Is Eyelash Jewelry the New Nail Art?

Fashion is always changing. What seemed improbable a couple of years ago becomes the latest trend today. One of the newest ways to express your personality through fashion is eyelash jewelry. Learn more about this new fad and before long, perhaps you will sport the trend yourself.

What is Eyelash Jewelry?

At the moment, jewelry is mainly made by individual craftsmen by hand. They are re-wearable designs that temporarily attach to the eyelash line and then include features such as gems, feathers, beads and other tiny pieces. Each design is a piece of wearable art. As the trend grows, it is expected that there will be more mass-produced designs that bring this style to more individuals.

Who Can Wear Eyelash Jewelry?


Well, nearly anyone can, given the right situation. There are designs that range from simple and classy to more exotic. While this may be a bit much for office wear, it makes a great addition to that little black dress for a night on the town. The wilder pieces may be best appreciated at the club or for a crazy Halloween party. It is all about finding the right piece for the right place.

The eyelash jewelry fad is still in its infancy. Only time will tell if it remains a sign of individuality or becomes as popular as nail art. For now, checking out the unique designs available online is a fun way to express yourself in your fashion choices.

Tracy S for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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