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Lemon Yellow Makes Gold: Paul Newman Lemon Dial Daytona Prototype Sells Big at Auction

Lemon Yellow Makes Gold: Paul Newman Lemon Dial Daytona Prototype Sells Big at Auction

It’s the seemingly insignificant details that really make a watch unusual these days, and it’s those tiny differences that set this extraordinary Paul Newman Daytona apart from its brethren. The stunning timepiece set chronologists’ hearts on fire when it went up for auction at Antiquorum in Geneva. Here are all the details to get you pumped for the next Daytona auction at Christie’s.

A Subtle Change of Colors

The alteration is very minor, but distinctive all the same. Billed as a prototype, this Paul Newman Daytona Rolex features a lemon yellow face, where normally you would fine a cream one. Additionally, the markers inside are all dressed in white, instead of their standard formal gold. These minimal differences actually mean a great deal. It’s effortlessly elegant, while in many ways a tad bit more casual, and watch collectors sat up and took notice.

The Prototype

Many collectors were aghast at the serial number, which suggests this watch is a predecessor to the 6262 and 6264 Daytona pieces, the latter was the final pump-pusher chronograph made. It suggests it’s the very first 6263 Daytona to have been built. That certainly pushed the price upwards; the final bid was an astounding $873,351! This will no doubt push the next Rolex Daytona higher in market value at the Christie’s auction. You’d better start saving your pennies.

Background on the Daytona

The Paul Newman Daytona was created as a sport watch for racing drivers. These first models featured a manual wind movement and a four-digit serial number, such as the 6263 here, and other coveted models like the 6262 and 6264. Only a small number were made, which is why they continue to be in such short supply and highly desired.

The Paul Newman lemon dial Daytona courted an impressive figure on sale day, but it may not be the highest number Rolex sees for these types of watches. The Hermes Paul Newman is swift to follow, and there is a handful more of these beautiful masterpieces available.


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