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Luxury Watches – Which Watch Holds its Value Best?

Luxury Watches – Which Watch Holds its Value Best?

 Luxury Watches Hold Value

In any marketplace, certain brands are held in higher regard than others. The watch marketplace is exactly the same, where some brand names hold their values for resale higher than others.

There are always going to be variables outside of just the brand name: the styling of the watch, the design, color, materials used, etc, that define the value and resale values of the product. Every designer has a failed attempt or two.

In general, Rolex watches hold their value better than any other luxury brand in the marketplace. The company’s history, dedication to high quality design and service all contribute to their higher resale value. A great option would be to purchase a pre-owned Rolex and your investment will surely hold it’s value as long as you take care of your time piece.

Patek Philippe only produces about 30,000 luxury time pieces per year, giving the purchaser a sense of prestige. It isn’t something that everyone will or can own, and it won’t be recognized right away, but it will be one of the smartest investments an individual can make.

Jaeger-Le Coulture is another luxury brand that tends to hold it’s value in the watch marketplace very well. A company with a high commitment to quality diamonds, gold, and time-piece mechanisms, whilst only purchasing diamonds and commodities that aren’t mined in conflict, has paved its way in the Watch World. In a recent survey of desirable Luxury timepieces, Jaeger-Le Coulture was consistently ranked within the top 5 by consumers.

Other luxury watches that hold their value are Panerai, Omega (especially the vintage styles), and Glashütte Flieger.

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