classy, chic exterior compliments it’s rugged, durable design from one of the most trusted luxury watchmakers in the marketplace, this fine timepiece is depth rated to over 4000 ft (making it perfect for travelling downward quickly or making your way under the waves). This watch is one of the most rugged that the company makes and it’s described as ‘a must have for all sports [and sports watch] lovers.’

Free Running, or Parkour is defined as a military-based training discipline that involves height-based obstacle courses. While free running envelopes the principles of Parkour, it’s based primarily in Urban areas where participants jump from building to building dozens of feet above the street.

Bell_Ross_Instrument__21186A perfect watch to pair with copious amounts of urban-core free running would be this Bell & Ross Instrument wristwatch. It’s chic, new-age design pairs well with the mentality of the sport, it’s small and comfortable, versatile and features a black rubber wristband allowing for stretch and durability. The tang style buckle and scratch resistant Sapphire crystal will come in handy the first few times you wipe out, too!

Pairing the perfect wristwatch with your extreme sport of choice is no chore. Choose from the finest of the luxury watches to find the most versatile, perfect watch to fit your sporting needs.

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